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NXT - An Advanced Platform for our Authorised Persons (formerly known as Sub-brokers)

As an authorised person, it is hard to find new leads and then to manage these leads, their records, the services they use etc. To allow authorised persons to perform all these activities and more on a single portal, Angel One has brought a one-stop solution for it all - NXT.

What is NXT?

NXT is an online platform designed to help our Authorised Persons access and manage the full spectrum of business opportunities generated by the various marketing initiatives of Angel One and then efficiently manage those clients and their services. It is essentially an advanced digital marketing and client relationship management tool.

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What value does NXT add?

With NXT, authorised persons will have a significant edge over their competitors in terms of the following and beyond:
  • Marketing their services on various social and professional networks online.
  • Integrating the leads into our robust lead management system.
  • Effectively engaging and servicing clients through dashboards.
  • Tracking client trading activities and stock performances.
  • Accessing the various reports and sending to client.
  • Cross-selling mutual funds and other financial products.

Special features of the Lead Management System

  • The AP’s share the leads generated through digital marketing by entering the lead generation link in the lead management system which tracks the client’s interests and client acquisition.
  • The Digital KYC process can be completed from the lead management system, which makes the process simple and efficient.
  • The authorised persons are able to track their business through various parameters such as the revenue generated, client activation and mutual funds AUM and compare their performance with their peers.

Parting words

We, at Angel One, are committed to providing our clients with the highest standards of technological innovation in trading and investing. Our responsibility towards each and every authorised person who works with us is quite the same - we wish to ensure that working with us brings them the highest degree of value at the highest possible efficiency.

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