What is After Market Offer?

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Doston you might have definitely heard of evening school and evening college right? Recently ek comedy film bhi aaya tha, Netflix pe - called Night School. Dekha hai? Evening College, or Night School - whatever name you call it by - is an option for people who need to work, to also seek an education. These might be young people of college-going age who need to also maintain an income nahi toh they can be older, working people who have decided to get educated or get a degree. Funda yeh hai ki job ke saath saath, log apna education bhi complete kar sakte hai.

After Market Offer is a similarly thoughtful service – one given to investors, by their brokerage companies. Isse After Hours Trading aur AMO bhi bola jata hai. It is very useful for working folks like you and me. Yaar office hours mein kabhi kabhi paani peena bhool jate hai, lunch toh 4 o clock tak delay ho jata hai very often … trading ke liye time aur peace-of-mind kidhar milega hum jaise logon ko? Work-from-home toh aur zyada hectic hai because everyone wants to constantly be 100% sure that people are working hard during office hours. Iss situation mein taking out even one hour for your trading might not be possible.

After Market Offer to the rescue! Chaliye let us find out all about it!

Shuru karte hai at the most obvious starting point of course –

That is- What is an After Market Offer?

An after-market-offer is a service that lets investors trade beyond the actual trading hours, that is beyond 9.15 to 3.30. Yeh service amateur investors aur part-time traders ke liye bahut convenient hai because it gives them a chance to carry out their main job and trade on the side. A service like after-market-offer has only become possible now because of the emergence of online trading. Agar kisi trader ko after-market-offer use kar ke trade karna hai, toh inke liye online trading account essential hai.

After hours trading is a completely SEBI approved method of investing in stocks.

Next up, let’s discuss the benefits of using after-market-offer

First of all – you can keep your proper job and also trade. Risk kam karne ke liye many investors would rather not make stock market trading their whole profession. They would like to have a steady income on one hand and then try to earn incrementally by investing in stocks or by day-trading. After-market-offer use kar ke, you can have the best of both worlds Second benefit hai that it is slightly less complicated. Stock market close hone ke baad, the prices stay static till the next morning. Upar-neeche jaate hue stock price graph ko samajhna mushkil rehta hai for amateur investors. Yeh difficult process eliminate ho jayega because you will be dealing with prices that are still till the next day. Aram se research kar ke vapas stock pe aa jana. Price nahi badal jayega while you are researching.

Aapko margin trading ki bhi suvidha mil jata hai. In margin trading the trader only puts down a certain sum of money, or a margin of the actual amount that he is conducting his trading with.

Benefit number 4 of after-market-offer is flexibility. Aapko 5% ka wiggle room mil jata hai – mane you can choose to trade at 5% higher or lower than the price that the stock closed at. Agar stock price Rs 100 mein close ho gaya you can choose to buy at Rs 95. Or to sell at Rs 105. Wiggle wiggle wiggle dost. Doesn’t get more sorted than this! If the next day, your order matches the price that the stock opens at, aapko woh price mil jayega.

Benefit number 5 after-market-offers is that they offer opportunities to overseas investors. Soch lo dost – the US is about 10 hours behind us. Agar US mein baith ke koi Indian stock market mein invest karna chahta hai, puri raat trading pe hi guzar jayegi. Instead he can live a normal life and trade after hours.

Benefit number 6 hai the ability to sell before any predicted downtrend. Ho sakta hai that you have researched and found that one of the stocks you hold is about to start a long decline in the stock price. Aap isse aaj hi after trading hours bech sakte ho – before the prices go down tomorrow. You can protect yourself from potential losses in this manner.

Ab tak, you might be pretty excited about the concept of after-hours-trading. Toh let's find out how it works: Where to go: Assuming you are an Angel One demat account and online trading account holder, all you need to do is log in to your account after trading hours. Timings: You can make an after-market-offer anytime between 3.45 pm after the close of trading on a given day and until 8.57 pm on the next trading day. Ek cheez baaki hai dost – did you notice? Ji haan, we discussed the benefits, but what about the considerations? Stock market baato mein there is always a flipside – be suspicious of anyone who does not give you the flipside. Sab koi hamare jaise honest aur open nai rehte hai! Let's look at factors to consider when using after-market-offer The biggest consideration is this – risk eliminate nahi ho jata hai just because the stock prices are not fluctuating when you buy. Of course it is less confusing and less stressful, but a badly chosen investment will be a badly chosen investment. Always research the companies you intend to invest in carefully before hitting buy. Make sure there is some actual potential for growth. Dusri baat – you do not have the option of stop loss in after-market-offer trading. Mujhe yakin hai ki you know how a stop loss protects you by selling off your stock if prices start falling too much. Without the option of a stop loss you are jumping without the rope – just like Bane did in that Batman movie… Remember friends, anyone can invest – do not let your age or your occupation hold you back. Begin your trading journey today and improve your investing knowledge, take expert advice and other such free financial educational resources at the Angel One Website and Youtube channel. Investments and the securities markets are subject to market risks. Read all the related documents carefully before investing.