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626.91 (0.78%)

Nifty 50


187.85 (0.76%)

Nifty Bank


223.90 (0.43%)

Market Updates

July 16, 2024

Markets @ Noon

Nifty up by 55 points (+0.23%)  Top Gainers ⬆️ : LICI +3.74%, COALINDIA +3.58%  Top Losers ⬇️: ZOMATO -2.59%, JIOFIN -2.15%

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July 16, 2024

Market Pulse at 9.45am??

Nifty⬆️ by 55 points (+0.22%) Nifty 50 Top 3 Performers ⬆️: Bhartiartl(+2.43)%, CoalIndia(+1.66%), BPCL(+1.30%). Nifty 50 Top 3 Los…

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July 16, 2024

Market Outlook

Indian markets are likely to open on a flat note, tracking global cues. GIFT Nifty: 24638  Nifty Jul Futures: Support - 24550/…

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Index Name
Day Range

Nifty 50


187.85 (0.76%)

24,504.45 - 24,837.75

Nifty Bank


223.90 (0.43%)

52,168.65 - 52,782.75



135.15 (0.57%)

23,523.75 - 23,838.50

Nifty IT


868.90 (2.22%)

39,010.35 - 40,075.70

Nifty Next 50


-809.20 (-1.09%)

72,648.05 - 73,943.35

Market Movers

  • 52 Week High
  • 52 Week Low
  • Top Gainers
  • Top Losers

Index Contributor

  • Positive Contribution
  • Negative Contribution

Positive Contribution


Negative Contribution


Company Name Points
HDFC Bank Ltd
Asian Paints Ltd
Coal India Ltd
Grasim Industries Ltd

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Share Market Insights: Stay updated on Market Movements with Angel One

What is Share Market?

The share market is the platform where you can buy and sell shares of companies. ‘Shares’ refer to portions of the ownership of the company. This means once you buy a share of a company, you start owning a part of the company. The larger the number of shares you buy, the greater the portion of the company that you own. As the overall value of the company increases or decreases, the value of the share that you hold will also increase or decrease respectively.

What are NSE and BSE in the Share Market?

Exchanges are platforms for the smooth and ethical functioning of the share market. Examples of such exchanges in India include the National Stock Exchange (NSE) and the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE). Shares of companies that are listed on the exchange can be traded publicly. The existence of such exchanges allows us to track the stock market live and trade them seamlessly.

Note:The terms ‘share market’ and ‘stock market’ mean the same thing and can be used interchangeably.

Types of Share Markets

You can divide the share market into two sections -

  1. Primary share market - When a stock is listed and opened for trading for the first time, it is said to be available in the primary market.
  2. Secondary share market - When a stock has already been traded in the share market, it is said to be available in the secondary market.

You can also categorise the share market in the following two ways -

These are indices composed of the weighted value of a combination of stocks on an exchange. For example:

  • Nifty50 is an index showing the weighted value of the top 50 stocks listed on the NSE, as per their free-float market capitalisation and other criteria.
  • Sensex is an index showing the weighted value of the stocks of the 30 largest companies listed on the BSE, as per free-float market capitalisation and other criteria like trading volumes and healthy balance sheets.
  • Similarly, Bank Nifty or Nifty Bank is an index made of 12 of the biggest bank stocks in India.

You can trade in ETFs and mutual funds that track these indices. Or, you can trade in futures and options on some indices like Nifty, Bank Nifty and Finnifty. You can follow the share market live on this page to keep track of the movements of these indices in real-time and thereby time your trades better.

Why follow Share Market Today on Angel One?

Opportunities in the stock market may sometimes last for a few weeks or even a single day. Therefore, keeping updated with the latest market trends is key to successful trading and investing. Otherwise, you may lose favourable, wealth-generating opportunities despite having the capital.

Therefore, to know what’s happening in the share market today and identify buying and selling opportunities, bookmark this page. From market outlook in the morning and noon to the roundup of the trading day after the share market closes, this page, on the Angel One website, provides insightful information about stocks and indices. Stock market live updates include information about indices and their constituents published on a regular basis throughout the day. In addition, you can also track the performance of sectoral indices, top gainers and losers in the share market, stocks that have hit their 52-week high and low, etc.

These updates on the stock market today will immensely help you in your trades and investments on Angel One. Here is how -

  1. Tracking the movements of indices and their constituent stocks will help you stay ahead of your fellow F&O traders.
  2. Compiling data and analysing market trends is a hard task when done manually. This page updates the share market live insights thrice a day, so you don’t have to refer to various sources for information.
  3. Knowing stocks at 52-week highs or lows, as well as top gainers or losers, is important. It can help in timing your investments/trades in individual stocks.

Assets available on the Angel One platform

Access the following assets on Angel One to earn healthy returns:

  1. Stocks (both intraday and delivery)
  2. Futures and options on stocks and stock market indices
  3. Commodity and currency derivatives
  4. Mutual funds
  5. IPOs
  6. Stock SIPs
  7. Sovereign gold bonds


What is the share market?

The share market is where stocks or shares of publicly listed companies are bought and sold. It is a platform where investors can benefit from the profits generated by the companies and traders from the price difference.

What are stocks or shares?

Stocks or shares represent ownership in a company. When you buy stocks, you become a partial owner of that company and have a claim on its assets and profits. Investors can buy and sell shares in the stock market to potentially earn returns through dividends and capital appreciation.

How does the share market work?

The share market is the market where portions of ownership of companies are traded. Once you buy a share on an exchange, you can benefit from the gains in the share price. You can sell the share at a higher price than what you bought it at, and the difference becomes your profit. SEBI regulates the share market.

Why should I invest in the share market?

Investing in the share market will expose you to the benefits of compounding, creating wealth for you in the long run. It will increase your knowledge of finance, business, and economics, thus opening you up to other forms of investing, such as mutual funds and sovereign gold bonds.

Where can I see share market prices?

You can find all the stocks in the Indian stock market at Stock Screener. You can also visit the Angel One website and search for a stock in the search bar to get the details of individual stocks.

How can I start investing in the share market?

To start investing, you must first open a demat with a reliable stockbroker and link it to your bank account. Thereafter, read up on how to judge the potential performance of various assets. Finally, you can start investing, preferably with easier and simpler instruments, such as mutual funds.

What are the best investments for beginners in the stock market?

If you are a beginner in the stock market, you can start by investing in mutual funds or blue-chip stocks that give consistent returns. Thereafter, once you have gathered enough knowledge, you can start investing in stocks of your own choice.

Where can I get the best stock market updates?

You can get the best share market updates on this page. Updates include daily market announcements, top performers, top losers, and updates on indices.

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