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  • Real-time rate update: If you are trading on our stock market desktop app, you will not miss any chance of making a good investment. The market is at your fingertips as we offer you live streaming of rates so you can trade in an instant.
  • Portfolio: Monitor all your investments at once with our stocks desktop app Angel SpeedPro. View scrip-wise buy price, day’s gain and loss and overall profit and loss of your investments with a simple click.
  • Online trading: With Angel SpeedPro, you can invest in mutual funds online and redeem then easily. This desktop app for stock market is your one-stop destination for all mutual fund investments.
  • Integrated news flash and reports: Don’t miss an opportunity to make more money. Our desktop app for stock market gives you integrated news flash and reports. Analyse these reports to make an informed investment.
  • Easy installation: Just download the .exe file for Angel SpeedPro app on to your desktop. Run the stocks desktop app and get started with trading instantly.
  • Live market watch: You can watch and update live market data in Excel format. Get charts on the latest trends. Tweak charts according to your indicators. Take instant decisions on trading.
Enjoy Zero brokerage on equity investments
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Real time rate updates

Keep the market on your finger-tips with live streaming rates. Experience the power and speed of instant trade execution and reports.

My portfolio details

View Scrip-wise buy price, day's gain / loss and overall profit / loss to view your holding portfolio at a glance.


You can invest or redeem Mutual Funds anytime with convenience & use this trading software at ease.
Integrated News flash and research reports

Instant news notifications on stocks and markets. One touch access to a host of research reports for your reference.

Easy installation &

This is as easy as it gets - experience one-click installation. The app also auto updates itself so that you can always trade fast and smoothly.

Open and update live market watch in excel

You have the option to watch and update live market data in excel to take trading decisions based on prices and other market data.


Can I download this app on to my laptop?

Of course. You can download the .exe file for the app on to your laptop and desktop. Run the program and set up your profile to start trading.

How can I customise my viewing space on Angel SpeedPro?

You can customise your viewing space by choosing the indicators that you wish to track. You can simply change the indicators and set your preference for your profile. You set your preference for markets, mutual funds and stocks that you want to track on a daily basis. You can also customise the reports that Angel SpeedPro generates for you. Change the indices and generate charts for indicators that you wish to see.

What are the special features of Angel SpeedPro?

With the Angel SpeedPro desktop app, you get easy research at your fingertips. Track your investments on your portfolio and get instant news flashes. Use the app on multiple desktops and laptops.

Enjoy Zero Brokerage on
Equity Delivery

Enjoy Zero Brokerage on Equity Delivery

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