Algorithmic trading for traders using Angel One Smart API

Podcast Duration: 05:09

Hello dear investors, and welcome to this podcast by Angel One.

Ever since the lockdown started, we have started seeing technology enter into our lives in newer ways. Whether it is your work life, or your entertainment, or even the way in which you order groceries from the market - technology is changing the way we do simple and complex things in life.

It is no surprise that such groundbreaking innovations are happening in trading and in the stock market too, right?

Today, we are going to introduce to you, one such groundbreaking technology that will change the way you trade forever. That’s right. And before you get discouraged by the fact that we are talking about algorithmic trading - we are here not only to tell you that you can do it too, but also how you can do it - and more importantly, how you can do it for free. Sounds exciting, right?

Then let's dive in right away.

Dear investors, algorithmic trading used to be deployed by only institutional investors or really wealthy tech-fluent investors until now. But the game is changing now, and retail investors are entering automated trading, algo trading and even high frequency trading. In this podcast we are going to talk about algo trading.

Before we tell you about how Angel One’s Smart API will help you seamlessly code your trading strategies and automate your trades, let’s get you even more pumped up, by going over three benefits of algorithmic trading that cannot be ignored in today’s hyper competitive trading environment. Number 1 - Algorithmic trading makes your trades faster and more precise, because it executes the trade without introducing any delay between the attainment of a price point, or an indicator, and the execution of the trade.

Number 2 - Have you ever made an investment or entered a trade because the market felt a certain way? How about choosing between two securities, whose indicators looked almost identical? Algorithmic trading does not choose trades based on gut feelings or emotional bias - instead, it improves your trades by simply relying on the best strategies and crunching numbers for you on a constant basis.

Number 3 - No matter when you trade, it is likely that you missed some moments of the market while checking your phone, or simply lost focus on some parts of the market. Happens with all of us, because we are humans after all, right?

Algorithmic trading removes the stress of having to constantly monitor the markets manually, and simply creates and automates signals for execution. Well, all these benefits sound lucrative, right?

Now let’s see how you can make it happen.

Angel One is changing the game of algorithmic trading for investors and traders with our Smart API. Until now, algo trading was a matter of dealing with high-complexity programs, integrations between apps and trading execution engines, network protocol interactions - a whole lot of complexity, that only took investors away from their final objective.

What smart API does, is to expose the most critical and quintessential functionalities that you need to automate your trades through intuitive, and easy-to-deploy APIs.

With Smart API, you can automate the execution of your trades based on the trading signals that your algorithm pushes to our trading execution engine.

But even before that, if you are not 100% sure about whether your strategy is actually effective or not, you can even stream real-time market data and historical data to test and back-test your strategies. Our smart API isn’t called smart for no reason - here are a few reasons why our smart API is made for smart traders like you-

Smart API makes critical functions available to you in a neatly packaged module in the language of your choice. We make you chase what you are really after, rather than making you learn a language that you are not familiar with.

Currently, Smart API is available in python, java, R, Go, and even NodeJS, if you feel bold enough to build your own, personal algo trading console into a web application. Sounds revolutionary, right? Well, we are just getting started.

Apart from the fact that Smart API is completely free of cost, what we also offer to you are comprehensive and easy to grasp documentations in each language that we support, a highly active and reliable forum for helping you tackle unique problems faced by adventurous traders like you, and upcoming support for even more languages.

Smart API is here to help you enter algo trading without having to worry about bugs, complex codes, and integration issues.

We help you automate your trading strategies, while letting you focus on the real trading and your strategies, rather than execution and integrations - let us handle what we are really good at.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for smart API today, and start beating the market with the best tools in your pocket!

Until then, goodbye from angel broking!