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52 Weeks High NSE


52 Weeks High NSE Stocks?

The stocks on NSE that are trading at their highest price in the last 52 weeks are called 52 week NSE high stocks. This concept is used by investors & traders to identify stocks that have performed well in & might continue in the future. A stock reaching its 52-week high may be a sign of bullish sentiment.

But only reaching a 52-week high is not a sign or assurance of better future performance. Other factors like the company's financials, market conditions & the overall economic environment matter as well. A stock reaching its 52-week high could also be a result of a temporary market euphoria that is not supported by the company's fundamentals. As a result, it is essential for any investor to research thorough due diligence and analysis before making any investment decisions.

Benefits of tracking NSE 52 Week High stocks:

Trading/Investment opportunities: By keeping an eye on the NSE 52 week high stocks, investors can identify investment opportunities in companies that are performing well and have a potential for growth. This can help them to diversify their portfolios and maximize their returns.

Stock sentiment: The NSE 52 week high can also provide insight into market sentiment and help investors to determine whether the overall market is bullish or bearish. This can be useful for making informed investment decisions and determining the risk-reward balance of a particular stock.

Early warning signs: In some cases, a stock reaching its NSE 52 week high could be a sign that it is overpriced and due for a correction. By tracking the 52 week high, investors can detect such early warning signs and make adjustments to their portfolios accordingly.

Time frame: The NSE 52 week high is a useful metric for tracking the performance of a stock over a one-year time frame. This can provide a more accurate picture of a stock's performance compared to short-term metrics, such as daily or weekly highs and lows.

Putting it all together, monitoring the NSE 52 week high stocks is a valuable tool for investors to make smart investment choices. By tracking the 52 week high, you can understand the trends in the market, evaluate the stock's performance, set realistic targets, and watch out for any signs of instability. Moreover, by staying aware of the NSE 52 week high, you can also get a feel for the overall market sentiment & be alerted to any potential corrections on the horizon.


What is NSE 52 Week High?

The 52 week high stocks NSE are those listed on the National Stock Exchange and have reached their highest price points in a 52-week range. Traders apply the 52-week high level as a trading strategy.

How is the NSE 52 Week High calculated?
The NSE (National Stock Exchange) 52 week high is the highest price at which a stock has traded in the last one year on the NSE. It is calculated by taking the highest traded price for the stock in the past 52 weeks, starting from today's date & going back one year.
What are the benefits of tracking NSE 52 Week High stocks?
Identifying market trends, Gauging performance, Setting right price targets & Monitoring volatility of the stock in question.
Is it good to buy 52 week high stocks?
Whether it's good to buy 52 week high stocks or not is a subject of debate among investors and traders, and there is no one-size-fits-all answer. Research and analyse the fundamentals of each stock well before investing.
Which stocks are near their 52 week high on NSE?
The 52-week low page on Angel One has the latest data. You can simply visit this page on any given day to find such stocks.

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