Pan Card Acknowledgement Number – Track your PAN Card

Seamlessly download and track your PAN card with a PAN card acknowledgement number. Your guide to effortless PAN management and valuable insights.


A PAN card (Permanent Account Number) is a vital identification document issued by the Income Tax Department, holding significance beyond its physical presence. Whether you’re a salaried individual, a business owner, or someone engaged in financial activities, a PAN card serves as a unique identifier, enabling seamless and accountable dealings.

Obtaining a PAN card involves a series of steps, from application submission to card delivery. But what happens in between? How do you track the progress of your PAN card application? It is precisely where the PAN card acknowledgement number comes into play, guiding you through the application process.

In this article, we will explore how to download your PAN acknowledgement number and how to effectively track the status of your PAN card using this acknowledgement number.

What is a Pan Card Acknowledgement Number?

The PAN card acknowledgement number serves as a distinct identification code assigned by either NSDL or UTIITSL in response to your PAN card application. When you apply for a PAN card through NSDL, you receive a 15-digit acknowledgement number, while UTIITSL issues a 9-digit coupon code for the same purpose. This number enables you to track your PAN card application’s status by entering it on the respective portal of NSDL or UTIITSL, offering transparency and clarity throughout the application process.

How to Find  PAN Card Acknowledgement Number?

The PAN card acknowledgement number is on the PAN acknowledgement slip or PAN acknowledgement form issued during the application process for a new PAN card or modifications to an existing one. If the application is submitted online, download the PAN card acknowledgement number from the registered email address. In the case of offline applications, the PAN application form’s agent provides the applicant with the PAN acknowledgement number, ensuring a seamless connection between the applicant and the progress of their PAN card request.

How to Download a PAN Card with PAN Acknowledgement Number?

Obtaining your e-PAN Card from the NSDL Portal is a straightforward process, ensuring easy access to your digital PAN card. Follow these simple steps to download your PAN Card using your PAN acknowledgement number:

1. Visit NSDL Portal

Begin by going to the NSDL PAN website and locating the section for e-PAN Card download.

2. Enter Acknowledgement Number

Input your PAN card acknowledgement number accurately, as provided during your application.

3. Provide Birth Date

Enter your birth date in MM and YYYY format to verify your identity.

4. Complete Captcha

Solve the captcha code to confirm you’re a real user.

5. Generate OTP

Enter your registered phone number and email address to generate an OTP.

6. OTP Verification

Input the OTP you receive on your registered devices to validate your information.

7. Download Your E-PAN Card

Once verified, you’ll find a link to download your e-PAN Card in PDF format.

8. Access with Date of Birth

Remember, the PDF is password-protected. Use your date of birth (DDMMYYYY) to unlock and access your e-PAN Card.

By following these uncomplicated steps, you can easily download your e-PAN Card using the PAN card acknowledgement number, ensuring you have a digital copy of your PAN card whenever you need it.

How to Track Pan Card Status with PAN Acknowledgement Number?

Whether you’re getting a new PAN card or making changes to an existing one, here’s a simple guide on tracking your PAN card status using your PAN Acknowledgement Number:

1. Visit the Tracking Portal

Start by going to the official PAN card tracking website.

2. Choose Application Type

Pick the option that matches your situation – whether it’s a new PAN card application or modifications to an existing card.

3. Enter Acknowledgement Number

Type in your PAN card acknowledgement number correctly. This number is your special code to access your application’s status.

4. Complete Captcha

Enter the captcha code displayed on the screen. Captcha ensures it’s you, not a robot, trying to track the status.

5. Get Status Update

Click ‘Submit,’ and you’ll instantly see how your PAN card application is progressing. It’s a simple way to stay informed.

These steps make it easy to track your PAN card status using the PAN Acknowledgement Number. It’s a practical way to stay up-to-date with your application.

How to Check Pan Card Status without PAN Acknowledgement Number?

Tracking your PAN card’s status without the PAN card acknowledgement number is indeed possible through various alternative methods. If you find yourself without this unique identifier, here are three ways you can still keep tabs on your PAN card progress:

1. Using Name and Date of Birth on NSDL Website

  • Open your browser and go to the NSDL PAN status tracking page.
  • Input your complete name exactly as it appears on your PAN application. Individuals need to provide their First Name, Middle Name, and Last Name/Surname. For other entities, Last Name/Surname is sufficient.
  • Enter your date of birth or the relevant details as requested. Click ‘Submit’ to instantly receive an update on your PAN card’s status.

2. Using Coupon Card on UTI Portal

  • Visit the dedicated UTIITSL website page for tracking PAN card applications.
  • Enter your 10-character PAN number or coupon number along with your date of birth.
  • Solve the captcha to ensure security and press ‘Submit’ to get an update on your application’s progress promptly.

3. Using PAN Number on UTI Portal

  • Head over to the UTIITSL e-PAN Card download page by clicking this link.
  • Fill in your PAN Card number and date of birth. If applicable, provide your GSTIN.
  • Solve the captcha puzzle and click ‘Submit’. Follow the ensuing steps to generate an OTP, complete payment (if necessary), and download your e-PAN Card.

4. Using SMS Service (Protean eGov Technologies Limited)

  • For PAN application status

Send an SMS with “PAN” followed by a space and your 15-digit acknowledgement number to 3030 (e.g., PAN 233325125542885).

  • For TAN application status

Send an SMS with “TAN” followed by a space and your 14-digit acknowledgement number to 3030 (e.g., TAN 875495544121200).

If you require additional help, feel free to reach out to the Protean eGov Technologies Limited Call Centre at 022-24994650 or connect with Aykar Sampark Kendra at 0124-2438000.


Managing your PAN card application and keeping tabs on its progress has become more straightforward than ever. Whether you have your PAN card acknowledgement number or need to use other methods, you now have a clear set of tools to stay informed throughout the process.

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What is a PAN Card Acknowledgement Number?

The PAN Card Acknowledgement Number is a unique code provided by NSDL or UTIITSL upon PAN card application. It’s vital for tracking the application status. NSDL assigns a 15-digit number, while UTIITSL offers a 9-digit coupon code.

How can I track my PAN card status without the Acknowledgement Number?

You can use alternative methods:

  • On NSDL, enter your name and birth details.
  • On UTI, use a coupon card or PAN number with birth details.
  • Use SMS service: Text “PAN” followed by Acknowledgement Number to 3030 for updates.

How do I download my PAN card using the Acknowledgement Number?

Visit the NSDL portal, input the Acknowledgement Number and birth date, generate OTP, and download the e-PAN Card in PDF format. The password for the PDF is your birth date (DDMMYYYY).

How long does it take to receive the Acknowledgement Number after applying?

For online applications, you’ll receive it via email shortly after submission. For offline applications, the agent provides it upon submission of your PAN application form.