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Wadia Group Stocks

The Wadia Group is a conglomerate as one of the oldest conglomerates in India. It initially made its mark in the shipbuilding industry, contributing significantly to the maritime strength of the British Empire. Today, the group has diversified into several sectors, including textiles, chemicals, plantations, foods, real estate, and retail. It is well-known for its leading companies such as Bombay Dyeing (textiles), Britannia Industries (food processing), and Go Air (aviation). Under the leadership of the Wadia family, the group has maintained a reputation for its commitment to quality, ethical business practices, and philanthropy, contributing to various social causes over the years. Read More
Market Cap
52W Low - High


₹ 2,020.65

336.75 (20.00%)


49,83,003 Cr

Market Cap

₹6,558 Cr

52W Low - High

₹970.05 - ₹2,020.65


Auto Ancillaries


₹ 198.27

17.05 (9.41%)


2,49,74,284 Cr

Market Cap

₹1,684 Cr

52W Low - High

₹99.50 - ₹207.04




₹ 5,320

-10.30 (-0.19%)


4,57,256 Cr

Market Cap

₹1,08,826 Cr

52W Low - High

₹4,347.70 - ₹5,725.00




₹ 1,001.5

70.20 (7.54%)


19,124 Cr

Market Cap

₹814 Cr

52W Low - High

₹801.00 - ₹1,841.80



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History of Wadia Group

The Wadia Group was founded by Loeji Nusserwanjee Wadia in 1736 and has a rich history of over 286 years. In 1863, the Bombay Burmah Trading Corporation, Limited was established, which is 150 year old company.  The group’s investment portfolio covers a broad spectrum of industries: aviation, real estate, retail, healthcare, auto components, plantations, engineering and chemicals.

Each company in the group has decent fundamentals, and two of the group’s four publicly listed companies have been listed for over 100 years. In addition, Bombay Dyeing Limited has declared uninterrupted dividends for over a hundred and twenty-five years, and Bombay Burmah was the second company to be listed on the Indian Stock Exchange.

Wadia Group’s Sector Presence

  • Aviation: The group has good presence within the sector through Go Airlines.
  • Consumer Products: The group deals with FMCG products, retail and polyester products through Britannia and Bombay Dyeing.
  • Real Estate: Wadia Group has a presence through its world-class real estate projects.
  • Plantation: Through Bombay Burmah Trading Company, the group is engaged in tea and coffee plantations.
  • Chemicals: The group has established its business in the chemical sector through NPL (National Peroxide Limited), which deals in peroxide chemicals and is the largest manufacturer of Hydrogen Peroxide in India. Currently, NPL is known as Naperol Investments Ltd.
  • Healthcare: The Wadia Group manufactures dental products and orthopaedics instruments and is involved in medical microtechnology. 

Key Personnel of Wadia Group

  • Loeji Nusserwanjee Wadia, Founder

The Wadia Group was founded by Loeji Nusserwanjee Wadia in 1736 with a Marine Construction company. The company built ships for the British.  The group manufactured more than 355 ships that ploughed international waters for over  150 years. 

  • Mr. Nusli N. Wadia, Chairman / Non-Executive 

Mr. Nusli N. Wadia is currently the Chairman of the group. Nusli entered Bombay Dyeing as a trainee in the spring mills in 1962. He was appointed managing joint director in 1970. In 1977,  Nusli succeeded his father as the chairman of the company.

How to Invest in Wadia Group Stocks?

To invest in Wadia Group stocks via Angel One, follow these steps:

  • Log in to your Angel One account.
  • Click on the search icon and look for your desired Wadia Group stock.
  • Now, place your buy order. Simply click on the ‘Buy’ button, enter your desired quantity, and select the order type. 
  • To complete your transaction, click on the ‘Buy’ button.

You can track the status of the purchase from the ‘Positions’ section in the ‘Orders’ module. Once the stock is delivered, you can track its gains and losses from your ‘Portfolio.’


Which are the listed stocks of Wadia Group?

Britannia Industries Limited, Bombay Burmah Trading Corporation Ltd, Bombay Realty, and Naperol Investments Ltd are listed companies under the group.

Which is the biggest Wadia Stock in terms of market capitalisation?

As of January 20, 2024, Britannia Industries Ltd is the biggest company under the Wadia Group, with a market capitalisation of ₹1,20,799.06 crore.

Who is the founder of Wadia Group?

Loeji Nusserwanjee Wadia was the founder of the Wadia Group. He started his business journey with a Marine Construction company, which built ships for the British.

Which Wadia Group Stock is the highest profit-making company?

For the quarter ended September 30, 2023, Britannia Industries Ltd reported a profit of ₹586 crore and became the highest profit-making company under the group.

Which Wadia Group Stock has the highest debt?

For the quarter ended September 2023, Bombay Burmah Trading Corporation Ltd reported the highest debt of ₹5,527 crore under the group.

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