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What Is the IDBI SIP Calculator?

IDBI SIP calculator is a powerful tool that helps investors estimate the potential returns from Systematic Investment Plans (SIP). SIP is a popular investment method where you can invest a fixed amount of money at pre-determined intervals in mutual funds. It could be monthly, quarterly, or annually.

The IDBI SIP calculator considers various factors, such as the investment amount, the investment period, and the expected rate of return, to calculate the potential returns on the SIP investment. It uses the compound interest formula to compute the future value of the invested amount.

Using the IDBI SIP calculator, you can estimate how much you will get as the maturity amount at the end of the investment duration and the total returns on your SIP investment. This can be immensely helpful for you to plan your investment strategy, set financial goals, and make informed investment decisions.

How Does the IDBI SIP Calculator Work

The Angel One IDBI SIP calculator is easy to use. It just requires you to enter the investment amount, investment duration, and the estimated rate of return. While mutual fund investment returns vary based on market conditions, the IDBI SIP Calculator can still yield near-accurate returns. You can also estimate the future value of an SIP in IDBI mutual funds by using fund-specific return rate estimates and past performance data.

What Is the IDBI Bank SIP Calculator Formula

The online IDBI SIP calculator formula requires three inputs - the principal, the estimated rate of return, and the tenure.

Here is the SIP formula.

A = P*((1+i)^n-1)/i)*(1+i)


A = Amount you will receive upon maturity

P = Periodic SIP investment amount

i = The expected rate of return

n = Tenure (in months)

How To Use the IDBI Bank SIP Calculator Online?

Using the online IDBI SIP calculator on Angel One is quick and convenient. Follow the steps below to get accurate estimates on your SIP:

  • Enter the SIP amount
  • Enter the expected rate of return
  • Enter the SIP duration

Below is an example to explain the above steps better. Suppose you wish to invest Rs. 5000 in a mutual fund as a monthly SIP for 3 years, and the expected rate of return is 13.5%. Once you input these values in the Angel One IDBI SIP calculator, you will get a graphical representation of your returns along with the return and maturity amount as Rs. 42,887 and Rs. 2,22,887, respectively.

Also, If you have a financial target in sight, it is helpful to know how much monthly SIP contribution you should make to accumulate the required amount. The target amount calculator on the Angel One SIP page helps with this calculation. It requires you to input the expected maturity amount, investment duration, and estimated rate of return to compute the monthly SIP amount.

Suppose you wish to save Rs. 4,50,000 for a financial goal that is 4 years away, and you choose a mutual fund that offers approximately 10% returns. You can calculate the amount required monthly using the target amount calculator on Angel One. Entering these values yields Rs. 7,600 as the monthly SIP requirement.

Benefits Of Using the IDBI SIP Calculator
  • Error-free calculations

Using the online IDBI SIP calculator eliminates calculation errors that can occur while manually calculating the investment amount and returns. 

  • Significant time savings

The sip calculator quickly generates numerical estimates and a graph of projected investment returns. It saves you the time you would have otherwise spent calculating manually. 

  • Helpful comparisons: 

The SIP calculator allows you to compare the returns of investments using various combinations of return rates, tenures and SIP amount. Based on this comparison, you can choose the fund that best suits your needs and investment goals. 

  • Effective financial planning

The SIP calculator can help you plan your investments and set realistic financial goals. Using the projections, you can choose funds that sync with your investment goals and also decide the SIP amount you need to invest to reach your target.

IDBI Bank SIP Calculator FAQs

What is the online IDBI SIP calculator?

IDBI SIP Calculator is an online tool that enables investors to calculate expected returns on SIP investments. It helps with financial planning and informed decision-making.

Is the IDBI SIP calculator free to use?

Yes, the IDBI SIP calculator on Angel One is completely free to use.

How to use the IDBI SIP calculator online?

To use the online IDBI SIP calculator, visit the Angel One website and navigate to the SIP calculator page. Then, input variables as required. After that, the calculator estimates the total investment amount, returns, and the final maturity value.

Are SIPs similar to mutual funds?

SIPs are a method of investing in mutual funds. They allow you to purchase mutual fund units at predetermined intervals. You can also invest in SIP to protect yourself against market fluctuations and take advantage of rupee cost averaging.

Can I modify SIP amount?

You can periodically increase SIP using top-ups. You can also invest in step-up SIP through Angel One, which automatically increases the SIP amount according to the specifications you have defined at the beginning.

How much can be the minimum tenure of IDBI SIP?

The minimum tenure for IDBI SIP varies based on the investment frequency and amount. For monthly frequency, if the investment amount is between Rs 500 and less than Rs 1000, the minimum tenure is 12 instalments, whereas, for an investment amount of Rs 1000 or above, the minimum tenure is 6 instalments. For quarterly frequency, the minimum tenure is 4 instalments, with a minimum investment amount of Rs 2500.

What is the rate of return on IDBI SIPs?

The rate of return on mutual funds depends on a multitude of factors, including market conditions, underlying investments in the mutual fund, etc. It may even differ for different mutual fund schemes offered by IDBI.

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