Stock Market Jobs/Careers in Stock Markets

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by Angel One

We see many finance aficionados who have great expertise and skill sets in multiple domains of finance are struggling to get the right jobs. This article will highlight some of the stock market jobs for finance professionals to make a career in this field. Stock markets have been in existence for many decades now, and with every passing year, the number of investors is increasing at an unprecedented rate. A career in the stock market is rewarding, if you have the right skill set, as the opportunities are immense and will be even more. This is because we have complex financial products and technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning being used in algorithm-based trading. Let’s look at some of the share market jobs or careers in India. Here it goes:

1. Equity Research Analyst:

If you are someone who is in the market for a few years and who prefers doing fundamental analysis for buying stocks, then this might be your dream job. This is a preferred jobin the stock market for freshers in India. You will be working for a mutual fund house, or an investment advisory company as an equity analyst. You will have to research listed companies and sectors to give stock recommendations to clients.

2. Stock Broker:

A stockbroker is someone who acts as a middleman between the investor/trader and the stock exchanges. The broker will buy and sell shares on the investor’s behalf based on his instructions and get a cut from the profit. This is one of those stock market jobs that can make you a millionaire in a few years.

3. Technical Analyst:

This is one of those rare share market jobs that are there for investors who love watching technical charts and finding patterns in them. One has to get himself CMT (Chartered Market Technician) certification to be credible in this field, as it is too technical. You must have an eye for finding patterns on candlestick charts by using multiple combinations of indicators like a stochastic oscillator, relative strength index (RSI), MACD, Fibonacci Retracement, moving averages, etc. This might not be one of the jobs in the stock market for freshers, but with experience, you can get here.

4. Financial Advisor:

As the name implies, you will be advising your clients on different asset classes, their pros and cons, how and when to invest in them, etc. This is one of those share market jobs that demands the knowledge of other asset classes as well in the likes of bank deposits, commodities, gold, real estate apart from equities and mutual funds. You will have to assess the risk-taking capability of your clients, know their financial goals and suggest suitable asset classes to them with a monthly investment amount.

5. Mutual Fund Advisor:

In this role, you will be suggesting mutual fund schemes to your clients. This asset class has gained traction in the last few years and is expected to flourish, considering depressed fixed deposit rates in banks. This career in the stock market can turn out to be pretty lucrative, some years down the line with more and more investors wanting to do a SIP. You are expected to have the knowledge of most of the mutual funds’ schemes (if not all) in all categories (debt funds, equity funds, large-cap funds, small-cap funds, ESG funds, index funds, multi-cap funds, ELSS funds, etc.).

6. Stock Trader:

Why can’t you take advantage of your expertise and skill set? You certainly can, in all probability by becoming a stock trader or investor and making it your career in the stock market. You just need to have a desktop screen, a Demat account, sufficient trading capital, and a strategy, that’s it. Start following stock market news, read financial times or economic times, follow sectoral news to know the trends, identify market leaders in growth sectors etc. This is one of those rare share market jobs wherein you will be working for yourself, and not for anyone else, all the profit is your income after deducting capital gains tax.

7. Portfolio Management Services (PMS):

This is where you will be managing the entire investment portfolio of your clients on their behalf. There will be experienced fund managers and a large team of analysts working in a PMS to generate returns for the clients. This is one of the highly paid stock market jobs in India, however, getting here might not be that easy.

Education and Qualification Needed for a Career in Stock Market

There are many academic courses and professional certifications that one can do to increase his chances or be eligible to secure one of the aforementioned share market jobs. These courses are as follows:

MBA in Finance:

This program teaches you everything from basics of accounting to comprehending financial statements in fundamental analysis to portfolio management, everything in two years. You are sure to pick up the basics of everything in an MBA in Finance.

Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA):

This is one of the most preferred courses both in India and abroad for someone seeking a career in the stock market. It is conducted twice a year by the CFA Institute. You will get roles like equity analyst, research analyst, fund manager after completing different levels of CFA.

Financial Risk Manager (FRM):

This certification course is more from the risk perspective and is conducted by GARP (Global Association of Risk Professionals). You will get roles like risk analyst, credit risk associate in banks and financial institutions after clearing the FRM exam.

Masters in Finance (MSc, Ph.D.):

This is an extension of an MBA in Finance, here you will deep dive into one of the domains of finance and make a career in it. It involves thorough research, and you will end up being a Finance professor or a fund analyst.

Chartered Market Technician (CMT):

This course is designed specifically for technical analysis enthusiasts for them to be more professional in comprehending charts. You will end up being a trader, fund manager, technical manager, technical analyst in advisory firms, investment banks, or mutual fund houses. This is one of the most rewarding share market jobs.


This is all we had for you in this edition of stock market jobs. We hope you have a better understanding of what different profiles mean and how to get into that. To know more about stock markets, follow Angel One by clicking here.