About Adani Wilmar IPO

Adani Wilmar is a leading name in the edible oil industry. This company sells cooking oil under the banner of Fortune Oil. It is among the top FMCG companies in the country with a variety of products in different price segments. It also occupies a large market share in the oleochemical manufacturing space.

If approved, Adani Wilmar will be the seventh Adani Group Company to get listed in the country.

Adani Wilmar IPO Objectives

- Funding CAPEX to expand existing manufacturing units.
- Developing new manufacturing facilities.
- Prepayment and repayment of existing borrowings.
- Funding strategic investments and acquisitions.
- Meeting corporate purposes.

Besides these, it is expected that this upcoming IPO will increase its market visibility and accelerate its growth.

Adani Wilmar IPO - Details

Adani Wilmar initial public offer will comprise an issue of new equity shares. Notably, there will be no secondary offering.

Opening Date

Jan 27, 2022

Closing Date

Jan 31, 2022

Price Band

₹ 218 - ₹ 230

per equity share

Issue Size

₹ 3600 Cr

Face Value

₹ 1

per equity share

Market Lot


Opening Date

To be updated

Closing Date

To be updated

Price Band

To be updated

per equity share

Issue Size

₹ To be updated

Face Value

₹ To be updated

per equity share

Market Lot

To be updated

Listing at NSE, BSE

Adani Wilmar IPO Important Dates

IPO Open Date Jan 27, 2022
IPO Close Date Jan 31, 2022
Basis Of Allotment Date Feb 3, 2022
Initiation Of Refunds Feb 4, 2022
Credit Of Shares To
Demat Account
Feb 7, 2022
IPO Listing Date Feb 8, 2022
UPI Mandate Expiry Date To be announced

Why Should You Invest in Adani Wilmar IPO?

Adani Wilmar has been successfully leveraging the sourcing capabilities of Wilmar Group. Its strong foothold in the domestic and international market emerges as a reliable upside for investors. Collectively, these pointers indicate a strong possibility of generating higher revenue and achieving organic growth. Accordingly, these catalysts make Adani Wilmar a lucrative investment option for stag investors.

Financial Highlights

Financial Year Total Assets in Million Total Revenue in Million Profit After Tax in Million
2019-20 Rs. 73304.19 Rs. 296570 Rs. 3888
2018-19 Rs. 75965.68 Rs. 287975 Rs. 3655

How to apply for Adani Wilmar IPO?

You can apply for the Adani Wilmar IPO in these ways:

Link your bank account to a reliable UPI ID and register it with your Angel One account. Proceed to book Adani Wilmar IPO shares using the ID, confirm the payment on the UPI app, and block the amount for allotment.

Demat Account

1. If you are already a client of Angel One, apply directly for Adani Wilmar IPO, click here.
2. If you’re a new investor Open DEMAT Account for free with Angel One to begin your investment journey.

Adani Wilmar IPO – Noteworthy Highlights

Some of the key highlights of this fastest-growing packaged food company are listed below –

- Adani Wilmar's Fortune oil occupies 20% of the edible oil market share.

- This company has a refining capacity of more than 16000 tonnes/day with over 40 units.

- Adani Wilmar is the country’s largest importer of edible crude oil and lauric fat.

- It is the largest exporter and manufacturer of castor oil.

Adani Wilmar IPO – SWOT Analysis



  • Diversified Portfolio: This company boasts of having a differentiated product portfolio. Accordingly, it allows the company to maintain a smooth cash flow from different product segments.
  • Business Model: The integrated business model of this company allows it to tap on the current market trends and FMCG prospects as and when required. It leverages the Adani Group operational facilities, strong PAN-India distribution network and extensive manufacturing capacity to boost its production.
  • ESG Friendly Policies: In the last couple of years, this company has been proactively contributing towards achieving environmental and social sustainability. This continues to garner the attention of the pro-ESG investors.


  • Dependency on Adani Group: The company is overdependent on the operational units of Adani Group. This could emerge as a bottleneck in the production process if management goes awry.


  • Diversification: Currently, this company boasts of a well-diversified portfolio. However, with all the ongoing research in this field coupled with the company’s ability to expand product division, we can expect its profile to grow even further.
  • Growth: This company’s strong financial standing and robust parentage work in its favour. These factors also emerge as reliable upsides with regards to its long-term and organic growth in the edible oil and FMCG space in general.


  • Competitive Market: The company faces competition from its market peers. Further, with the entry of a new FMCG player in the sector, the scope of increasing market share is becoming limited. This is also creating pressure on the company in terms of retaining its existing customers.
  • Drop in Demand: A potential drop in the demand for edible oil is a significant threat. It can impact the overall revenue generation and market share of the company in a broader sense.
Strenghts Strengths
Weaknesses Weaknesses
Opportunities Opportunities
Threats Threats


  • Brand recognition: The company has a global footprint in more than 24 countries with a partnered network of over 1.5 million restaurants.
  • Business model: Zomato follows a B2C business model that connects customers to a wide network of restaurants. The company has an asset-less business model, giving it high financial leverage.
  • Marketing: Zomato follows a robustly creative marketing strategy both online and offline. Accordingly, it has a decent customer engagement and has over 11.2 million active users each month.
  • User-friendly: The Zomato app and web portal come with an easy-to-navigate UI.


  • Competition: Newer food delivery platforms with unique offerings are mushrooming now more than ever. It not only limits Zomato’s market expansion scope but also imposes a threat to its existing customer base.
  • Business model: Though Zomato’s business model is currently working in its favour, there are high chances tech developments could impose a foundational threat. If Zomato stops innovating and improving its customer service, its very successful business model could restrain its potential.


  • Market expansion: Zomato is active in 25 countries. Moreover, it has not reached the saturation point yet. Therefore, given its current market momentum and growth potential, it can be expected that the food delivery service will witness upward mobility and rapid market expansion in the next couple of years.
  • Online users: The percentage of smartphones users with interest access is increasing every day. This opens up a great growth opportunity for Zomato to expand its target base and market presence.
  • Technological development: As the tech space continues to bring in newer innovations, it could open newer paths for Zomato to explore.


  • Competition: Newer food delivery platforms with unique offerings are mushrooming now more than ever. It not only limits Zomato’s market expansion scope but also imposes a threat to its existing customer base.
  • Business model: Though Zomato’s business model is currently working in its favour, there are high chances tech developments could impose a foundational threat. If Zomato stops innovating and improving its customer service, its very successful business model could restrain its potential.

Competitive Analysis: Market Peers

The sound business strategies of the company, coupled with its expertise in the field, solidifies its position in the market. On top of that, the high brand visibility in local markets and well-connected exports network offers it a competitive edge in the market. Here are some of the top market peers of this company and their market capitalisation.

Market Peers Market Capitalisation Growth (in %)
Guj. Ambuja Exports 113.19%
Vijay Solvex 1645.40%
Manorama Industries 208.00%
BCL Industries 494.34%
Gokul Agro Resources 185.71%
Gokul Refoils & Solv 91.69%
Kriti Nutrients 35.14%
Vegetable Products 20.92%
Modi Naturals 293.18%
Sanwaria Consumer -71.76%
Ruchi Infra. -43.37%
Raj Oil Mills 3732.45%
CIAN Agro Industries 59.80%
Diligent Industries 361.54%
IEL 1809.64%
Richirich Inventures 44.21%
Unique Organics 147.39%
IEL 1809.64%
JR Foods 22.75%
Poona Dal & Oil 100.49%
Prima Industries 260.36%
Natraj Proteins 187.73%
NK Industries 16.37%

Adani Wilmar IPO FAQs

What is Adani Wilmar IPO size?

The size of Adani Wilmar IPO will be Rs. 4500 crores.

What is the minimum lot size that retail investors can subscribe to?

Adani Wilmar is yet to provide information about its minimum lot size.

How will I receive shares?

Adani Wilmar shares will be credited to your DEMAT account after the allotment process.

When will Adani Wilmar IPO be open for subscription?

The tentative date of Adani Wilmar initial public offering is yet to be announced.

What is the minimum order quantity for Adani Wilmar IPO?

The company has not shared any data regarding this yet.

When is the Adani Wilmar IPO listing date?

This company is yet to announce its IPO listing date.

Who are the statutory auditor and legal counsel of Adani Wilmar?

M/s Shah Dhandharia & Co. LLP is the statutory auditor of this company, whereas Cyril Amarchand Mangaldas is its legal counsel.

Who is the registrar for Adani Wilmar IPO?

Link Intime India Private Limited is the registrar for Adani Wilmar IPO.

Which categories of investors are allowed to participate in Adani Wilmar IPO?

Qualified institutional buyers, retail individual investors, and non-institutional buyers can participate in Adani Wilmar IPO.

Who are the promoters of Adani Wilmar?

Adani Enterprises Limited, Lence Pte. Ltd and Adani Commodities LLP are the promoters of Adani Wilmar

What will be the issue type of Adani Wilmar IPO?

Adani Wilmar IPO will be a book-built issue type.

What is the process of applying for Adani Wilmar IPO via Angel One App?

Whether it is Adani Wilmar IPO or any other, you can apply for an IPO by following the steps mentioned below –
Step 1: Go to the ‘investment opportunities’ section in the app
Step 2: Select the ‘IPOs and FPOs’ option and enter all the needed information
Step 3: Provide NPCI approved UPI ID
Step 4: Click on ‘invest’ place your order for Adani Wilmar IPO

Can I apply for the Adani Wilmar IPO via any UPI ID/handle?

No, because only NPCI approved UPI handle/ID are eligible to apply for Adani Wilmar IPO. If you cannot apply for this initial public offering via your current UPI ID, you need to review the list of banks or apps approved by NPCI to provide UPI service. Then, register with those approved banks or apps and apply for Adani Wilmar IPO.

Can I apply for Adani Wilmar IPO without a UPI ID?

Even if you do not have a UPI ID, you can get one quickly by using the UPI handles mentioned in the NPCI list. Otherwise, you can always decide to apply via the ASBA process through your bank by using a physical form.

How to find my UPI ID online?

Typically, UPI ID can be found on the ‘profile’ section of any UPI app that you use. However, you can also check out the screenshots on ‘how to locate UPI ID’ in different apps by clicking here.

Can I submit more than one application for Adani Wilmar IPO?

No, you can only file one application against a single PAN. The reason being, in case you apply from different platforms using the same PAN, your applications will get rejected. Hence, you will fail to secure allotment for Adani Wilmar IPO.

What is the process of creating a UPI ID?

You can create a UPI ID using the BHIM app via the below-mentioned steps:
Step 1: Download the BHIM app
Step 2: Verify your mobile number and register the password needed to open this app
Step 3: Choose a bank from the given list
Step 4: The app will then gather your account details automatically
Step 5: In case of more than one bank account, select the one you want to register on BHIM
Step 6: Set up a unique UPI ID for security purposes
You can then review your UPI ID in the ‘profile’ section.

How quickly can I receive a UPI mandate request after placing an order for Adani Wilmar IPO?

Usually, UPI mandate requests take 15 to 20 minutes to reach your end following your successful placement of the Adani Wilmar IPO bid. Nonetheless, there can be delays in some cases from the designated banks.

Why can’t I locate my UPI handle in the dropdown menu of the Angel One app while applying for the Adani Wilmar IPO?

In case you cannot find your UPI ID in the dropdown menu of Angel One, it implies that the NPCI does not approve your UPI handle. Therefore, you can create an alternate ID with other approved entities present in the NPCI list.

What is a cut-off price? Should one apply at this cut-off price?

Cut-off price means the price at which your shares for Adani Wilmar IPO will be issued. Moreover, this price is decided during the allotment stage, and when an investor applies for an IPO at this price, it means they are keen to bid at this price point. Usually, placing a bid at the cut-off price can enhance your chances of securing an allotment.

What is the approval process for IPO mandate requests?

You need to use your UPI app to provide approval for the Adani Wilmar IPO mandate request. To know about the steps associated with it via popular UPI platforms, click here. 

I have sanctioned the mandate request, but it's status on the Angel One app is still pending. What to do now?

Since the UPI mandate request status on the Angel One App does not update in real time, it will take some time. As a result, the approval may take some time to reflect on the IPO order book.

What are the charges associated with the application of Adani Wilmar IPO?

When you apply using the Angel One platform, you are not required to pay any additional charge.

Is there any timeframe within which one needs to approve a UPI mandate request?

It is ideal to approve this mandate request as soon as you get it. However, the approval window stays open from the closing time of an IPO till 12 pm of the next working day.

Can NRIs apply for the Adani Wilmar IPO?

No, NRIs cannot apply for the Adani Wilmar IPO using the Angel One platform. However, they can do so via the Application Supported By Blocked Amount (ASBA) process via their bank. 

Can I use a bank account not linked with the Angel One app to place a bid for the Adani Wilmar IPO?

Yes, you can use any bank account, irrespective of whether it is linked with the Angel One App or not, to place a bid for Adani Wilmar IPO, as long as it is in your need.

Can I use my Hindu Undivided Family account to apply for the Adani Wilmar IPO? 

No, the Angel One App does not allow IPO applications through the Hindu Undivided Family account. However, you can use your HUF account via the ASBA process through your bank.

Can I use a current account to apply for the Adani Wilmar IPO?

No, banks will not process any IPO application made via a current account. Hence, it is imperative to apply via a savings account. You can refer to your respective bank for further details on this matter.

Can I use my minor daughter’s account to apply for this Adani Wilmar IPO?

No, the Angel One App has no provision that allows you to bid for an IPO using your minor daughter’s account. On the contrary, a minor can apply for the same via the ASBA process through any bank.

Can I modify my bid for Adani Wilmar IPO after placing it?

Yes, you can alter the lot size and associated UPI ID of your bid for Adani Wilmar IPO after placing the order. However, a point to remember here is that if you have already approved the UPI mandate and they proceed to modify the bid, your fresh amount will be locked along with the original bid amount.

I have applied for the Adani Wilmar IPO, but my money hasn’t been debited yet. Why?

Banks do not debit the money after you apply for an IPO. Instead, they simply block or hold the amount. Your money gets debited once the allotment process begins. Moreover, if the shares are not allotted, this money will be released before or on the date when your UPI mandate expires.

My application for the Adani Wilmar IPO has been rejected; what can be the reason?

Your IPO application can be rejected due to any of the following reasons –
- Providing an incorrect UPI ID or PIN while approving the mandate
- Failing to link your bank account, Demat account, and UPI ID via the same PAN
For instance, if you are using your Demat account and your friend’s UPI ID to apply for Adani Wilmar IPO, this application will be rejected due to –
- Your PAN and your friend’s UPI ID are not linked
Your Demat account and your friend’s bank account are not linked

How to get a guaranteed allotment for Adani Wilmar IPO?

There are no ways to guarantee an IPO allotment, as when shares are oversubscribed, they are allotted through a lottery system. A point to note here is that Angel One is a platform via which you can apply for the Adani Wilmar IPO and not secure the shares. Nonetheless, you can improve your chances of securing an allotment by following the below-mentioned tips –
●File a bid at the cut-off price
●Use only one Demat account linked with a PAN
●Ensure that your UPI ID, bank account are also connected with a single PAN. Failing to comply can result in a rejection.
For instance, person A has applied for Adani Wilmar IPO through his Demat account but has used person B’s UPI Id for the payment. In this case, his application will be rejected because –
●Person B’s UPI ID has no link with person A’s PAN
Person B’s bank account is not linked with person A’s Demat account

What is the time required for blocking and unblocking my funds?

As soon as you approve the UPI mandate request, your funds for the Adani Wilmar IPO gets blocked. These funds will be unblocked if you fail to secure allotment for this IPO or if your UPI mandate request expires. In case of discrepancies, contact your bank and sort it out.

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