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Top Gainers NSE


NSE Top Gainers

The daily list of top gainers in NSE comprises stocks that have recorded maximum appreciation in price since the previous day’s closing price. Traders apply the top gainer stocks as an indicator of stocks to trade. You can use the daily gainer’s list to see which sectors and companies have been the driving force in the market and get a better understanding of the market condition.

Benefits of tracking NSE top gainers’ list

Market sentiment: The top gainers of a day provide useful insights on market sentiment - which stocks are bullish or the direction the market is moving. These indices are helpful in making informed decisions regarding which stocks to trade, setting target prices, and placing orders.

Investment opportunities: Referring to the top gainers' list allows investors to identify investment opportunities in certain companies or sectors. These stocks indicate a stronger demand and possibilities of growth. It can help investors diversify their portfolios and maximise returns.

Early warning signs: Stocks reaching the highest price can indicate a possible value correction. It helps traders identify stocks that are possibly overvalued within a timeframe. The list functions as a point of reference for individuals to decide which stocks may experience a reversal in the future.

Set the target price: The list is often a reference point for traders to set the target price.

To summarise, by looking at the top gainer list, traders can understand which stocks were the favourites. The NSE top gainer list is updated in real-time and acts as a reference point for traders. It is a gist of all the stocks that have seen the highest gain in price since their last day’s closing price. If these stocks are part of any indices, the market indices will shoot up. By tracking the top gainers' list of NSE, you can feel the overall market trend and any possible correction on the horizon.


What are the top gainers of the NSE?

NSE Top gainers are stocks traded in the National Stock Exchange. These stocks registered the highest growth among all the stocks traded on the exchange in the price for a day over the previous day’s closing price.

Traders use the list of top gainer stocks to choose which shares to trade.

How are the top gainers NSE chosen?
NSE's top gainer’s list is a list of stocks that recorded the highest spike in share price during the day's trading. These stocks are selected by marketing software at the end of a trading day based on the highest percentage gain in price over the previous day's closing price.
What are the benefits of tracking NSE Top Gainer stocks?

Identifying trend: The top gainer list is a critical indicator of a stock's future and the trend it might follow. Traders and investors can use the list to compare performance and decide which stocks to trade.

Tracking performance: The top gainer’s list helps investors discover which stocks are overvalued or undervalued in that timeframe.

Setting target price: Traders use the top gainers in the NSE list as a reference point for selecting target prices for future trades.

Monitoring volatility and volume: The top gainer stocks need to be analyzed in volume because the price movement can be a result of the price pattern the stocks are showing.

Is it good to buy top NSE gainers?
Today's top gainers may see a correction in the next trading session. So, there is no additional advantage of buying the top gainer stocks. These stocks are updated in real-time and summarize the day’s trading activity. But considering only the day's worth of price change isn’t a sound trading strategy. Experienced traders the candlestick patterns, volume, and price change collectively for trading decisions.
Where can I find the top NSE gainers today in the Angel One app?

To view the top NSE gainers, especially the NIFTY toppers of the day, log in to your Angel One app and go to the Home Page>>Market Today>>View More>>Equity Market. After reaching the Equity Market page, go to the 'Market Movers' section to view the top gainers and losers of the day, along with additional information on most active stock of the day by volume and total value.

You can easily switch between NIFTY and SENSEX from the dropdown menu to view stocks on NSE and BSE exchanges.

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