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Eligibility criteria and documents for an Authorised Person

When people want to invest in the stock market, they usually rely on the services of an authorised person. Brokers appoint authorised persons, who get a commission for each transaction. The broking house, on its part, provides infrastructure, training, and other support.

What is the eligibility criteria for being an authorised person? Do you need to have special qualifications for it? Read more to find out.

Eligibility criteria for authorised persons

  • An aspiring authorised person should also have good knowledge of financial markets. This will help them advise clients on what stocks to buy. They should recommend stocks that are suited to the risk and return expectations of the client. For example, large-cap stocks that offer stable returns may be suitable for investors with a low-risk appetite. Medium or small-cap stocks are more suited for investors who want higher returns.
  • Knowledge of the economy is also a plus. This is because events that affect the economy will also affect the financial market. For example, a poor harvest will lower demand for goods in the rural population and thus influence the health of the economy overall.
  • Broking business is a very competitive one, and you need to be able to persuade investors to make you the advisor of choice. You will also need to educate and inform them about the various options available.
  • General awareness of international markets is also suitable for authorised persons. The world is increasingly interconnected, and happenings in one part of the world will affect Indian markets as well. Computer literacy would help the Authorised person as Stock market trading takes place electronically, so the Authorised person should be tech-savvy. Also, Angel One provides rule-based investment suggestions.
  • Management skills also could come in handy. This is because, after a certain point, it’s all about managing people and resources and using them effectively.

It’s a competitive business, but if you are motivated and have a zeal to succeed, you will be able to get a lot of clients.

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Documents required for authorised persons

To become a sub-broker, you will have to submit some documents:


PAN card


Aadhaar card


Educational proof (minimum intermediate)


Residential address proof


Office address proof


Four photographs


Reference letter from a chartered accountant


Name affidavit if there is any mismatch in the name on a Rs 10 stamp paper

A notary or CA should attest all documents.


As we can see, the eligibility criteria for an authorised person is not all that high. You don’t need any fancy degrees to be one. However, you must have a good knowledge of shares and other investment options, plus the functioning of the financial markets. You will also need some capital to make the refundable deposit with the broker, and to make investments in an office, some staff, computers, and furniture. It’s a competitive business, but if you are motivated and have excellent communication skills, you will be able to get a lot of clients. Angel One is quite generous, providing a flat 70% commission to its authorised persons. So, it can be a venture that could pay off.

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