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52 Weeks High BSE


52 Weeks High BSE Stocks?

Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) 52-week high stocks stocks that are currently trading at their highest price since the last year from today.
When 52-week high stocks are trading on the BSE, there's a high chance that the stocks are overpriced and may be due for a course correction soon. but it is also highly possible that a stock's price may keep rising even after it reaches its 52-week high because of underlying technical and fundamental factors.
The reason for trading at the highest price can only be determined by minutely understanding the causes of the rise in price and eventually the future of these causes.
To find out which stocks are currently trading at their 52-week highs on BSE, you can use Angel One Superapp. We've a feature to filter stocks by their 52-week high price for you to see which stocks are currently trending at high.

A 52-week high seems like a positive sign indicating that the stock has been performing well. However, investing in such stocks can be risky because:

  • The stock may be overvalued
  • The price may not be sustainable for a long future

Examining the company's core financial indicators like earnings, revenue, debt & cash flow helps understanding of the financial health & performance. Also, a company's latest news & announcements can be insightful to understand its future value.

Furthermore, it is vital to take into account the industry and market trends before investing in a stock at its 52-week high. Understanding the broader market trends and the industry the company operates in can help identify any potential risks or opportunities that may affect the stock's price.

While information about BSE 52-week high shares/stocks can be valuable, it's crucial for investors and traders to exercise caution and conduct thorough research before making any decisions.


What is BSE 52 Week High?

BSE 52 Week High refers to the highest price reached by a stock listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) within a 52-week period. This price level is seen as a benchmark by traders and is often used as a reference point in their investment decisions.

How is the BSE 52 Week High calculated?
The BSE 52 week high is the highest price achieved by a stock in the Bombay Stock Exchange of India within a 52-week span. It is determined by identifying the top traded price of the stock over the last 52 weeks, commencing from the present and moving backwards one year.
What are the benefits of tracking BSE 52 Week High stocks?
Tracking BSE 52 week high stocks has several advantages, including:

Identifying market trends: By monitoring stocks that have hit their 52-week high, traders can gauge the overall direction of the market and make informed investment decisions.
Opportunity identification: Stocks reaching their 52-week high may indicate positive performance and offer potential investment opportunities.
Risk management: By focusing on stocks at their 52-week high, traders can reduce their exposure to potential downside risk.

Overall, tracking BSE 52 week high stocks can provide valuable insights into market conditions and assist traders in making informed investment choices.
Is it good to buy BSE 52 week high stocks?

It's not necessarily good or bad to buy BSE 52 week high stocks. Whether a stock is considered a good investment depends on a variety of factors, including its current financial performance, future growth prospects, and overall market conditions.

While stocks reaching their 52-week high can be seen as a positive sign, it's important to consider other factors and conduct thorough research before making any investment decisions. It's always advisable to seek the advice of a financial professional if you're unsure about an investment.

Which stocks are near their 52 week high on BSE?
The 52-week high page on Angel One has the latest data. You can simply visit this page on any given day to find such stocks.

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