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When you are an investor in the stock market, charts and lists are your allies. These lists help you get a complete picture of the market by listing stocks on their performance parameters. Since time is money in the stock market, these lists are time savers.
The 52 weeks performance list ranks all the stocks which have touched their 52 weeks high so that investors can quickly identify them while looking for good investment options. Now at a glance, investors can view various parameters associated with the stock, such as 5-days performance, gain percentage, SMA etc. that would help calculate the current price of the stock.

Why Is It Important?

The 52 weeks chart indicates how the stock price has moved during the time period of one year. It is calculated based on the daily closing price of the underlying. A stock price may cross above the 52 weeks line during intraday but falls back to it at the closing, hence the 52 weeks high represents the resistance level of the underlying stock.
The 52 weeks performance chart lists all stocks which have set a new high during this period. It is an important indicator to investors and traders to analyse current stock price movement and predict the future. Angel One 52 week performance list gives a complete view of stocks’ 52 weeks high/low so one can easily compare between shares.

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