Upcoming IPOs in July

Podcast Duration: 8:08
Upcoming IPOs in July Voice Over- Namaskar dosto and welcome back to another IPO special podcast by Angel Broking! Aaj hum July mahine ke upcoming IPOs discuss karnewale hai. After all, IPOs are to stock market investors… or at least to some investors... what the world cup is to cricket fans. A matter of great excitement. Many investors get thrilled at the prospect of investing in an IPO because of the popular theory that IPO investments have the potential to deliver returns quickly. Investors ka soch yeh hai ki shares kam mein khareed payenge … stock price badh jayega upon getting listed… aur fir higher stock price mein shares bech ke… they will emerge with good earnings. Sach bolu toh, it really depends on the company that you invest in, lekin fact of the matter yeh hai ki IPOs generate great curiosity and excitement… which has brought you here. So with that word of caution, chaliye deep-dive karte hai: There are 8 IPOs that you might want to look out for in the month of July and the upcoming weeks. Remember these names are subject to change, ho sakta hain ki yeh IPOs July nahi but uske aane vaale months mein aaye, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t update yourself with upcoming IPO announcements. GR Infra Projects- Yeh IPO sirf Offer for Sale hi rahega. IPO ka amount hai Rs 1.15 crore. Is mein se Rs 2.25 lakh worth of shares GR Infra Projects ke employees ke liye reserve kiya jayega. Company ke 4 promoters aur shareholders apne shares yeh OFS mein offload kar lenge. GR Infra Projects ka business hai roads and highways. Their projects currently cover about 15 states in India. Company ke annual profits increase hue hain. GR Infraprojects has revealed that in FY 2018, profits stood at Rs 716 crore, jo end of 2019 mein Rs 800 crore tak bad gaya. Sirf yeh nahi covid-19 year 2020 mein bhi, GR Infra Projects announced a profit of Rs 953 crore. Doston yeh IPO agle hafte, yani 7th July ko aa raha hain. 9th tak open rahega. So do your research on this company fast. Aadhar Housing Finance This company operates in the finance sector. It supplies mortgage linked loans for residences, commercial spaces across construction, improvements and acquisition. Affordable housing finance companies ke competitive set mein, yeh sab se bada company hai. Company ke revenue figures dekhte hai: 2018 mein Aadhar Housing Finance ka revenue Rs 815 crore tha 2019 mein Rs 1265 crore 2020 mein Rs 1388 crore Company ka net profit bhi increase hua tha from 114 crores in 2018 to Rs 189 crores in 2020. IPO mein fresh issue of shares bhi rahega aur offer for sale bhi. Fresh issue ke proceeds will be used to "expand the company's capital base in order to meet future capital requirements."IPO mein iss company ka 7,300 crores raise karne ka plan hai! Devyani International This company is the largest franchisee - of Pizza Hut, KFC and Costa Coffee in India. Inke IPO July mein host karne ke plans hai. The proceeds from the IPO will apparently go into settling the company's debts and into its corporate expenditure. The company's revenue increased from Rs 1326 crore in 2018 to Rs 1535 crore in 2019. For the financial year ending March 2021, however, revenue dipped to Rs 1198 crore. That said, the brand seems to have simultaneously also reduced its losses. Glenmark Life Sciences This popularly recognized name from the pharma sector is planning an IPO of Rs 1160 crore. Glenmark Lifesciences is a part of Glenmark Pharmaceuticals. Yeh company ka business hai active pharmaceutical ingredients. Glenmark Pharmaceuticals will also be selling Rs 7.31 million shares of its stake in the company under an OFS as part of the Glenmark Lifesciences IPO. GoAir Go airlines is the 5th largest airline fleet in India, and the company plans to raise 3,600 crores in the upcoming IPO! They are intending to use the funds preliminary for debt repayment, Inne DRHP SEBI ke saath May mein file kardiya tha and are expecting approval to come by July end. Paras Defense and Space Technologies Yeh company defense aur space products ke solutions provide karte yeh - it offers end to end capabilities from design to development and manufacturing. Company testing services ka bhi supplier hai yeh. Paras Defense and Space Technologies has a monopoly when it comes to large size optics for space application, at least in India. The IPO will consist of an OFS and a fresh issue. The proceeds from the fresh issue will be used for repayment and pre-settlement of loans, for general corporate expenditures and for purchasing machinery and equipment. Seven Islands Shipping This logistics company specifically transports crude oil. Ji haan sirf aap nahi… dusre logon ko bhi dollar signs dikhte hai, yeh sun ke.. Lekin kya aapne expect kiya tha ki company profits would have fallen from Rs 88 crore in 2018 to Rs 38 crore in 2019, almost - but not quite - turning this around in FY 2020 with a net profit of Rs 80 crore? Hmmm something to think about … revenue went from Rs 415 crores in FY 2018 to Rs 470 crores in 2019 and all the way up to Rs 727 crores in FY 2020. So now you know the need to study the company's financials before investing in the said company. Revenue up toh profit down kaise? Sirf yeh instance mein nahi balki hamesha, you should observe the company's financials before investing in any IPO. ESAF Small Finance Bank Ye bank ek zamane mein NGO hua karti thi. Iss bank ka headquarters Thrissur Kerala mein hai, and this company has grown at an impressive speed. Revenue has jumped up from Rs 48 crore in 2017 to Rs 728 crore in 2019! Dosto iss company ke IPO ke chances August mein jaada hain, so will dive into detail later. Dost, it's a wrap … we're at the end of today's podcast. Don't forget the precautions you need to take while making stock market investments: Always be conscious of your risk appetite and your exposure to risk. And always do proper, hands-on research before investing. Don't go by what another person tells you. Remember that this podcast has been made for educational purposes only and the investor must do his own research as well. Aise aur interesting podcasts sunne ke liye humein follow karein via our youtube channel and other social media channels. Until then goodbye and happy investing! Investments in the securities markets are subject to market risks. Read all the related documents carefully before investing.