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Top Losers NSE


NSE Top Losers

Stock prices fluctuate daily given the market conditions. Some stock values may appreciate during the day, while some may decline. NSE releases a list of the top losers of the day based on stock price movements compared to the previous day’s closing price. NSE's top losers list is a list of company shares that experienced the highest decline in their prices in a day. Traders apply the list to avoid trading in these stocks.

The NSE top losers list gets updated in real-time as a way for traders to know which stocks have lost maximum value. It can result from news associated with the company or the industry. But often the top gainers and losers are momentary and they shouldn’t impact your long-term investment decision. Here are some ways to interpret the NSE top losers chart.

Top losers stocks are likely underpriced: The top losers are company stocks which have lost maximum price during a day’s trade compared to their last trading price. When it happens some traders may look at these stocks as underpriced. It is because the stock's price moves in a trajectory in the long run even when the price fluctuates in the short term. A sudden fall in price may indicate a loss of favour or possible correction in price.

Some traders consider these stocks as bearish: When the top losers of the day are a part of any indices, it can help traders understand the overall market sentiment. When the market indices fall, essentially there are more losers than gainers. It helps traders predict future prices and the trends that helped it evolve. However, analysing the list alone may lead to inconclusive results. There are better methods to judge the performance of a stock to base investment decisions.

Top gainers and losers both are representatives of the overall market direction. But they must not be referred to independently. Traders also consider the volume and the trading pattern for a holistic analysis. It is because the increase and decrease in stock price confirm a trend pattern. A trend is confirmed when the increase or decrease in price is accompanied by volume.

To find which stocks are the NSE top losers, you can use the AngelOne super-app. We’ve features that let users filter stocks to see which are the top losers or gainers of the day.


What are NSE's Top losers?

NSE's top losers today are a set of stocks on the National Stock Exchange (BSE) that have seen the highest falls in prices since the previous day’s closing.

How are the NSE Top losers today chosen?
The NSE top losers list is a list of stocks traded on the National Stock Exchange that recorded the highest fall in price compared to the previous day’s closing. These stocks are selected by marketing software either in real-time or at the end of the day, checking which stocks have seen the highest percentage fall in price.
What are the benefits of tracking BSE Top Losers stocks?

Identifying trends: The top losers list allows traders to check which stocks have performed badly in the day and identify market trends.

Gauging performance: Traders apply the NSE top losers chart to gauge which stocks are currently undervalued or overvalued.

Setting price targets: Traders use these stocks to set the target price (both absolute and percentage) for these stocks.

Monitoring volatility and volume: Traders use the combined data on volume changes and price analysis to zero down on these stocks.

Is it good to buy top NSE losers?
Buying stocks alone based on the price metric isn’t a sound trading decision. Some of these stocks may see a correction in the next trading session, while others may continue the negative momentum. Experienced traders, therefore, refer to candlestick patterns, volume change data, and cause of price fall to decide.
Where can I find the top NSE losers today in the Angel One app?

You can check the NSE top losers by visiting the Angel One Apps’ Home Page>>Market Today>>View More>>Equity Market> Market Movers. You can view the top winners and losers of NSE and BSE by simply switching between NIFTY and SENSEX. You can also view which stocks are active by volume and total value on the same page.

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