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Future Group Stocks

Future Group, an Indian conglomerate based in Mumbai, has significantly impacted various sectors, particularly in retail and fashion. Known for operating popular supermarket chains like Big Bazaar and Food Bazaar and lifestyle stores like Brand Factory and Central, it stands out in the Indian retail and fashion sectors. It also has a presence in the integrated foods and FMCG manufacturing sectors, boasting many brands under its umbrella, including FBB (Fashion at Big Bazaar), Nilgiris 1905, Easyday, and Heritage Fresh. The group's reach extends to fashion and lifestyle with brands like Indigo Nation and Scullers and in the food sector with Tasty Treat and Fresh & Pure. Future Group has also engaged in joint ventures with international companies like Generali Group and Staples Inc., enhancing its offerings and market presence​​. Read More
Market Cap
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₹ 0.78

0.01 (1.30%)


1,27,833 Cr

Market Cap

₹50 Cr

52W Low - High

₹0.60 - ₹1.10




₹ 2.28

0.09 (4.11%)


1,01,516 Cr

Market Cap

₹99 Cr

52W Low - High

₹1.80 - ₹6.35




₹ 6.77

-0.17 (-2.45%)


3,55,103 Cr

Market Cap

₹26 Cr

52W Low - High

₹4.35 - ₹10.75




₹ 3

0.14 (4.90%)


3,95,518 Cr

Market Cap

₹165 Cr

52W Low - High

₹1.90 - ₹3.95



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History of the Future Group

Future Group, once a titan of Indian retail, had a dramatic trajectory marked by rapid growth, bold innovation, and ultimately, the challenges of a rapidly evolving market. Founded in 1987 by Kishore Biyani, the group’s journey became a captivating story of ambition, innovation, and the unpredictable nature of the business world.

The journey began in 1987 with a single store in Mumbai, selling apparel under the “Pantaloons” brand, planting the seeds of a retail revolution. In 1994, Big Bazaar, the now-iconic hypermarket chain, was launched, offering a wider range of products at competitive prices and disrupting the traditional market landscape. Expansion accelerated in 2007 with the acquisition of prominent retail chains like Foodhall and Central. In 2010, the Future Group became a pioneer in online sales events by launching ‘The Great Indian Shopping Festival,’ setting the stage for major e-commerce initiatives in India.

Future Retail, the group’s retail arm, was formed two years later to consolidate its various store formats, streamlining operations and creating a unified brand identity. In 2016, embracing digital advancements, Future Group ventured into online grocery with Big Bazaar Direct, challenging established players like Amazon and aiming to capture a share of the burgeoning online market.

However, in the following years, growing debt and intense competition from online retailers like Flipkart and Amazon began to take their toll, putting immense pressure on Future Group’s finances and its ability to adapt to the changing landscape. Mounting financial pressures led to loan defaults, triggering legal battles and insolvency proceedings, throwing the future of the group into doubt.

In 2020, In a landmark deal, Reliance Industries began talks for acquiring Future Retail’s assets but called off the deal two years later.

Sector Presence of the Future Group

The following are some of the sectors in which the Future Group has a presence:

  1. Retail: Within retail, the Future Group has a presence in:
    1. Hypermarkets through HyperCity
    2. Supermarkets through FBB, Nilgiris
    3. Department Stores through Central
    4. Lifestyle Stores through Brand Factory
    5. Speciality Stores through Foodhall, HomeTown
    6. Online Ventures via Brand Factory Online
    7. Women’s and children’s apparel via Goldmohur Design and Apparel Park and Appollo Design and Apparel Park
    8. Office Supplies through Work Store Ltd
  2. Food & FMCG: Within this sector, the Future Group has a presence through Future Consumer Limited which manufactures and supplies food products, and Foodhall.
  3. Logistics & Infrastructure: Here the Future Group operates through Future Supply Chain.
  4. Financial Services: The Future Group has presence in the insurance sector through Future Generali India Life Insurance and Future Generali India General Insurance.
  5. Media Solutions: The Future Group provides media solutions to other companies through Future Media.

Key Personnel

  • Kishore Biyani, Founder and Group CEO 

Mr Biyani is a pioneer of modern retail in India. Starting with a single store in 1987, he has built a retail empire that encompasses over 400 cities and attracts over 500 million customer footfalls annually. Mr Biyani’s vision was to bring organised retail to India, offering a wider variety of products and a more convenient shopping experience than traditional markets. He launched popular chains like Big Bazaar, Central, Foodhall, and FBB, making quality products accessible to a wider audience.

How To Invest in Future Group Stocks?

To invest in Future Group stocks via Angel One, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Angel One account.
  2. Click on the search icon and look for your desired Future Group stock.
  3. Now, place your buy order. Simply click on the ‘Buy’ button, enter your desired quantity, and select the order type. 
  4. To complete your transaction, click on the ‘Buy’ button.

You can track the status of the purchase from the ‘Positions’ section in the ‘Orders’ module. Once the stock is delivered, you can track its gains and losses from your ‘Portfolio’.


Which are the listed stocks of Future Group?

Future Consumer Ltd, Future Supply Chain Solutions Ltd, etc are some of the major listed companies in the Future Group.

Which is the biggest Future Group stock in terms of market cap?

With a market cap of around ₹222 crore as of January 29, 2024, Future Consumer Ltd is the company with the highest market cap in the Future Group.

Who is the founder of Future Group?

Mr Kishore Biyani is the founder of the Future Group.

Which Future Group stock has the highest debt?

With a debt of about ₹577 crore in the preceding year, Future Consumer Ltd has the highest debt among the Future Group companies.

What are the risks of investing in Future Group stocks?

You should check out the following risks before investing in stocks of the Nagarjuna Group:

  1. Any regulatory issues or growth slowdown in key sectors.
  2. Cash flow, revenue growth, capital efficiency, etc. of individual companies.
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