To ensure that you get world class & seamless services from us and don’t fall prey to any fraudulent practices, here are a few important DOs & DON’Ts. Follow these instructions to keep your funds, securities and other sensitive information secure.



Trade only through Registered Members of the Exchange.

Ensure to read, understand and then sign the voluntary clauses, if any, agreed between you and the Member.

Please register your mobile number and email id with the Member, to receive trade confirmation alerts/ details of the transactions through SMS or email, by the end of the trading day.

Before granting Power of Attorney to anyone, to operate your demat account, carefully examine the scope and implications of powers being granted.

Always examine the Authorised Person's credentials before Account Opening.

Always verify your Quarterly Statement of Account sent by Angel One.

Inform us of any irregularity or unauthorised trading activity observed by you immediately.

Check your ledger balance regularly on


Do not enter into assured returns arrangement.

Do not get carried away by luring advertisements, rumours, hot tips, explicit / implicit promise of returns, etc.

Do not make payments in cash / take any cash towards margins and settlement to / from the Member.

Do not start trading before reading and understanding the Risk Disclosure Agreement.

Protect your login details and do not share login credentials with anyone. Password should be unique. Keep strong and complex passwords and change the password at regular intervals.

Do not deal with any unregistered intermediaries.

In case of any unauthorized transactions in your account, please call our Support team immediately on 18001020 or email at

Looking forward to your co-operation in helping us serve you better.
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