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Turbocharge your trades with advanced ,
easy-to-use and reliable TradingView charts.

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About TradingView Charts

To make your charting experience super useful and exciting, Angel One has partnered with TradingView, integrating our real-time charts with advanced features.
This provides you with sophisticated analytical resources such as advanced indicators, Multi-chart layouts, direct trading from charts, tracking open orders and positions, a pop-out chart view, etc.

And guess what? All of these are free to use!
Mobile compatibility allows trading on the go, while integrated trading enables quick order execution.
Join a vibrant community, access educational resources, and backtest strategies to trade with confidence.
Get ready to seize the best opportunities and elevate your trading game with Angel One and TradingView!

Top Indicators

To analyse price and volume movements swiftly and comprehensively

Direct Trading

Now trade assets directly from charts, without switching tabs

Multi-Chart Layout

Analyse and compare assets efficiently using multiple charts on the same screen

Order Tracking

View your open orders and positions on on the chart web view itself.


What is TradingView chart?

TradingView offers advanced charting software that allows you to deploy multiple indicators and track the latest developments in the market efficiently. All the charts on the Angel One app are powered by TradingView.

Why are TradingView charts useful?

TradingView charts are one of the most cutting-edge and easy-to-use charts available. They can easily incorporate a wide range of advanced indicators and provide market updates that can help you make better trading decisions.

How to access TradingView charts on the Angel One app?

All the charts on the Angel One platform are integrated with TradingView by default, so you do not have to make any extra effort to access them. However, you can access the TradingView website by clicking on the TradingView icon at the bottom left of the chart.

How to customise the charts on Angel One?

The following are some of the ways you can modify the charts on Angel One:

  1. You can modify the date range and the timeframe of the chart.
  2. You can change the layout of the chart view in order to view multiple charts on a screen. You can also synchronise the symbols, intervals, crosshair, time and date range among the charts.
  3. You can add drawings and texts on the charts, including lines for Fibonacci retracement and trendlines.

Enjoy Zero Brokerage on
Equity Delivery

Enjoy Zero Brokerage on Equity Delivery

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