Using Fibonacci Retracement In Trading

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Trading mein the purpose of indicators is to basically tell the trader when to enter and exit. iska matlab ye ki kab buy karna hai aur kab sell karna hai.

Fibonacci series hota hai ek sequence of numbers and ratios - mathematics mein kafi famous hai.

Traders ne notice kiya hai ki ye numbers and ratios trading mein bhi useful ho sakte hai.

Maths sir ke lectures mein dhyaan dete the ki nahi? Agar dete the to yeh bada asaan hoga. Agar nahi bhi dete toh no problem, mai samjha deta hu.

I will teach you how Fibonacci Retracement is used in trading in just 10 simple steps.

But first let us understand the basics.

Fibonacci sequence aisa rahta hai: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144. 1 aur 1 ko add kiya to 2 milega… 2 aur 1 ko mila ke 3 milega, 3 aur 5 ok add kiya toh 8 milega and so on…

Fibonacci ratios bhi aise hi mil jata hai, lekin addition nahi, division se. The Fibonacci ratios are 61.8%, 38.2%, and 23.6%. Agar 21 ko 34 ke saath divide kiya to aapko milega 0.6176 which is rounded off to 0.618 and forms the base of the 61.8% fibonacci ratio.

Subsequent ratios are obtained by dividing any number in the series by the number two spaces away, then three spaces away and so on.

For example, agar aapne 55 ko 144 se divide kiya aapko milega, 0.3819 jo round of kiya jata hai to 0.382 jo eventually ho jata hain ratio of 38.2%.

Similarly agar aapne 8 ko 34 se divide kiya toh aapko milega 0.2352 which is rounded off to 0.236 aur ye ban jata hain another Fibonacci ratio that is 23.6%.

To ab samajh mein aaya kya hai Fibonacci sequence aur ratios. Basics ka part 1 complete.

Trading mein, stock price predict karne ke liye Fibonacci ratios are used by drawing what is called a Fibonacci Retracement. Yeh rahega basics part 2. The use of Fibonacci numbers in predicting stock price.

Fibonacci Retracement first of all uses Fibonacci ratios to figure out the peak support and resistance periods for any given stock. Matlab it is used to identify kab zyaada buyers rehte hain (isse kehte hain peak support) aur kab zyada sellers rehte hain (maane peak resistance).

Stock graph pe horizontal lines (called retracements) draw kiya jata hain. Yeh lines ke graph wale locations Fibonacci ratios sequence se mil jate hai.

Fibonacci Retracement use karta hai yeh ratios: 100%, 61.8%, 50%, 38.2% air 23.6%. Aapne sahi suna - Fibonacci Retracement mein 100% air 50% yeh do ratios add kiya gaya hain jo Fibonacci series ke list mein nahi the. You are paying attention dost. Very good.

Chalo or kuch jankari lete hai.

Toh yeh ratios bata deta hain ki stock ne apne previous high point se kitna percentage retrace… mane reverse … kiya hain.

Soch lo ki stock price Rs 10 se bad gaya hai. It is 10 rupees higher. Phir Rs 2.36 lower ho jata hai. It has retraced its pahle wala upward movement by 23.6% jo hai one of the Fibonacci ratios.

Ab dekh lete hain, as promised, ki iss indicator ko traders kaise use kar sakte hai.

Step 1: Search for a stock that is showing a strong uptrend with less than 50% pullback. Pullback hota hain thoda … siiiirf thoda...drop in stock price.

Step 2: select karo stock price ka ek high point aur ek low point. Dhyan se chuniye.

Step 3: Fibonacci indicator ko use kar ke 1 peak - yaani ki high point, aur 1 trough - yaani ke low point, of the stock price ko connect kar lo.

Step 4: Is ke baad distance between the two points calculate ho jata hai.

Step 5: Yeh distance divide kiya jata hai by the Fibonacci ratios. Kya aapko yaad hai wo kya the? 100% 61.8% 50% 38.2% and 23.6%.

Shaabaash !

Step 6: Divide karne ke baad, jo values ya numbers milta hain, uss numbers ko le ke, horizontal lines are drawn across the graph.

Step 7: Ab is lines ko use kar ke, stock price ke aane waale high points (or low points) predict kar sakte hain.

Step 8 ki pehle thoda bahut gyaan. Aage samajhne ke liye yeh pehle samajhna padega.

Traders who use Fibonacci Retracement as an indicator will prefer to buy or sell when the stock's price is hovering around a Fibonacci ratio. Fibonacci ratios pe, according to these trader's research, volatility zyaada hota hain.

Vaise Fibinacci Retracement is acknowledged as a complicated and high risk indicator. Lekin bahut traders hain jo isse use kar ke hi profits jama kar rahe hain.

Toh yeh baat hai. Dekha gaya hain ki very often stock price Fibonacci Ratio waale points pe drop ho jata hain. Phir stock price ka vapas uptrend chalu ho jata hain. The downtrend does not continue. Therefore while using Fibonacci Retracement as an indicator, traders place their buys around the pullback and sell on the uptrend.

Chalo abhi next step dekhte hain. I always keep my promises.

Step 8: Ab stock ko Fibonacci Ratio waale horizontal lines observe karo.

Step 9: Jab Fibonacci Ratio pe trading activity maane buys kam ho jate hai, traders jo Fibonacci fans hote hai, wo tabhi buy kar lete hain kyu ki stock price iss samey kam rehta hain.

Step 10: Buy karne ke baad, Fibonacci fan wale traders wait for the next steep price rise. They use the most recent high point and set their stop loss at that limit. In other words that's when they sell or exit the trade.

Of course Fibonacci Indicator like any other indicator and in fact like everything on the stock market, 100% guarantee of success nahi de sakta. Lekin yeh popular hain kyu ki indicator ke hisaab se Fibinacci Retracement ne abhi tak bahut success sabit kiya hai.

Fibonacci Retracement stock ke past performance consider kar lete hai. It is good to also observe news related to the company jinke stocks buy karne ke bare me soch rahe ho. Doosre bhi indicators use karna advisable hai.

Toh is jankari ke baad ab aap ashani se Fibonacci Retracement use kar sakte ho. Maths lecture achcha laga?

All the best dosto - I hope ki you get rich quickly using this complicated but calculated indicator.