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52 Weeks Low BSE


BSE 52-week Low

The 52 Week Low BSE Stocks today are those stocks listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) that have hit their lowest traded value in stock price in the last year or 52-weeks. Investors often monitor for stocks that are trading at their 52-week lows in BSE. Stocks that are trading at their 52-week BSE lows today are undervalued.

As these stocks are undervalued right now, you have to make a smart decision today. Go through the fundamentals and technicals of these stocks carefully along with market performance and industry trends. After researching you have to decide whether you want to buy these stocks today.

The price can serve as a reference point for investors to evaluate the stock's performance. It helps identify any potential opportunities for investment. If the value of a stock drops to its lowest point in 52 weeks it is a sign that the stock may be undervalued but it is also possible that the price will recover in the future. Plus, do be cautious that even after hitting a 52-week low, the price of the stock may drop further.

Investors can use the Angel One Superapp or Angel One’s web trading platform to identify the 52-week low stocks in BSE.

Things you should know before investing in 52-week low stocks on BSE -

  • Evaluate: The company's fundamental, performance plan, management & debt-to-equity ratio should be evaluated in tandem with market trends.
  • Analyse: To understand the company's financial health you must analyse income statements, balance sheets & cash flow sheets.
  • Angel Says:The latest news or announcements of the company and industry will help you understand underlying risks and growth opportunities.
  • It's important to note that the stock price may take a considerable amount of time to rebound & investors and traders need to be patient & willing to hold the stock for an extended period to realise potential returns.


What are 52-week low stocks on the BSE?

52-week low stocks in BSE are stocks that have hit their lowest price in the last 52 weeks. These stocks can be of interest to investors and traders who are looking for potential buying opportunities.

Why do stocks hit their 52-week low?
Stocks hit their 52-week low for various reasons, such as poor financial performance, negative news or rumors about the company, unfavorable market conditions, etc.
Is investing in 52-week low stocks a good strategy for long-term investors?

Yes, provided investors research the company's fundamentals, recent news, and market trends before making any decisions. These stocks can offer opportunities for long-term capital appreciation, but it's essential to evaluate the potential risks before investing.

How can investors analyse the potential of 52-week low stocks in BSE?

Investors can analyse the potential of 52-week low stocks by evaluating the company's financials, including earnings, revenue, debt & cash flow. They should also examine the company's recent news as well as current industry and market trends to identify any potential risks or opportunities that may impact the stock price.

What are the risks associated with investing in 52-week low stocks?

Investing in 52-week low stocks carries several risks, such as the potential for continued poor performance by the company, negative news, etc. These stocks may also require a longer holding period for investors to realize potential returns & there is no guarantee that the stock price will rebound.

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