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Torrent Group Stocks

Torrent Group is an Indian conglomerate headquartered in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. The group primarily ventures into pharmaceuticals and power sectors, significantly contributing to India's infrastructure and healthcare landscape. Torrent Pharmaceuticals Ltd., the flagship company, is globally recognised for its comprehensive range of medications across various therapeutic areas. Torrent Power, another key player within the group, focuses on generating, transmitting, and distributing electricity, boasting of its strong presence in several Indian states. The conglomerate's commitment to quality and innovation has played a pivotal role in its sustained growth and reputation on the global stage. Read More
Market Cap
52W Low - High


₹ 7.26

0.00 (0.00%)


1,726 Cr

Market Cap

₹7 Cr

52W Low - High

₹2.70 - ₹11.70




₹ 2,904.1

29.20 (1.02%)


72,810 Cr

Market Cap

₹57,180 Cr

52W Low - High

₹1,772.05 - ₹2,919.30




₹ 1,588.55

-9.25 (-0.58%)


1,51,383 Cr

Market Cap

₹26,542 Cr

52W Low - High

₹588.10 - ₹1,633.10


Power Generation & Distribution

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History of Torrent Group

Torrent Group was founded by Late Mr U. N. Mehta in 1959. He started his business journey four decades ago for a simple cause and a unique sense of purpose -Happiness for All. In the past years, the Torrent Group has focused on two crucial sectors: healthcare and power. In 1959, Mr U. N. Mehta started pharma operations with Trinity Laboratories. It was renamed as Torrent Pharmaceuticals Limited in 1971. In 1989-90, the group entered into the power sector by acquiring Mahendra Electricals and renamed it ‘Torrent Cables Ltd.’ – (now merged with Torrent Power Limited w.e.f. April 01, 2014).

The companies under Torrent Group include Torrent Investments Private Limited, Torrent Power Ltd and Torrent Pharmaceuticals Limited. Torrent Investments Private Limited is the apex company of Torrent Group, which synergises the group activities. it spearheads the group’s investments in different investee companies, which are managed by their respective Board of Directors and professional CEOs.

Torrent Group’s Sector Presence

  • Power: The group has a rich presence in the power sector through Torrent Power Limited. The company deals with the generation, transmission and distribution of electricity. In addition, the company is also engaged in the manufacturing of cables.
  • Pharma: Torrent Group started its business journey with its operation in the pharma sector via Torrent Pharmaceuticals Ltd. The company is one of the leading players in the therapeutic segment of cardiovascular (CV), central nervous system (CNS), gastro-intestinal (GI) and women healthcare (WHC). 

Key Personnel of Torrent Group

  • Mr U. N. Mehta, Founder

Mr Uttambhai Nathalal Mehta was the founder of the Torrent Group.  Mr. U. N. Mehta has had a long and gratifying journey, starting in the 1940s as a medical representative with Sandoz and ending with the establishment of a diverse conglomerate.   Besides the Torrent Group, he was also the guiding force behind many institutions that work for the betterment of society at large. He was conferred with numerous felicitations, including the ‘Business Man of the Year’ award in 1996-97.

  • Mr Samir Mehta, Chairman,  Torrent Group

Mr Samir Mehta is the Chairman of the Torrent Group. Under the leadership of Samir Mehta, Torrent Pharma undertook several strategic initiatives, including forays into new therapies and geographies, large investments in product development infrastructure and capabilities, etc. He also guided the Group’s entry and growth in the Power sector. Torrent Power has systematically enhanced its performance on all efficiency parameters and ranks amongst the best-run power utilities in the country.

How to Invest in Torrent Group Stocks?

To invest in Torrent Group stocks via Angel One, follow these steps:

  • Log in to your Angel One account.
  • Click on the search icon and look for your desired Torrent Group stock.
  • Now, place your buy order. Simply click on the ‘Buy’ button, enter your desired quantity, and select the order type. 
  • To complete your transaction, click on the ‘Buy’ button.

You can track the status of the purchase from the ‘Positions’ section in the ‘Orders’ module. Once the stock is delivered, you can track its gains and losses from your ‘Portfolio.’


Which are the listed stocks of Torrent Group?

Torrent Power Limited and Torrent Pharmaceuticals Limited are the only listed companies under the Torrent Group.

Which is the biggest Torrent Stock in terms of market capitalisation?

As of January 20, 2024, Torrent Power is the biggest company under the Torrent Group, with a market capitalisation of ₹85,237 crore.

Who is the founder of Torrent Group?

Torrent Group was founded by Late Mr U. N. Mehta in 1959. He started the company’s pharma operation in 1959 and established Torrent Pharma as one of the leading pharma companies in India.

Which Torrent Group Stock is the highest profit-making company?

For the quarter ended September 30, 2023, Torrent Power Limited reported a profit of ₹543 crore and became the highest profit-making company under the group.

Which Torrent Group Stock has the highest debt?

For the quarter ended September 2023, Torrent Power Limited reported the highest debt of ₹10,685 crore under the group.

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