There are a lot of apps these days for multiple tasks, ranging from online shopping, banking, payments to news and games. Apps have made a wide range of services accessible and easy-to-use. A stock market app also offers the same advantage to investors and traders. These apps are easy to operate and contain all details regarding your portfolio and change in share prices that you can check with just one click.

Most brokerages these days have an app platform for on-the-go access to the market and to check the prices anytime. Apps have also made stock trading more popular among a wide section of population. With physical trading almost vanished and online trading the mainstay of stock trading today, apps occupy a crucial space. Further tech advances and enhancements in connectivity will make the app experience more user-friendly. Stock market app is also the simplest for beginners to use. Usually new investors would find it difficult to understand the nitty gritty of the stock market, but with apps they are able to get a grip on what’s essential in just a few days. Here’s how investors and traders benefit from stock market app:


Stock market can appear to be quite daunting to someone who has just begun trading. Everything from choosing the right stocks by making a correct assessment to deciding when to buy and sell, would be difficult in the initial days. Graphs and charts may add to the confusion of those not familiar with statistical growth projections or reports. A stock trading app solves this problem through a number of tutorial videos and simple explanations, so that investors get to know the basics quite fast.

Operational convenience

Gone are the days when stock trading involved ringing the broker and the delivery of a physical stock and receipt. Now everything is done over the internet. This has also eliminated the possibility of any error or misunderstanding between the investor and the broker. The stocks that you click will be the ones that the brokerage will buy for you. There’s no scope of any ambiguity with the stock market app.

Market information

Stock market app features a list of companies along with their past performance and all other details that you need to know before investing. Based on the past record, an investor can make up his mind whether to invest or not. There are other value-added services in the app that provide complete details regarding the company like its revenue, growth, promoters vision and fluctuations in stock price, at one place. There’s no need to scroll through dozens of websites for long hours to collect basic information. Most of it can be found on the stock market app itself.

Trading liberty

The only requirement for a stock market app is a working mobile phone or a tablet and a fast internet connection. Whether you are at your home, office or travelling for an official purpose, you can check the market whenever you want. While stock market operating hours are during the daytime only, the app can be accessed 24*7 to assess your stocks or check the list of companies. This way you will learn more about the market and will make informed decisions with the help of stock trading app.

Portfolio Management

Managing the stock portfolio can get quite complex. While diversifying it is the key, but it’s often easier said than done. Both investors and traders are often not content with the portfolio management services and want higher returns. Stock market app comes preloaded with portfolio management software. In some of the more advanced apps this software can be powered by artificial intelligence as well. So based on the algorithms and after extensive calculations, the app sends a notification about the stocks to buy or sell as per portfolio. The final decision rests with the investor, if he feels the app advice is good, then he can go ahead, else wait further.

Real-time alerts

Getting market information without any lag is vital for stock traders. Without information and insights, nothing can be done. And information is useful only when delivered timely. A stock market app sends market info real-time through push notifications, so whatever you are doing you will check the info instantly and then decide whether to act on it or not.  The notifications include info on stocks that are high or low and even offer investment suggestions. There is also additional info on pricing filters etc.

Appealing and user-friendly interface

The interface of a stock trading app is designed in such a way that everything is arranged sequentially and the app works smoothly. There are interactive graphics, visuals and infographics so that even the most complex themes can be understood effortlessly. These apps are designed to put the investor at ease and help him navigate through the market, not to overwhelm him by piling with information that he’s having a hard time to decode.

High security

It goes without saying that security is a prime concern when it comes to stock trading. Your account details are highly confidential and shouldn’t be shared with anyone. Maintaining account security so that user confidence remains high is essential. Most of the stock market apps have mechanisms in place that make them highly secure. They are designed in a way that your information would be safeguarded against any privacy breach or cyber-attack via virus or malware. Other than the usual password protection, there are multiple security layers to ensure safety of your details. Best stock trading apps come with robust security features.


Stock market app has made trading simpler, easier, secure and more efficient. Investors and traders now have the liberty to check the value of their stocks on-the-go. For those who have a hectic schedule or travel often, apps are the best way to keep in touch with the recent market developments and updates. All of the vital information that an investor needs to make an informed decision can be found on the stock market app and delivered via push notifications. You can get to know the daily rise and fall in a particular share and even get customized investing suggestions on a stock trading app.