Introducing Smart API

Podcast Duration: 04:52

Hello dear investors, and welcome to this podcast by Angel One.

When the world was shaken by the financial crisis of 2008, India’s stock markets were undergoing major reforms. Did you know that SEBI introduced the direct market access facility to institutional clients? Back then, this change was actually laying the foundations for automated and algorithmic trading in the indian stock markets. Between BSE and NSE, the latter jumped the rope first, and extended server racks for institutional investors that allowed them to do algorithmic and high frequency trading.

You must be wondering - what does this have to do with the stock markets of today? And worry not, that’s exactly where we are getting at.

We were talking about 2008, right? Fast forward to 2020 - and that’s 12 years later - today, even retail investors and fintech startups are looking to either step into algorithmic trading, or launch services that leverage such capabilities.

Now, I hope you are not confused - algorithmic trading is simply the process of executing trades automatically on a trading platform - that’s right, you code some rules on the basis of which your trades get executed. When the conditions specified by you are met, your trade gets executed right away, without you having to intervene in the process. Now that’s both time saving, and an elegant way to execute trades, right?

Well, you could say so.

But what if we told you that algorithmic trading can be made much simpler, nimble, and hassle free to actually implement, rather than simply talk about?

We at Angel One are now introducing something that will enable you to do algorithmic and automated trading with simply a few lines of code. I mean, if you are looking to do algorithmic trading, then writing hundreds and thousands of lines of code to simply execute your trade on an execution platform that you pay for, is not really making trading simple for you, right?

And more importantly, you might be an expert with a language like Python, R, Go, or even Java. But if you are having to learn a new language for setting up your algo trading system, it sounds more like a coding challenge, than a smart investor’s life. I bet you agree.

That’s why we have developed SmartAPI - something that will change the way you have approached, or actually decided to refrain from approaching algo trading until now.

Smart API is a collection of APIs that expose the most critical functionalities of our trading execution engine in a variety of languages. What we tried to achieve was simply to keep you focused on what matters the most - and that is, real trading, rather than the technology behind it.

So let’s talk about what these critical functionalities are. I mean, getting the trades actually executed is a no-brainer for something that is called Smart API, right? Now let’s move on to the features that will actually help you make your trades smarter and faster.

Talk about real time market data streaming, historical data retrieval for backtesting, verifications, user portfolio management, and much more. In fact, all of this is neatly packed into our libraries for the language of your choice.

But where Smart API actually shines is it’s capability to deliver data to you in a comprehensive, and structured format - that’s right, Smart API returns all the data to you in JSON format, making data retrieval and manipulation a piece of cake for you.

So much for the features, but we are not done yet. Smart API is also available as a Node JS library, which allows you to develop cutting-edge trading applications on the web, without compromising on your using experience.

With smart API, you can open up your trading platform to over 1 million loyal clients of Angel broking, without having to worry about the process of obtaining brokerage licenses - we handle the most cumbersome parts for you, while you focus on building features and implementing strategies that are unique to your approach.

Smart API is truly smart, but our value proposition to you comes free of costs - that’s right. Smart API is completely free, and you can sign up for it today, by logging on to

Whether you are a retail investor who never got into algo trading despite your curiosity and programming skills, or whether you are a startup looking to launch a feature-rich trading platform, Smart API is for everyone. Our detailed and easy-to-grasp documentations make Smart API truly accessible to everyone. And if you are still feeling lost, we will be here to help you through our always active forums.

Sign up for smart API today, and let’s make smart trading happen together.