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Finance Calculators

Investment and Returns

SIP Calculator

Make informed investment decisions with our SIP calculator. Estimate your potential returns when investing systematically over time, helping you plan for your financial goals.

Lumpsum Calculator

Discover the power of a lump sum investment with our calculator. Calculate the future value of your one-time investments, providing insights into how your money can grow over time.

FD Calculator

Take control of your fixed deposits with our calculator. Determine your interest earnings and maturity amount with ease, enabling you to maximise your savings and make sound financial choices.

RD Calculator

Calculate your investment returns for all your Recurring Deposit investments easily using our Recurring Deposit(RD) Calculator.

Mutual Fund Returns Calculator

Evaluate the performance of your investments using our mutual fund returns calculator. Estimate your potential gains and track the growth of your portfolio to make informed investment decisions.

Simple Interest Calculator

Simplify your financial calculations with our simple interest calculator. Easily determine the interest earned or paid on a principal amount, helping you manage your loans and savings effectively.

Compound Interest Calculator

Harness the power of compounding with our compound interest calculator. Compute your estimated investment growth by factoring in interest on interest, making long-term financial planning a breeze.

NPV Calculator

Evaluate the profitability of your investments using our NPV Calculator. Determine the net present value of cash flows to make informed business and investment decisions that maximise your returns.

CAGR Calculator

Measure your investment growth with our CAGR Calculator. Calculate the Compound Annual Growth Rate to understand the performance of your investments or business ventures over time.

ELSS Calculator

Optimise your tax-saving investments with our ELSS Calculator. Estimate potential returns and tax benefits of Equity Linked Savings Schemes, helping you plan your taxes and investments more efficiently.

EBITDA Calculator

Measure your business's financial health with our EBITDA Calculator. Analyse earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortisation to make informed decisions.

Future Value Calculator

Plan for your future using our future value calculator. Predict the growth of your investments or savings over time and make wise financial choices.

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Enjoy Zero Brokerage on Equity Delivery

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