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Suzlon Energy Performance

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Low: ₹41.80
High: ₹42.75
Previous Close ₹42.15
Open ₹42.15
Volume 3,40,27,209
Day’s Range ₹41.80 - ₹42.75
52W Range ₹7.90 - ₹50.60
Market Cap ₹56,960 Cr

Suzlon Energy Fundamentals

ROCE (TTM) 18.41
P/E Ratio (TTM) 82.78
P/B Ratio 16.81
Industry P/E 77.2
Debt to Equity 0.04
ROE 9.95
EPS (TTM) 0.34
Dividend Yield 0
Book Value 2.51
Face Value 2

Suzlon Energy Financials

Mar 2023Jun 2023Sep 2023Dec 2023
Net Sales1,694.081,350.981,421.431,560.47
Profit before tax323.08101.05102.44203.13
Operating Profit319.99100.9102.29203.04
Net Profit319.99100.9102.29203.04
EPS in Rs0.

About Suzlon Energy

History of Suzlon Energy

Suzlon Energy Ltd. was incorporated in 1995 by Mr Tulsi Tanti. He was primarily in the textile business when he was introduced to wind energy through a wind power project that he had commissioned for his own textile factory.

Suzlon Energy first entered into a technical collaboration agreement in 1995 with a German company named Sudwind GmbH Windkrafttanlagen in order to source the latest, advanced technology for the production of WTGs or wind turbine generators in India.

Over time, the company obtained licenses of different forms from multiple companies to produce special components of renewable energy devices. Suzlon has also set up technological development centres in Germany and the Netherlands through some of its wholly-owned subsidiaries.

As of September 2023, the company has installed 20+ GW of wind energy in 17 countries and 111+ wind farms. Suzlon also installed India’s tallest wind turbine at 160 meters in FY 2023 so that wind energy output can be maximised in low-wind sites.

Suzlon has a long list of domestic subsidiaries for different segments such as Gale Green Urja, SE Forge, etc. and foreign subsidiaries for overseas operations, such as Suzlon Energy A/S, Suzlon Energy Korea Co., etc.

Business Segments

The company introduced the concept of total solutions in wind energy projects. This means in addition to the equipment supply, the company offers associated project execution work such as land acquisition, site development, foundation, and other civil work and O&M services.

Currently, Suzlon boasts a long list of global and local clients. It builds wind energy infrastructure for them. Some of the latest top clients of the company include Adani Green, GAIL, Bajaj and the Aditya Birla Group. The list of its clients mostly includes power utilities and electricity producers in both the private and public sectors.

Suzlon’s product lines include the S144, S133, and S120 Wind Turbine Generators. However, it also places adequate effort into maintaining and servicing the older models. Sales of new wind turbines and their components cover a large majority of the company’s revenues. Geographically, more than 90% of its revenue comes from within India. In FY 2022, the company introduced a 3 MW product series. It is a customisable platform to allow flexibility in site-specific requirements.

Key Personnel of Suzlon Energy

  • Tulsi Tanti, Founder

Mr Tanti was one of the richest energy entrepreneurs in the world who turned Suzlon into the largest wind energy company globally. Originally the owner of a small textile company, he had initially brought in some windmills to solve the problem of irregular electricity in his facility. An engineer by profession and training, he had also been the president of the Indian Wind Turbine Manufacturers Association.

  • Vinod Tanti, Chairman and MD

He is the brother of the late Mr Tulsi Tanti and is also a founding member of Suzlon Energy. He has over 34 years of experience in managing various key functions at Suzlon. He was also the Chief Operating Officer of Senvion, Germany, in 2012-13, when Senvion was a global leader in wind turbine technology. The functions handled by him in the past include efforts in wind resource assessment, acquisition, product design, supply management, etc.

Corporate Actions

  • Stock Split

Suzlon Energy has split the face value of its shares once, from ₹10 to ₹2. The share became ex-split on January 21, 2008.

  • Rights Issue

Suzlon Energy issued a rights share with the ex-rights date on October 3, 2022, in the ratio of 5:21 at a premium of ₹3 per share. Before that, it had also announced a rights issue with an ex-date on June 9, 2010.

  • Mergers and Acquisitions

In 2016, Suzlon acquired 5 solar energy companies, viz. Gale Solarfarms, Tornado Solarfarms, Abha Solarfarms, Aalok Solarfarms and Shreyas Solarfarms.

In 2015, Suzlon sold 23% of its shares to Dilip Sanghvi Family and Associates.

In 2007, it bought Senvion, a German wind turbine manufacturer and turned it into a subsidiary. However, it sold the company in 2015.

In 2006, it bought Belgium-based Hansen, the second-largest maker of wind turbine gearboxes in the world, for $565 million.

Financial Highlights

  1. From having incurred a net loss of ₹2,692 crore in March 2020, Suzlon went on to earn a net profit of ₹2,887 crore in March 2023.
  2. As of September 2023, the company has a high debt-to-equity ratio of 1.76.
Parent Organisation Indian Private
Founded 1995

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Suzlon Energy FAQs

What is the Share price of Suzlon Energy (SUZLON)?

Suzlon Energy (SUZLON) share price as of April 12, 2024, on NSE is Rs 42.30 (NSE) and Rs 42.12 (BSE) on BSE.

Can I buy Suzlon Energy (SUZLON) shares?

Yes, You can buy Suzlon Energy (SUZLON) shares by opening a Demat account with Angel One.

How do I buy Suzlon Energy (SUZLON) from Angel One?

Suzlon Energy (SUZLON) share can be brought through the following modes:
  1. Direct investment: You can buy Suzlon Energy (SUZLON) shares by opening a Demat account with Angel One.
  2. Indirect investment: The indirect method involves investing through ETFs and Mutual Funds that offer exposure to Suzlon Energy (SUZLON) shares.

What is the issue size of Suzlon Energy Rights issue 2022?

The issue size of Suzlon Energy Rights Issue 2022 is 2,400,000,000 equity shares at ₹5 per share aggregating up to ₹1,200 Cr.

What is the ratio of Suzlon Energy rights issue shares?

The ratio for Suzlon Energy rights issue is 5 Equity Shares for every 21 Equity Shares held on the Record Date.

What is the record date for Suzlon Energy rights Issue?

The record date for Suzlon Energy Rights Issue is 4th October.

What is the issue price for Suzlon Energy Rights issue 2022?

The issue price for Suzlon Energy Rights issue 2022 is ₹5 per share per equity share.

What is the total Asset of Suzlon?

The total asset of Suzlon is Rs. 6,475 crores.

What is the main business of Suzlon?

The main business of Suzlon Energy is to manufacture wind turbine generators (WTGs) and related components. It has installed over 19.4 GW of wind energy in 17 countries. Suzlon has diversified its renewable energy solutions to solar power and Wind-Solar hybrid solutions.

Who are the promoters of Suzlon?

Some of the main promoters of Suzlon include Tanti Holdings Private Limited, Samanvaya Holdings Private Limited, Girish R.Tanti, Sangita V.Tanti, Lina J.Tanti, Gita T.Tanti, Tulsi R.Tanti Pranav T.Tanti, Tulsi R.Tanti as karta of Ranchhodbhai Ramjibhai HUF, Rajan V.Tanti, and Vinod R.Tanti.

What are the Subsidiaries that comes under Suzlon?

Some of the subsidiaries that come under Suzlon are AE-Rotor Holding B.V., Gale Green Urja Limited, Manas Renewables Limited, SE Blades Technology B.V., SE Drive Technik GmbH, SE Forge Limited, Sirocco Renewables Limited, Seventus LLC, Suryoday Renewables Limited, and Suzlon Rotor Corporation.