What Is A Trading Strategy

Podcast Duration: 06:04
Aaj kal trading karna bilkul ashan hai. Demat aur trading account toh aaj kal maggi noodles ke jaise 2 minutes me hi ban jate hain.

Online trading hoti hain aur Angel One jaise apps ne toh on-the-go trading facilitate kar diya.

Lekin trading me successful rehne ke liye, yaani ki profits pane ke liye, ek trading strategy ki zaroorat hai.

Of course strategy banane ke liye aapko thoda time lagega - kai tarah ki strategies ko research karna padega, try karna padega aur records maintain karna padega.

Aapko apne saath truthful bhi rehne ki zaroorat hogi taki you can look at records bina koi ego, bina koi taklif and decide which strategy worked and which did not.

Boss, pacho ungli barabar nahi hoti ussi tarah koi do traders ek jaise nahi hote hain. Aap kisi doosre traders ki strategy copy paste nahi kar sakte - bhala aapne apne saari school projects aur saari office presentations aise hi banaya hoga, lekin trading strategy shaadi-wale kapdo ki tarah bilkul custom-made chahiye.

Maine aapko kai strategies ke baare mein bataya. Ab ye apko apne risk appetite, level of understanding, aur profit target ke hishab se apne liye sahi trading strategy choose karna hoga.

Ek baat pehle se dhyaan rakna. Some strategies are more popular than others because they are simpler for most people to understand… or because they have proved successful many times. Lekin you might find some other strategy better suited - don't be afraid to go with what makes you feel most comfortable.

Toh chalo jan lete hain alag alag trading strategies.

Position Trading
Position trading is also known as long position trading. Agar aapke pass time kam hai and you are not seeking daily profits, long position trading aapke liye correct fit ho sakta hain.

Position traders apne paise ko long term ke liye invest kar lete hain. Chote mote price fluctuations ko koi attention na de ke position traders wait for major price fluctuations that occur over long periods.

Position traders invest karte hain kai months ya years ke liye.

Inke stock price aur performance monitoring bhi sirf weekly ya monthly hote hain.

Swing Trading
Swing trading aap bol sakte ho is sort of midway between position trading and day trading. Swing trading mein traders neither park their money for years and neither do they look to make profits within a day.

Swing trading mein trader stock ko kai dinon ya hafto ke liye rakh ke, observe kar ke bech dete hain.

Swing traders are looking for stocks jo sabit karte hain acha volatility with drastic price changes over shorter periods.

Intraday Trading
Kai log hain jo trading ko apna full time job bana lete hain. Aur kai log hai jinke paas roz time rehte hain, stock market pe dhyaan dene ke liye aur stocks khareedhne bechne ke liye. Aur har roz profits kamane ki zaroorath hai. All three categories will usually choose intraday trading.

Ye sabse famous type of trading hain.

Iss trading strategy mein traders buy and then sell everything that they bought ek hi din mein. Iss se traders overnight price fluctuation risk se protected rehte hain.

Intraday trading mein toh har din profits milne ki high possibility hain lekin phir har roz time bhi dena padega. Sirf trading karne ke liye nahi balki markets ko monitor karne ke liye aur stocks se related news, reports vagera bhi padne ke liye.

Scalping hota hain intraday trading ka shorter term commitment. In other words the shortest format of trading.

Is mein traders only hold stocks for a few minutes or few seconds.

Is mein do cheeze chahiye - pure din ke liye pura attention aur doosri, accuracy.

Traders ek din mein hazar chote chote chote price fluctuations se profits bana lete hain.

Doston ye 4 trading strategies timeframe pe based hain.

Aur teen strategies hain jo tareeke pe based hain. Ye hote hain technical trading, fundamental trading aur quantitative trading.

Chalo in teeno options ko bhi jaldi explain kar leta hu.

Technical trading strategy indicators aur technical charts pe dependent hain. Iss strategy me traders Moving Averages aur RSI jaise indicators use kar lete hain.

Agar aapko in charts ko samajhne aur inhe use kar ke stock prices correctly predict karne ka talent hain, toh technical trading strategy can work for you.

Fundamental trading strategy mein traders sirf past aur present stock price ko dekh ke stock price predict kar lete hain aur uske hishab se buy ya sell kar lete hain.

Quantitative trading strategies are used by experienced traders who use mathematical models to predict stock price. Quantitative trading aur technical trading mein tools - for example aapne moving averages dekhi hogi usme bhi kabhi kabhi kuch chije same roti hain lekin they use statistical and algorithmic data as well.

Boss trading mein successful rehne ke liye aapko in strategies mein se aapke liye sahi strategy ya combination of strategies choose karna padega. Chahiye toh podcast dobaara sun lo.

And don't forget - it is okay to try and learn. Chote amounts invest kar ke strategies test karo. See which one is most convenient and most profitable for you. Phir test kar lo - is it delivering sustained profits? Koi one-off ya beginners luck toh nahi hai? Once tried and tested, stick with your chosen strategy and usse bilkul perfect kar do.