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DCM Group Stocks

The DCM Group, a storied conglomerate in India, has strategically pivoted towards value-added products in emerging high-technology sectors, exemplifying its dynamic approach to business. This strategic shift is evident in its extensive diversification across multiple manufacturing domains, including textiles, sugar, chemicals, rayon, tyre cords, fertilisers, information technology, and engineering products. Such diversification not only highlights the group's adaptability to changing market trends but also its commitment to innovation and sustainability. DCM Group aims to leverage advanced technologies and sustainable practices by focusing on sunrise industries, ensuring its continued growth and relevance in the rapidly evolving global marketplace. Read More
Market Cap
52W Low - High


₹ 6.66

0.24 (3.74%)


51,298 Cr

Market Cap

₹10 Cr

52W Low - High

₹3.90 - ₹7.45




₹ 77.3

0.22 (0.29%)


37,128 Cr

Market Cap

₹129 Cr

52W Low - High

₹65.85 - ₹100.50


Castings, Forgings & Fastners


₹ 208.92

6.65 (3.29%)


19,892 Cr

Market Cap

₹271 Cr

52W Low - High

₹139.05 - ₹233.50



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History of DCM Group

DCM Group was established in 1889 with the launch of Delhi Cloth & General Mills. The group was founded by Lala Sri Ram. DCM Group has evolved into one of India’s largest conglomerates over the years. The group is comprised of numerous companies and divisions that are well-known for their dynamic, honest, and high-quality products, as well as for their ability to adapt quickly to environmental changes.

However, due to legal and financial challenges in the late 1980s and early 1990s, the company split, forming different segments, including the DCM and DCM Shriram Group. In the 90s, the group decided to diversify its business and moved out of those business ventures which did not fit into its overall strategic vision.

DCM Group’s Sector Presence

  • Textiles: The group is in the textiles, grey iron casting, IT infrastructure service, and real estate business through DCM Ltd.
  • Consumer Staples: Through DCM Shriram Industries Ltd, the group is involved in the production and sale of sugar, alcohol, power, chemicals, Drones (UAV) and industrial fibers.
  • Chemicals: The group has a rich presence in the chemical sector through SRF Ltd, which manufactures and sells technical textiles, chemicals, packaging films, aluminum foils, and other polymers.
  • Financial Services: The group is involved in the financial services sector through DCM Financial Services Ltd, which deals in Financing Operations, viz., inter-corporate deposits and investments.

Key Personnel of DCM Group

  • Lala Shri Ram, Founder 

Lala Shri Ram was the founder of DCM Group. Shri Ram was born on April 27, 1884, and matriculated in March 1900. He later got himself enrolled in the Intermediate Arts course at Hindu College.

  • Mr. Bipin Maira -Independent Director (Chairman)

Mr Bipin Maira is currently the Independent and Non-Executive Director on the Board of the Company. He is a science graduate from Agra University. He possesses around 50 years of industry experience. Mr Maira commenced his career with Delhi Cloth & General Mills Co. Ltd. as a Senior Management Trainee in 1962 & promoted to the position of General Manager of DCM before leaving in 1982.

How to Invest in DCM Group Stocks?

To invest in DCM Group stocks via Angel One, follow these steps:

  • Log in to your Angel One account.
  • Click on the search icon and look for your desired DCM Group stock.
  • Now, place your buy order. Simply click on the ‘Buy’ button, enter your desired quantity, and select the order type. 
  • To complete your transaction, click on the ‘Buy’ button.

You can track the status of the purchase from the ‘Positions’ section in the ‘Orders’ module. Once the stock is delivered, you can track its gains and losses from your ‘Portfolio.’


Which are the listed stocks of DCM Group?

DCM Ltd, DCM Shriram Ltd, SRF Ltd, DCM Financial Services Ltd, and Kama Holdings Ltd are listed companies under the group

Which is the biggest DCM Stock in terms of market capitalisation?

As of January 20, 2024, SRF Limited is the biggest company under the DCM Group, with a market capitalisation of ₹67,894 crore.

Who is the founder of DCM Group?

Lala Shri Ram was the founder of DCM Group. He commenced his business journey with Delhi Cloth & General Mills in 1889.

Which DCM Group Stock is the highest profit-making company?

For the quarter ended September 30, 2023, SRF Ltd reported a profit of ₹301 crore and became the highest profit-making company under the group.

Which DCM Group Stock has the highest debt?

For the quarter ended September 2023, SRF Ltd reported the highest debt of ₹4,976 crore under the group.

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