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What Is the ICICI SIP Calculator?

A Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) is a disciplined approach to investing in mutual funds. It involves investing a fixed amount at predetermined intervals regularly. SIPs offer the advantage of rupee cost averaging and allow investors to benefit from the power of compounding over the long term. By spreading investments over time, SIPs help mitigate the impact of market volatility and make investing more accessible for individuals. However, with many SIP options available, it makes sense to compare returns and choose one based on what suits your financial goals.

SIP calculators available online can help with this evaluation. Among these is the ICICI SIP calculator.

This online calculator available on Angel One is easy to use, as you can simply key in a few variables like SIP amount, return rate, and investment duration to get an idea about the total return you will earn once the investment period ends. 

How Does an ICICI SIP Calculator Work?

To use the SIP calculator, you must enter variables like the monthly amount you wish to invest, the expected return rate of the scheme, and the investment duration. The Angel One ICICI SIP calculator online will then display the total amount you will invest over time, the estimated return, and the maturity value.

What Is the SIP Formula?

The SIP formula considers the monthly investment amount, expected return rate, and tenure.

Given below is the ICICI SIP calculator formula –

S = P × ({([1 + i]^n) – 1} / i) × (1 + i)


S = SIP Returns

P = Periodic investment amount

i = expected rate of return

n = Number of times SIP is paid

How To Use the ICICI SIP Calculator Online?

Here are the steps you need to follow to use the Angel One ICICI SIP calculator online:

  1. Enter your preferred investment amount in the field provided
  2. Select the tenure of investment 
  3. Input the rate of return 

You will instantly see the total invested amount, estimated return, and total return or maturity value.

To help you understand this better, here is an example. 

Say, you want to invest Rs. 6,000 monthly in a SIP. The rate of return is 11%, and the investment period is 5 years. Here is how to compute your earnings using the ICICI SIP online calculator:

  1. Enter 6,000, in the amount field
  2. Select 11% as the return rate 
  3. Choose 5 years as investment duration 

The Angel One ICICI SIP calculator will display Rs. 1,21,482 as the estimated return, Rs. 3,60,000 as the total investment amount, and Rs. 4,81,482 as the total maturity value or total return.

Apart from calculating returns on an SIP, you can also determine how much you must invest monthly to reach a particular monetary goal. This can be accomplished using the target amount calculator on the same Angel One page. The calculator requires inputs for the fields- expected maturity amount, investment duration, and expected return rate. Once entered, the calculator will yield the SIP amount required to reach this goal.

For instance, If you wish to accumulate Rs. 3,50,000 in 3 years and the mutual fund return rate is expected to be 10.5%, the calculator will generate Rs. 8,241 as the amount you must invest each month as SIP to achieve your goal.

Benefits of Using an ICICI SIP Calculator
  1. Simplifies financial planning: Usinga SIP calculator helps you determine the amount to invest to reach your financial goals. Accordingly, you can adjust your monthly budget and control expenses if necessary.
  2. Enables comparison: Zeroing in on the ideal investment amount and tenure for different return rates is easy with an online calculator. You can key in various combinations to estimate the possible returns, compare them, and make a suitable choice. 
  3. Ensures accuracy: Manually calculating returns using the complex mathematical formula for ICICI SIP calculator can result in errors. Instead, you can use the online calculator on Angel One for better accuracy. 
  4. Available for free: You don’t need to worry about paying anything when using the Angel One online SIP calculator.
  5. Convenient and time efficient: The Angel One SIP calculator saves a lot of time, and you do not require any special knowledge to use it.
Factors Influence SIP Earnings
  1. Investment amount: The more you invest, the higher your return will be. For example, if you invest Rs. 5,000 for 5 years at 12% p.a., your total return will be Rs. 4,12,432. However, if you invest Rs. 10,000, you will get Rs. 8,24,864.
  2. Investment duration: Since an SIP offers the advantage of rupee cost averaging in the long run, choosing a long tenure could result in high returns. 
  3. Rate of return: The higher the rate, the greater the return. Say, you invest Rs. 7,000 for 5 years at 12% p.a. Your total return will be Rs. 5,77,405. However, funds offering high return rates come with risk too. Diversifying the portfolio across small-cap, mid-cap, and large-cap funds can help. 
  4. Premature withdrawal: Withdrawing money before your SIP matures may be possible without a lock-in period. However, you might have to bear a penalty charge or exit load. This may also impact your earnings.
  5. Market conditions: SIPs are subject to market risks. Hence, a recession, fluctuation in return rates, natural disasters, or political unrest can impact earnings.


What is the ICICI SIP calculator?
The ICICI SIP calculator is an online tool that accurately and quickly estimates your Systematic Investment Plan returns with the ICICI Bank. It uses a few important variables to arrive at the results.
How to use the ICICI SIP calculator online?
Visit Angel One to use the ICICI SIP calculator and enter your monthly investment amount, expected return rate, and investment tenure. You will be able to view the estimated return instantly.
Is the ICICI SIP calculator free to use?
You don’t need to pay anything to use the online ICICI SIP calculator. Hence, you can try countless combinations of the key variables before deciding on a plan that suits your needs.
How much can be the minimum tenure of ICICI SIP?
Usually, the minimum duration for ICICI SIP is 6 months. However, you will benefit more or earn better returns if you stay invested longer.
What is the rate of return on ICICI SIPs?
The rate of return usually depends on multiple factors, like the type of SIP, market conditions, the amount you invest, investment and redemption dates, and expected maturity amount.

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