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Ramco Group Stocks

Under the astute leadership of the group's late Chairman, Mr P R Ramasubrahmaneya Rajha, the Ramco Group experienced exponential growth, transforming into a formidable US $1 Billion industrial conglomerate. The diversified portfolio now encompasses cotton and synthetic yarn, cement, building products, software solutions, wind energy, biotechnology, and more. As of 2023, the Ramco Group boasts a market capitalisation of US $3 billion and a turnover of US $1 billion. The group has established itself as the fifth-largest cement producer in the cement industry. The Group's influence extends to a sophisticated R&D Centre in Chennai. With a workforce exceeding 15,000 employees, the Ramco Group continues to leave a mark on various industries, embodying a legacy rooted in vision, technology, and excellence. Read More
Market Cap
52W Low - High


₹ 920.45

-4.15 (-0.45%)


3,179 Cr

Market Cap

₹601 Cr

52W Low - High

₹689.50 - ₹1,154.00




₹ 253.02

2.37 (0.95%)


93,400 Cr

Market Cap

₹1,317 Cr

52W Low - High

₹161.30 - ₹274.50


Cement - Products


₹ 330

-1.40 (-0.42%)


11,886 Cr

Market Cap

₹800 Cr

52W Low - High

₹245.00 - ₹449.80


IT - Software


₹ 873.85

7.60 (0.88%)


7,60,947 Cr

Market Cap

₹20,863 Cr

52W Low - High

₹700.00 - ₹1,058.20



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History of Ramco Group

Ramco Group was established in 1938, during an era untouched by the ripples of the Industrial Revolution in South India. The inaugural spinning mill was established in Rajapalayam by its founder, Mr. P A C Ramaswamy Raja. This establishment eventually evolved into the cornerstone of the Ramco Group. Mr. Raja’s unwavering commitment to technological advancements and uncompromising quality set the stage for a visionary movement that inspired subsequent generations of entrepreneurs.

Ramco Group’s Sector Presence

The Ramco Group is a diversified Indian conglomerate with activities spanning several industries: 

  1. Cement: Ramco Cements Ltd is a key player in the cement industry, contributing significantly to the Ramco Group’s presence in the construction sector.
  2. Building Materials: Ramco Industries Ltd, a part of the Ramco Group, is actively engaged in providing essential building materials for construction projects.
  3. Textiles: The Ramco Group extends its influence in the textile sector through the Rajapalayam Textile Group, emphasising its diversified business portfolio.
  4. Systems and Software: Ramco Systems Ltd showcases the Ramco Group’s prowess in systems and software, contributing innovative solutions to various industries.
  5. Logistics: Lynk, a part of the Ramco Group, plays a pivotal role in the logistics sector, showcasing the group’s commitment to efficient and reliable supply chain solutions.
  6. Energy: Ramco Windfarms Ltd, a subsidiary of the Ramco Group, significantly contributes to the group’s presence in the renewable energy sector.
  7. Biotechnology: Shri Ramco Biotech Ltd stands as a testament to the Ramco Group’s foray into the biotechnology sector, highlighting its commitment to cutting-edge advancements in science and technology.

Key Personnel

  • Shri P.A.C. Ramasamy Raja, Founder – Ramco Group

P.A.C. Ramasamy Raja founded the Ramco Group of Companies, turning a small venture in the 1960s into a diverse conglomerate. Originally from Rajapalayam, he learned to trade in Europe and expanded his family’s business. His success, driven by a strong work ethic and business acumen, is reflected in the lasting impact of Ramco Cements.

  • Shri P. R. Ramasubrahmaneya Rajha, Ex-Chairman – Ramco Group

Shri P. R. Ramasubrahmaneya Rajha led Ramco Cements to significant growth, increasing production from 66,000 to 16.5 million MT annually by 2017. His vision for inclusive growth led to the establishment of modern plants, mills, and educational institutions across India. His legacy includes a strong value system, a commitment to ethics, and numerous community development programs. The industries and institutions he founded showcase his foresight in technology and dedication to philanthropy.

How To Invest in Ramco Group Stocks?

To invest in Group stocks via Angel One, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Angel One account.
  2. Click on the search icon and look for your desired Ramco Group stock.
  3. Now, place your buy order. Click the ‘Buy’ button, enter your desired quantity, and select the order type. 
  4. To complete your transaction, click on the ‘Buy’ button.

You can track the purchase status from the ‘Positions’ section in the ‘Orders’ module. Once the stock is delivered, you can track its gains and losses from your ‘Portfolio’.


Which are the listed stocks of Ramco Group?

Listed stocks of the Ramco Group include Ramco Cements Ltd, Ramco Industries Ltd and Ramco Systems Ltd.

Which is the biggest Ramco Stock in terms of market cap?

With a market cap of ₹22,467.86 crore, Ramco Cements Ltd has the largest market cap among the Ramco Group companies as of January 20, 2024.

Who is the founder of Ramco Group?

P.A.C. Ramasamy Raja is the founder of Ramco Group, having transformed a small venture in the 1960s into the diversified conglomerate it is today. Born in Rajapalayam, he expanded his family’s business through astute business acumen and dedication.

Which Ramco Group Stock is the highest profit-making company?

As of March 2023, Ramco Cements Ltd is the highest profit-making company under the Ramco Group, with a profit after tax of ₹343.54 crore.

Which Ramco Group Stock has the highest debt?

As of January 20, 2024, Ramco Cements Ltd reported the highest debt of ₹4,507.11 crore under the Ramco Group.

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