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Our web trading platform is an answer to all your investment requirements. Trade efficiently, stay abreast with latest trends, and manage your portfolio with our online web trading platform trade.angelbroking.com. This is a platform where you can invest in equities, commodities, currencies, mutual funds, bonds, and initial public offerings (IPOs) at one place.

Seamlessly move through all your investment accounts through our web trading platform. This integrated wealth management platform lets you manage accounts of all family members with one login.

Become an expert by carrying out market research like never before. Track all the latest investment trends. Understand the market better and in simple terms with interactive charts. Use the forex web platform to trade in currencies. Trade in derivatives with our web-based futures trading platform.


  • Track your portfolio: This is one place where you can bring together all your investments. Our web portal is a one-stop solution where you can invest in mutual funds, equities or IPOs. Make scheduled investments and manage wealth of your family members here.
  • Research : Stay up-to-date with market information. Get live news from our sources. Make use of our comprehensive reports. Analyse the model portfolio and use our calculators to make an informed investment. Manage risks by analysing profit and loss reports.
  • Notifications: Get notifications through email or SMS on registered numbers about your investments. We will send reminders for all your payment schedules so you don’t have to worry about missing deadlines.
  • Online web trading: Enjoy a seamless trading experience. Trade online on our web platform and invest in anything you want, be it mutual funds, equities or commodities. Use our web-based forex trading platform to trade in currencies.
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Manage your investments, create watch lists, track stocks with technical chart indicators, and make scheduled investments.


Get an integrated trading experience. Invest in Equities, Commodities, Currency, Mutual Funds, Bonds, and in Initial Public offerings (IPO) using this single platform.

Chart tools and additional customised features : Angel One’s web portal offers a host of charts on trends in the market. You can customise these charts to meet your needs and interests. Just change the filters and indicators to get what you want. View these charts and plan your course of action. You can create new orders directly on the charts. So the right investment is just a click away.


Get up-to-date market information, live news from our sources, comprehensive research reports, model portfolio, calculators and more.
Receive Timely alerts & reminders

Get instant notfication through SMS , email and application

Manage entire family’s account

Add and manage wealth of entire family with a single login.

Screen stocks & charts

Analyse stocks like an expert with state-of-the-art stock screener and interactive charts.


Can I invest in mutual funds through the web trading platform?

Of course. The Angel One web-based trading platform lets you invest wherever you want through its comprehensive portal. You can invest in equities, commodities, currencies, mutual funds, bonds, and IPOs through the portal.

How do I initiate a funds transfer?

Click on the Fund Transfer section of the web-based trading portal. Select the ‘pay in’ or ‘pay out’ option from the dropdown menu. Fill in the details and proceed to make the fund transfer.

Where can I find the reports?

To access the reports on the web trading portal, click on the reports menu. You will find all reports, including all your transactions, ledgers, taxes and profit and loss statements.

How can I transfer funds to or from my trading account?

You can add funds to your trading account using the payment gateways available on the web-based trading portal of Angel One. Select the option to add funds. Select your bank. You will be redirected to the payment gateway of your bank. Fill in your details and complete the transaction. Once the transaction is successfully completed, you will be redirected to the Angel One portal.

To withdraw funds from your account, choose the withdraw option and fill in the bank details where you want the money to be transferred. Proceed to complete the transaction.

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Enjoy Zero Brokerage on Equity Delivery

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