Your Guide to Sovereign Gold Bonds

Podcast Duration: 6:26
Your Guide to Sovereign Gold Bonds Voice Over: Hi friends and welcome to this podcast by Angel Broking. Friends, in this podcast we will discuss Sovereign gold bonds. Sovereign gold bonds kya hai? Sovereign gold bonds kaun issue Karta hai? Sovereign gold bonds ko issue karne ka kaaran kya hai? Aur kya aapke liye sovereign gold bonds ek achcha investment option ho sakte hain? Inn sab sawalon ka jawab hum denge. Sovereign gold bonds are known as SGB in short. SGB ko Central governments ya FIR Central banks issue karti hai. India mein SGB RBI issue karti hai. RBI aur Central government ka ek important goal hota hai funds raise karna. Government funds infrastructure development, public Health, public education, military defence, jaise uses ke liye raise karti hai. The government has many ways of raising funds. Ek rasta hai taxation aur dusra rasta hai public ko useful financial products sell Karna - jaise ki SGB. SGB physical gold ka replacement hai. Hazaro saalo se insaan physical gold khareed rahe hain aur gold ko wealth protection aur wealth creation ke liye istemal kar rahe hain. Even today, gold plays an important role in the global financial system. Sovereign gold bonds aapko gold ke saare fayde dete Hain aur gold ke kuchh nuksan bhi kam karte hain. Gold ke kya nuksan hai? Ek to physical gold ko sambhalna bahut mushkil hota hai. Gold ek heavy metal hai aur kaafi jagah rokta hai. Agar Ghar par Saara gold nahin store kar saktein to fir gold ke liye ek alag se bank mein locker Lena padta hai. Uss locker ki fees bear karna bhi ek jhanjat hai. Sovereign gold bonds can store a lot of value in very little space! Aajkal ke zamane mein aap sovereign gold bonds digitally khareed kar digitally store kar sakte hain. Sovereign gold bonds help you earn a 2.5% interest as well. Yah ek aur fayda hai - physical gold main aapko interest nahin milta. Physical gold ka jab value appreciate hota hai to aapko gains milte Hain. Physical gold ka ye beneficial feature sovereign gold bonds mein bhi hai. Jab market mein gold ka price badega to sovereign gold bonds ka bhi value badega. When you invest in sovereign gold bonds, you can get a 50 rupee discount on every gram bought! Sovereign gold bonds are tradable as well. Chaliye jaante hain iska kya matlab hota hai. Agar Aapne sovereign gold bonds khariden aur aapko kuchh waqt ke baad Capital ki zarurat padhti hai to aap sovereign gold bonds bech sakte hain. Sovereign gold bonds isiliye ek liquid asset Mane jaate Hain. Jab aapka bond period expire hota hai aur sovereign gold bonds ko redeem karne ka waqt aata hai, tab aapke capital gains par koi bhi tax nahi lagta. Isiliye wealth appreciation ke liye sovereign gold bonds ek achcha asset hai. Sovereign gold bonds Government of India ki guarantee ke sath aate Hain. Isliye aap safety ke nazariye se bhi dekhen toh sovereign gold bonds ek kafi interesting aur safe option hai. Gold and the global financial system have an old connection. Sovereign gold bonds aapko gold ke benefits toh dete Hain aur uske upar se modern technology use karke kahin aur fayde bhi dete Hain. Sovereign gold bonds kharidne ka ek aur fayda hai - unhe khareed kar aap desh ki tarakki mein apna haath jutaa rahe hain. Jab aap SGBs khareed te hai, toh Government of India ko funds milte Hain. Yeh funds government desh ki unnati aur deshvasiyon ke bhalai ke liye istemal karti Hain. The government uses these funds for public housing, universal education, sanitation, technology, financial accessibility, protection of weaker sections of society, and other such work. Chaliye sovereign gold bonds ke baare mein kuchh technical jankari paate Hain. Joint holding and ownership is possible with sovereign gold bonds. Matlab ki ek family ke andar do ya do se jyada log sath mein sovereign gold bonds mein invest kar sakte hain. Itna hi nahin sovereign gold bonds me minors bhi invest kar sakte hain. Per iske liye ek guardian ki jarurat hai. Sovereign gold bonds ka application ek guardian ki through aana chahiye aur phir maturity per bonds ka ownership minor ke hathon mein transfer ho jata hai. There are very few KYC rules for investing in Sovereign gold bonds. Jyadatar bus PAN number aur dusri zaroori jankari se kaam ho jata hai. Sovereign gold bonds mein minimum investment hai 1 gram aur maximum investment hai 4 kilo. Agar ek trust sovereign gold bonds mein invest kar rahi hai to vo 20 kilo tak sovereign gold bond khareed sakti hai. Har family ka member sovereign gold bonds mein invest kar sakta hai, isliye agar ek family ko 4 kilo se jyada sovereign gold bonds chahiye toh family alag alag members ke naam per investment kar sakti hai. Sovereign gold bonds ek flexible asset bhi hai kyunki ye transferable hote hai. Agar aapko family member ya phir koi dost ko Apne gold bonds transfer karne hai to aap yah badi aasani se kar sakte hain. Aur to aur aap sovereign gold bonds ko loan ke liye collateral ki tarah bhi istemal kar sakte hain. Aap bhale business expansion ke liye ya phir house renovation ke liye ya phir koi aur purpose se loan le rahe ho, aap sovereign gold bonds ko collateral ki tarah use kar sakte hain. Isiliye sovereign gold bonds bade versatile asset maane jaate hai jinka multipurpose use ho sakta hai. Another interesting thing about Sovereign gold bonds is you don’t need to leave your home - or even your sofa - to invest in them! Sovereign gold bonds online kaise kharide iske baare mein hum agle podcast mein baat karenge. Chaliye that’s it for today. For more such interesting content about SGB’s and other investment avenues, follow and subscribe to our channel. Doston there is no end to upskilling yourself, financial knowledge evolves constantly and never ends, so stay tuned for more such informative content! Remember to do your own research as well. Aise aur educational content ko follow karein and stay updated. Chaliye fir milenge. Until then goodbye and happy investing. Investments in the securities markets are subject to market risks. Read all the related documents carefully before investing.