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What Is an EPF Calculator?

The Employees' Provident Fund (EPF) is a savings scheme run by the Employees Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) for retirement. This fund helps people accumulate some funds for retirement. Using an EPF calculator, you can calculate how much money you will have in your Employees' Provident Fund (EPF) account when you retire.

The Angel One EPF calculator can assist you in calculating your EPF money effortlessly for free. You can use this calculator at any time from anywhere in the world.

What is the EPF Calculator Formula?

Every month the employees contribute 12% of their basic salary and Dearness Allowance (DA) to the EPF account, while the employer also contributes 12% of the employee’s basic salary (along with DA) towards the retirement savings scheme, of which, 8.33% goes to the Employee Pension Scheme (EPS) and the remaining 3.67% to the EPF.

Let us consider an example to understand this better. Assume your basic salary is Rs. 25,000 and no dearness allowance, your contribution towards EPF will be 12% of Rs. 25,000, i.e., Rs. 3,000.

Now your employer provides 8.33% of Rs. 25,000, i.e., Rs. 2,082.50 towards EPS and 3.67% of Rs. 25,000, i.e., Rs. 917.5 towards EPF.

On the EPF account balance, the EPFO offers interest on the EPF account balance. This interest rate is annually set by the EPFO. However, the interest is calculated at the end of each month.

In our instance, the EPF contribution in the first month is Rs. 3,000 + Rs. 917.5 = Rs. 3,917.5. The same amount will be contributed in the second month as well. The interest is calculated on the amount available in the account. If the interest rate is 8% per annum, the monthly interest rate is 8/12 = 0.66%. At the end of the second month, the account balance is Rs. 7,835 and the interest will be 0.66% of Rs. 7,835 = Rs. 51.71. As the amount in the account keeps increasing, the interest amount keeps rising too. The interest amount accumulated is deposited in the EPF account at the end of the year.

However, instead of calculating your EPFs manually, you can use the Angel One EPF calculator and get the results in a few seconds.

How to Use an Online EPF Calculator?

The usage of the online EPF calculator on Angel One is simple and hassle-free. Here are the steps you need to follow to use the online calculator:

  • Open the Angel One EPF Calculator.
  • Enter your monthly salary.
  • Enter your age.
  • The monthly EPF contribution is set to 12% on the calculator. You can update it if it's different.
  • If there is any annual hike in your salary, enter the percentage of the hike.
  • The rate of interest is set according to the EPFO’s fixed interest rate for the year.

That’s it. You will have the results of how much money you will be accumulating by the time you retire.

Benefits of Online EPF Calculator

  • Plan your finances: As Angel One EPF calculator helps you understand how much you will accumulate by the time you retire, it will help you plan your financial life post-retirement.

  • Quick results: Angel One EPF calculator can assist you in calculating the EPF amount quickly within a few seconds.

  • Accurate and error-free: There can be errors in manual calculation. Angel One EPF calculator eliminates the scope for errors and gives the right results.

  • Free to use: The Angel One online EPF calculator is available for free and can be used from anywhere at any time.

EPF Calculator FAQs

What is the EPF calculator?

Angel One EPF calculator is a tool designed to help you calculate your EPF amount at the time of your retirement. This calculator makes an accurate and reliable estimation using key variables like your monthly basic salary and age.

How to use the EPF calculator online?

Visit the EPF calculator page on Angel One. Next, you need to enter your monthly basic salary and age to view your accumulated retirement corpus instantly.

Is the EPF calculator free to use?

Yes. The EPF calculator is available on Angel One for free. You can use it as often as needed.

When can I withdraw the funds from the EPF account?

Here are certain rules for withdrawing funds from the EPF account:

  • You can make a full withdrawal of the EPF funds only post-retirement.
  • In the case of early retirement, EPFO also allows account holders of age 55 years and above to withdraw funds.
  • Partial withdrawal of EPF funds is allowed for home acquisition, house construction, medical emergencies, or higher education.
  • You are eligible to withdraw 90% of the accumulated funds if you have 1 year for retirement.
  • As per the new laws by EPFO, you can withdraw 75% of the corpus after one month of unemployment.

Is it mandatory to take the employer’s permission to withdraw funds from the EPF?

No. You can withdraw funds from your EPF account if you are eligible for withdrawal. Employer’s permission is not required.

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