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What is a Stock Split? Meaning & Definition

05 August 20222 mins read by Angel One
What is a Stock Split? Meaning & Definition
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Transcript :

what is stock split Samia owns 100 shares of Z corporation valued at 500 rupees per share his total investment is thus fifteen thousand rupees he has just heard that said corporation has decided to go for a stock split so he asked his friend Vinod a seasoned investor with Angel One to explain Z corporation has decided to increase its number of shares by issuing more shares to current shareholders some here gets one additional share for every share that he already owns this is a one-for-one stock split but the price of each share is now half of the previous value that is 500 divided by 2 equal to 250 rupees so though the number of shares semitones has increased from 100 to 200 the total value of his investment remains the same that is 250 rupees into 200 shares why do companies split their stock to make their shares more affordable to small investors also the lower share price makes the stock more liquid that is easier to buy and sell remember the company’s market capitalization that is the total value of all its outstanding shares remains the same even after the split thanks to Vinod Sammy now understands what stock split is all about !

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