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What is a smallcase?

A smallcase is basket of stocks/ETFs that reflects an idea or a theme. Every smallcase is created and managed by finance experts. Think of smallcases as a mutual fund but with greater control over the assets that you hold, thanks to the ‘customise’ option. This makes smallcases a great way to build personalised portfolios aligned with your investment goals and values.

Effortless Tracking

Track portfolio performance effortlessly, anytime from anywhere

Invest with Ease

Invest in a diversified portfolio of multiple stocks/ETFs curated by finance experts in just 3 clicks

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Why Invest in a smallcase?

With smallcase, you invest in a diversified portfolio. This reduces your risk and protects you against the volatility of a single stock
Curated by Professionals
Every smallcase is curated by SEBI-registered finance experts who do extensive research on the constituent stocks/ETFs
Customise and Build
You can modify an existing smallcase or even build one from scratch to suit your desired goals and ideas

How To Invest in a smallcase Using Angel One?

Login to Angel One App/Web Platform
You can download the app Or visit
Click on smallcase
In the Home section, head to external services and locate ‘smallcase’
Select Your smallcase
Once you click on smallcase, you will be redirected to the smallcase app/website. Select the smallcase you want to invest in
Hurrah, the smallcase is Yours!
You just put your money to work. Now sit back and watch it grow!


What is a smallcase, and how does it work?

A smallcase is basket of stocks/ETFs that reflects an idea or a theme. It is created and managed by finance experts.

Can I sell my smallcase anytime?

Yes. Although smallcases are long-term investments, you are free to sell them anytime as they don’t have lock-in periods. Moreover, you can also choose to exit partially from your smallcases.

What are the charges for investing in a smallcase?

There are no charges levied if you invest in a smallcase through Angel One. However, smallcase charges a subscription fee on a few premium smallcases.

Can I customise my smallcase?

Yes. You can customise smallcases to suit your needs. You can change weights and add or remove stocks/ETFs from the constituents.

What are the risks involved in investing in smallcases?

Since smallcases invest in stocks/ETFs, they are also exposed to market-related risks.

Enjoy Zero Brokerage on
Equity Delivery

Enjoy Zero Brokerage on Equity Delivery

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