How to Know Your PAN Card Number?

Know your PAN number through a simple online process. To learn how to find your PAN card number, read the article.

The PAN card, issued by the Income Tax Department, is an important identification document.

It contains the name of the cardholder, his father’s name, date of birth, signature, and the PAN card number. The PAN card number is a unique identification number that can be used for tracking the cardholder’s financial activities. Individuals and organisations like banks, insurance companies, and other commercial entities can verify one’s financial compliance on the IT department’s website using the PAN number. Hence, it is important that you know your PAN card. In this article, we discuss how to find PAN card number and confirm its details. 

Know Your PAN Card Number from the Income Tax Website

You can check the originality of your PAN card on the IT Department’s website. The verification process is simple and can be done online by anyone. All you’ll need is the correct information.

To verify your PAN card on the IT Department’s portal, you must first register yourself by following the steps below –

  1. Visit the IT Department’s e-filing portal 
  2. Register yourself in the portal by clicking the ‘Register Yourself’ button 
  3. Select the correct user type and click on ‘Continue’
  4. It will open a page where you need to fill in your basic details 
  5. Fill out the registration form and click ‘Submit’
  6. You will receive a verification OTP on your mobile phone and email address 
  7. Type the OTP in the portal to complete the registration process 
  8. Once done, log in to your account on the e-filing portal and go to ‘Profile Setting.
  9. Click on ‘My Profile.

You’ll be given a few options to check your PAN card. You can choose any of these options to proceed to know your PAN number. 

Know Your PAN Number by Name and DOB

PAN cardholders can now find their PAN card details using their name and date of birth. You can validate the correctness of the details of your PAN card by entering the PAN number, name, and date of birth. The following are the required steps:

  1. Go to the e-filing portal homepage 
  2. In the ‘Quick Link’ section, click on the ‘ Verify Your Pan Details’ link
  3. Enter your PAN, full name, and date of birth
  4. Verify your correct status: individual, HUF, corporation, association of persons, partnership firms, body or individuals, a government, etc.
  5.  Enter the correct ‘Captcha’ and ‘Submit’
  6. If your PAN is correct, you will get directed to a page that states, ‘Your PAN is active, and the information matches with the PAN database.

Know Your PAN Card Number by Email

You can find out the specifics of your PAN card by sending an email to the NSDL or UTIITSL websites.  

The email addresses of the websites are listed below.

  • NSDL website:
  • UTIITSL website:

Know Your PAN Card Through Mobile Application

Cardholders can use their mobile numbers to verify their PAN card details by installing the PAN card mobile app on their phone.

Steps to verify PAN card details –

  1. Open the app and go to the ‘ Know Your PAN Details’ section
  2. Enter the details and your mobile phone number 
  3. You will receive an OTP in your mobile number 
  4. Enter the OTP in the box given 
  5. You will be able to access your PAN details and PAN card number 

Why is the PAN important?

The key benefits of a PAN card are listed below.

  • Track cash inflow and outflow: It is important to track all cash inflow and outflow and meet tax compliance. 
  • For paying Income Tax: Your PAN card is essential while filing IT returns and receiving communications from the IT Department.  
  • Paying direct tax: You must quote the PAN number while paying direct tax.
  • Business registration: Submitting your PAN card is necessary for registering your business.
  • Facilitate financial transactions: The PAN card is required to facilitate various financial transactions. 
  • Identification proof: The PAN card contains your full name, father’s name, date of birth, signature, and photo; hence, it is considered an important identification document. 
  • Signature verification: The PAN card contains the cardholder’s signature and is used for signature verification required in various financial transactions. 

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Final Words

You must check whether your PAN number and details are authentic and error-free to avoid any inquiries from the Income Tax Department. By following the steps above, you can now validate the details of your PAN card from the comfort of your home.


What Is a PAN card?

A PAN card is an alphanumeric, unique identification issued by the Income Tax Department. It is used to track financial transactions and helps meet tax compliance.

How to know the PAN card number?

You can verify your PAN card by registering on the e-filing portal of the Income Tax Department. Once registered, you can check the information on your PAN by entering your name, date of birth, and confirming your taxpayer category.

Can I check my PAN card details using the PAN number?

Yes, you can check the PAN card details with your PAN number.

What are the transactions that require a PAN card?

A PAN card is required for the following. 

  • Bank account opening
  • Filing IT return 
  • Applying for loan
  • Getting gas and telephone correction 
  • Buying or selling properties 
  • Getting debit or credit card 
  • Opening a fixed deposit account
  • Making payment for insurance premium