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If you need to know what is going on in the stock market during a day at a glance, then you must search for most active shares. Most active stocks are the heavily traded stocks in the exchange. These stocks are bought and sold most often and usually have a large number of outstanding shares. Since these shares trade frequently, they have a low bid-ask spread and high liquidity.

What Determines The Most Active Stocks?

Most active stocks are selected based on their daily volume of trade. Though there is no benchmark volume to define active stocks, it a list of shares with the most active participation from traders and investors. Market news, such as a company’s profit report, dividend announcement, or a considerable number of outstanding shares, usually drive a large trading volume for these active stocks.

Stocks forming the benchmark index also feature in the list of most active stocks. For that matter, stock exchanges’ most active stocks list of the day comprising 10 to 20 highest traded stocks, includes the stocks from BSE SENSEX and NIFTY 50. Apart from company shares, other asset classes such as bonds, ETFs, and futures also regularly feature in this list.

It is a critical tool for all investors and traders to discover the most active stocks during the day with a significant shift in volume and price. Angel One’s most active stock chart comprises stocks and critical metrics like day’s high and low, percentage change, last traded price, volume, and the like, to offer a comprehensive understanding to investors.

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