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About ICICI Prudential Mutual Funds

ICICI Prudential was set up as a partnership by ICICI Bank and Prudential PLC in 1993 - the Prudential Corporation Holdings Ltd. being a famous UK-based global insurance company. The ICICI AMC remains one of the most prestigious and profitable mutual funds in the market even today.

The ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund has played a significant role in setting up the CRISIL rating system for Asset Management Companies.

As of 31st March 2022, the ICICI Mutual Fund under consideration holds assets worth Rs. 4.6 lakh crore under its management. It is, therefore, one of the top two asset management companies in India (the largest being SBI Mutual Funds) - most of their offerings are rated ‘AAAmfs’, which indicates robust fund health. The total number of schemes under the group is 88, of which 43 are equity-based, 21 are debt-based, and 22 are hybrid. It has 88 schemes which are overall managed by 43 fund managers.

Primarily aimed at retail investors, it also has various types of funds geared towards serving the customised needs of HNIs (i.e. high net-worth individuals) and domestic institutional investors, including real-estate-based investments.

ICICI Prudential Mutual Funds Key Information

The following is some of the key information regarding the ICICI asset management company - 

Founding date Oct 23rd 1993
AMC Incorporation date June 22, 1993
Headquarters in Mumbai
Name of the sponsors ICICI Bank and Prudential PLC
Trustee organisation ICICI Prudential Trust Ltd.
MD and CEO Mr. Nimesh Shah
Chief Investment Officer Mr. S Naren
Compliance Officer Ms Supriya Sapre

ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund Managers


Mr Sankaran Naren


Mr Sankaran Naren is currently the Chief Investment Officer of the ICICI Prudential Asset Management Company Ltd. - he has been holding this post since 2008. An alumnus of IIM Calcutta and IIT Madras, he is also an executive director of the company since 2016.

He currently handles two of the funds with the highest profiles - the ICICI Prudential Top 100 Fund and the ICICI Prudential Dynamic Plan. Both of these funds are among the top 10 in their cap range in the market.

Being the former CEO of Yoha Securities Ltd and former Director of HDFC Securities Ltd, Mr Naren has had a successful career spanning many years in the field. His stint at ICICI itself has been fairly long. Hence his presence inspires confidence among investors with respect to the funds managed by him.


Mr Mrinal Singh



Mr Rahul Rai


How to invest in ICICI Mutual Fund?

Investing in the ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund is a hassle-free process when done through your Angel One account. You just have to follow these steps:

Step 1: Log in to your Angel One account by entering your mobile number and validate the OTP. Next, enter your MPIN.

Note: In case you do not have an account with Angel One, you can open a Demat account with us in under a few minutes by submitting the necessary documents.

Step 2: Determine which fund is most suited based on your needs and risk profile. You can learn more about each fund on the Angel One app. Things to do at this stage are:

  1. Search for the fund you want to invest in or take cues from funds listed by Angel One across categories.
  2. Analyse the fund’s past performance, tax incidence, and the sectors and companies in which it invests in. You can also calculate the potential returns using the calculator.
  3. Evaluate the fund’s level of risk and weigh it against your risk tolerance.
  4. Check the fund’s ratings given by reputed rating agencies. Generally, the ratings range from 1 to 5.
  5. Consider the fund’s expense ratio to get an idea about the cost of investing in it.

Step 3: Once you finalise the fund(s) you want to invest in, open your Angel One account, go to the Mutual Funds section, and look for it. Since this can be a long-term investment, be careful when choosing the fund that you would like to invest in.

  1. Decide whether your want to invest in a lump sum or via monthly SIP
  2. Next, enter the amount you want to invest and choose how you want to make the payment. UPI is the preferred mode. Alternatively, you can choose net banking
  3. After placing the order, in case of the SIP route of investment, you can create a mandate to make hassle-free future instalments.

Top 5 ICICI Prudential Mutual Funds to invest in

When it comes to judging the ICICI best mutual funds, we can use returns and risks as the primary metric - other factors such as NAV and Sharpe ratio are simply functions of the above.  

The following are some of the best ICICI Prudential Mutual Funds available in the market among others - 

Name of the Fund Type of fund AUM (Rs. in crore) Minimum investment (Rs.) 3-year CAGR (%) 5-year CAGR (%)
ICICI Prudential Bharat 22 FOF Fund FoF 89.17 5000 31.7 -
ICICI Prudential Infrastructure Direct Growth Equity 2269 5000 43.99 15.07
ICICI Prudential Multi-asset Fund Direct Growth Equity and cash 16,449 5000 31.29 14.25
ICICI Value Discovery Fund Direct Plan Growth Equity 27,449 1000 36.90 14.92
ICICI Equity and Debt Fund Direct Growth Hybrid 21,232 5000 30.62 14.34

Disclaimer:The above-mentioned top funds are for informational purposes only and are not recommendations. The funds are based on 5-yr CAGR dated 20th March 2023, which is subject to change frequently. Check out real-time data in the Mutual Funds section on Angel One.

ICICI Prudential Bharat 22 FOF Fund

It is a high-risk fund with a >90% majority of its investments made in other funds, which largely have equities of companies with giant and large market capitalisations.

ICICI Prudential Infrastructure Direct Growth

The fund has >94% of its investments in domestic equities. Its top three investments are in NTPC, L&T and ONGC.

ICICI Prudential Multi-asset Fund Direct Growth

It is a high-risk fund that invests around 65% in equity, over 15% in cash and cash equivalents and the rest in debt, mutual funds, commodities and REITs.

ICICI Value Discovery Direct Growth

This fund has >87% investment in equities - while the biggest sector in terms of investment is the financial sector, its top three investments are ONGC, Sun Pharmaceuticals and NTPC.

ICICI Equity and Debt Fund Direct Growth

It has a fairly diversified portfolio with around 72% equity and around 11.54% debt. Sector-wise, the largest share of investments are in private banks.


Should I invest in the ICICI Prudential Mutual Funds scheme?

Generally, investors look at the returns of the mutual fund scheme. However, past returns are not indicative of future performance. Therefore, you should also evaluate funds based on other factors such as risk, volatility, the fund manager’s experience, and your own return expectations and risk tolerance in order to choose the best fund suited for your terms.

How to start ICICI Prudential Mutual Funds SIP online?
You can start investing in ICICI Prudential Mutual Funds SIP online in several ways. One of them is through AMC’s official website. But for a seamless experience, you can do it via Angel One.
How to redeem ICICI Prudential Mutual Funds online?
For online investments, you can redeem your units in three ways. First, via Angel One App under the Mutual Funds section. Second, by visiting https://www.angelone.in/mutual-funds. Finally, you can also redeem your ICICI Prudential Mutual Funds units by visiting the AMC's website.
How much time does it take to redeem ICICI Prudential Mutual Funds?
You can expect to receive the proceeds of equity, debt, and conservative hybrid funds in your registered bank account within 2-4 working days of initiating the withdrawal. In the case of liquid funds, you can expect to get the funds in 1-2 working days.
What are the redemption charges of ICICI Prudential Mutual Funds?
Redemption charges of ICICI Prudential Mutual Funds depend on the type of mutual fund you want to sell. Generally, an exit load and taxes are applicable.
How to increase the SIP amount in ICICI Prudential Mutual Funds?
You can do this in three ways - by visiting https://www.angelone.in/mutual-funds, the Angel One App or the AMC’s official website
How can I get the ICICI Prudential Mutual Funds statement?
Getting the ICICI Prudential Mutual Funds account statement is simple. Head to Mutual Funds section in the Angel One App or visit https://www.angelone.in/mutual-funds. Alternatively, you can get the statement by visiting the AMC’s official website.
Are ICICI Prudential Mutual Funds schemes tax-free?
Not all schemes are tax-free. As with any other ELSS, the one offered by ICICI Prudential Mutual Funds also comes with tax benefits. By investing in ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund’s ELSS Funds, you can claim a tax deduction of up to Rs. 1.5 lakh under Section 80C every financial year.

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