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While following the stock market, you might come across shares that see a sudden surge in demand compared to their 3/7/15 days average trading volume; these stocks fall into the category of volume shockers, are good indicators of changing investor sentiment. Usually, news surrounding companies, sectors, or economies sway investors’ interest in a stock, resulting in a surge in demand. Volume shockers list includes these stocks to help investors identify them easily.

What Is The Volume?

Volume is a critical parameter that traders follow to form investment decision regarding company shares. So, how do you calculate volume?
Simply put, the volume is the total number of shares traded during a day, both buying and selling, as well as outstanding shares. One can add up the total number of shares bought and sold during the day to arrive at the volume. It is important because it gives you an understanding of stocks which are in demand. When stock volume increases along with its price, it indicates a sustainable trend movement. Otherwise, if only the stock price rises without a significant upsurge in volume, it could be a dead cat bounce. Angel One volume shockers list lets you find the volume shocker stocks and associated details to help make better investment decisions.

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