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Finance Calculators

Brokerage Calculator

Get a detailed breakdown of all the charges associated with your intraday, delivery and option orders in couple of clicks using our Brokerage calculator

Margin Calculator

Use Angel One Margin calculator to calculate the margin required to trade in F&O orders.

SIP Calculator

Calculate the projected returns on your monthly SIP investments and get an accurate picture of your financial future so you can make smart investment choices.

FD Calculator

Calculate your returns and maturity value if you invest in Fixed Deposits (FD) in one click with our Fixed Deposit calculator.

RD Calculator

Calculate your investment returns for all your Recurring Deposit investments easily using our Recurring Deposit(RD) Calculator.

Future Value Calculator

Use FV calculator to calculate the returns of your investment after specific years.

NPV Calculator

Determine the present value of a series of future cash flows using Net Present Value (NPV) calculator.

CAGR Calculator

Use our CAGR calculator to determine the compound annual growth rate of your investments and make informed investment decisions.

Compound Interest Rate Calculator

Determine the growth of your investment over time with compound interest, in a few clicks using our Compound Interest Rate Calculator.

Dividend Yield Calculator

Get to know how much dividend you will get back from your investments in dividend paying stocks.

EBITDA Calculator

Our EBITDA Calculator makes it easy to calculate your company's earnings before taxes, interest and depreciation.

Lumpsum Calculator

Calculate the returns of your Lumpsum investment and get the accurate value to plan for your future goals.

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Enjoy Zero Brokerage on Equity Delivery

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