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The National Savings Scheme (NSC) is a fixed-income, fixed-tenure investment plan available in Post Office branches. It is a government-backed investment scheme that primarily encourages investors with a small investable corpus to deposit in a low-cost and low-risk fund. Since the rate of return on NSC is fixed, it is easy to calculate the maturity amount in advance. It can be done manually or with an NSC calculator, which saves time and effort by eliminating the chances of human error.

What Is an NSC Calculator?

NSC calculator is an online tool that uses inputs on variables such as investment amount and rate of interest (fixed rate) to determine the return on investment. The amount compounds annually and the interest generated is reinvested. It helps the investor’s money earn higher returns at the end of the 5-year period.

How Does an NSC Calculator Work?

The NSC calculator follows the compounding interest formula. NSC is a savings and investment instrument that earns fixed returns. It has a lock-in of 5 years, and the rate of return is fixed by the government. The current interest rate for the June quarter of FY 2024 is 7.7%.

The online NSC calculator on Angel One’s website is straightforward. Here are the steps to using it:

  • Go to the NSC calculator page on AngelOne.
  • Enter the investment amount or principal amount
  • Enter the interest rate
  • The tenure is 5 years

Once you enter the values, the calculator will return the amount you are entitled to receive on maturity after five years.

What Is the NSC Calculator Formula?

Returns on NSC are calculated using the compounding interest formula. The following is the NSC calculator formula to calculate returns.

Maturity Amount = P × (1 + r/n)nt


P is the principal amount

R is the interest rate or the compounding rate

T is the investment period

N denotes the frequency of compounding

How to Use the NSC Calculator Online?

NSC is a fixed-income scheme run by the government of India. Hence, it ensures returns. The interest on NSC is fixed and compounded annually. The current rate of return is 7.7%, with effect from May 2023. The online NSC calculator on Angel One can be used to quickly calculate the return on maturity without wasting time on manual calculations. It is a simple tool that functions based on the inputs provided by the user.

Let’s understand it better with an example.

Suppose you have Rs. 5,00,000 to invest in NSC schemes for an interest rate of 7.7%. The duration is fixed. To calculate the final amount, follow the steps below.

  • Go to the NSC calculator page on Angel One
  • Enter Rs. 5 lakh under ‘total investment’
  • The interest rate is fixed at 7.7% for the June quarter of 2023.
  • The lock-in period is 5 years, already fixed

The calculator will instantaneously calculate the future value at the end of the 5 years as Rs. 7,24,517 and the estimated returns earned for the period, as Rs. 2,24,517. You can repeat the process for different investment values to compare the returns before investing.

Benefits of Using an NSC Calculator

Calculating returns on NSC can be tedious and complex. A calculator helps you save time and effort while assisting you in making the right financial decision. Since the returns are fixed, it is reasonable for investors to want to know the returns on maturity in advance. An online NSC calculator simplifies the task.

  • Saves Time: It is a simple tool that saves time. All the investor has to do is enter the investment amount at the beginning, and the calculator will calculate the amount payable on maturity. It becomes easy to ascertain the value you will receive for a particular deposit amount.
  • Error-free: The calculator is built with precision. It eliminates errors and accurately calculates the result. The Angel One NSC calculator is often updated with the latest interest rates and ensures that the maturity calculation is accurate.
  • Free of charge: The calculator on our website is available free of charge. You can use it multiple times to explore different investment scenarios.
  • Future planning: Fast and easy calculations allow investors to compare multiple investment options easily.

What Is the Eligibility Criteria for NSC?

The NSC is a government initiative to encourage all Indians to take advantage of modern investment tools to secure their financial future. It offers fixed, low-risk returns, which are suitable for most investors. The eligibility criteria for investing in NCS are mentioned below.

  • All resident Indians can buy NSC certificates. Non-resident Indians, or NRIs, can’t subscribe to the NSC. However, if resident subscribers' status changes to NRI before the certificate’s maturity date, such certificates can be held until maturity.
  • Individual adults can participate in NSC on their names or as guardians of minors/persons of unsound mind.
  • Minors above 10 years can purchase savings certificates.
  • Trusts and HUFs can’t subscribe to NSC.
  • The karta of a HUF can invest in NSC in his name.
  • There is no upper limit on how much you can invest in NSC. However, the minimum investable amount is Rs. 1,000.

NSC Calculator FAQs

What is the NSC calculator?

An NSC calculator online is a free tool for calculating the returns on NSC subscriptions. It helps to calculate the returns on maturity accurately for different investment amounts.

How to use the NSC calculator online?

Visit the Angel One website’s page on the NSC calculator. Enter the amount you want to invest, and the calculator will display the returns on maturity in seconds.

Is the NSC calculator free to use?

Yes, the NSC calculator on Angel One’s website is free to use.

How is NSC interest calculated?

The NSC is a government scheme that offers fixed returns on maturity. The interest rate is fixed and compounded manually. The amount is reinvested after each year, and the final amount is paid to the subscriber on maturity after 5 years.

Is NSC better than FD?

NSC and FD are both fixed-income investments. However, NSC is a government scheme that ensures assured returns. Also, the interest paid on NSC investments is higher than the bank’s FD rates. NSC is a program targeted at investors with small investment amounts. One can start an NSC by investing a minimum of Rs. 1,000. On the other hand, a bank may have a minimum deposit threshold for an FD.

What will be 1 lakh NSC after 5 years?

If your principal amount is Rs. 1 lakh, under the current interest scheme of 7.7% for the June quarter, you will earn a return of Rs. 44,903 after 5 years. It is important to note that the government may revise the interest rate on NSC. Hence, it is recommended to refer to government announcements and their website regarding any change in NSC rules before investing.

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