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The Internet has transformed the way brokers, and authorised persons do business, and investors make investment decisions. Now, you can trade electronically, and shares come in dematerialised form. Smartphones have taken share trading to entirely new levels, and people have access to financial transactions and information in real-time, at any time, wherever they are. Angel One’s authorised person platform is an invaluable tool for authorised persons. It helps you leverage social media networks for client acquisition, advisory, client servicing, and so on. Let us look at some of its key features.

Angel One authorised person platform

  • Business and Marketing Processes: It has three significant features, including digital marketing, lead management system, and business dashboard.
  • Customer-Centric Strategy: The authorised person business platform has been designed keeping the customer at the centre of the servicing strategy.
  • Auto-Population of Information: Angel One’s system auto-populates points of discussion with a client so that the authorised person can convey all the relevant points at one go.
  • Single View Content: Business dashboards enhance productivity.
  • Trading App Available: Besides these, Angel One has an app for trading which your clients can use to trade in commodities, equity, futures, options, and currencies online efficiently.

Angel Partner Interface App

The Angel Partner Interface App is a mobile app that can be used by authorised persons to conduct business with their clients from their mobile phones. We look at how you can use the Angel Partner Interface app to service clients on the go.

  • Download the Angel Partner Interface app on your Android phone or iPhone.
  • TThe app will ask you for specific permissions which you need to approve.
  • Once you log in you can access your account for reports and payout options. You can access the revenue and turnover reports with a daily sharing view at entity level with a drill down to the segment level. You are also allowed to mark funds for payout on a real-time basis and also mark shares for payout.
  • The app lets you access your client-related reports and payouts. You can also call the client for information.
  • The app lets you convert passive traders into active traders and enhance the limits of your clients.
  • You can record client calls and interactions for future reference.
  • You can also refer your partners through the app.

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Angel One Next-Gen Business Platform

Angel One is a dynamic organisation, continually evolving to stay on top and retain its industry-leading position. Our Next-Gen Business Platform (NXT) is an initiative to help business partners, including authorised persons and dealers, using the digital revolution to make the most of business opportunities. NXT is an intelligent business platform that allows our business partners to do business efficiently and enhances their capabilities as service providers.

NXT allows an authorised person business to grow exponentially. NXT is feature-rich and enables partners to overcome all boundaries while acquiring clients. For one, it will enable them to leverage existing social and professional networks for client acquisition. Two, it provides a comprehensive platform for all their business requirements, including advisory and client servicing.

Features of NXT

NXT has excellent features for client acquisition and generation. These include Digital Marketing, Lead Management System and Business Dashboard and others.

  • Digital Marketing: Digital marketing is an excellent help for authorised person business. It enables them to reach out and extract clients from their social and professional networks like Facebook and LinkedIn. NXT also offers support in terms of sharing the qualified posts, assistance in tracking and converting leads. Leads generated through digital marketing are integrated into the lead management system or LMS. One can complete the digital KYC (Know Your Customer) from the LMS itself, which makes the process fast and easy.
  • Business Dashboard: Business partners can track their business through the business dashboard and compare their performance with their peers, which motivates them to do better. It’s possible to track business through all critical parameters like revenue generated, client acquisition, and mutual fund assets under management (AUM). The system also gives prompts on possible business opportunities based on client profile, trading patterns, availability of margins, etc.
  • Business Consultancy: Another feature of Angel One’s authorised person business model is a business consultancy. Through this, business partners can reach to the NEXT level. It includes qualitative guidance and action points to improve business performance. It provides specific reports with actionable on sales, service, cross-sales and overall business.
  • Client referrals: Authorised persons can use DIY links to generate referrals and leads.
  • ARQ: NXT offers Customised ARQ, an extension of Angel One’s revolutionary automated investment engine. ARQ strategies help clients invest in stocks that provide market-beating returns. They can design their own ARQ advisory according to their customers’ risk profile, allowing them to give clients a diversified portfolio with asset allocation in equity and debt.
  • Market Pulse: Business partners can keep track of markets through Heckyl F&O. They get information on sectoral movement, top gainers/ losers, heat map, options analyser, open interest analysis, and screeners. There’s also Heckyl News with News Pulse on Indian and global markets, and trending news on sectors and stocks.
  • Integrated Platform for Equity and Mutual Funds: This feature helps authorised persons to offer a seamless experience to their clients. They can use this to help clients with goal planning, build their long-term portfolio, track the clients’ SIP calendar, etc. They can effectively complete the full journey right from profiling, advising to executing from this one place.
  • Client Servicing: Effective client servicing is the core of this platform, which has been designed keeping the customer at the centre. The system auto-populates discussion points while interacting with a client so that authorised person can communicate all the relevant points in one go. It not only enhances his productivity but also results in customer delight. From here, they can view the available business opportunities based on the client’s profile and availability of funds.
  • Client Communication: Another invaluable tool for them is client communication, which enables them to provide advisory to clients. It has fundamental, positional and intraday capabilities and a call initiation facility. This feature also allows authorised persons to view Angel One’s communication with clients.
  • CRM Module: Features of this module include customised alerts, client appointment scheduling, alerts on macro-economic and company events, reminders for previous call discussion notes, and event calendars for client birthdays and festivals.
  • Dormancy Prediction: This artificial intelligence feature predicts the likelihood of customers’ dormancy based on the behaviour and trading patterns. Authorised persons can spot this dormancy early on and reconnect with clients to restore the business.


The Angel One authorised person platform, and the Angel Partner Interface app help you attract clients and earn good commissions by generating large volumes. It’s merely the broker of choice for any go-getting agent!

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