Top 10 things to know before the market opens

Podcast Duration: 05:18

Hi doston, Angel One ke is podcast me aapka swagat hai.

Doston stock market traders weekdays par generally ek routine follow karte hain. This routine includes learning all that is necessary to know about a market before the bell rings. Because when the market opens, a trader is highly unlikely to have time to review these things. So what is it that you need to know before the market opens? Well, these ten things.

Number 1 - Update yourself with the national news.

Doston national news se stock market ka strong correlation hota hai. Jab markets open hote hain, tab aapko koi bhi trade bina national news ki jaankari ke nahi lena chahiye. Is jaankari ke baad you should have no surprise that a nationwide lockdown was strongly correlated with India’s first dip in the stock markets. So pick your news, comb through the business pages, and national headlines before you go in.

Number 2 - Don’t ignore your international news either

Doston international news ke zariye aap kuch national companies ke baare mein important predictions kar sakte ho. For example, international markets mein regulatory changes se exporting companies ke business par kya asar padne wala hai? Ya fir, international trade patterns se aap koi industry ki supply chain ke baare mein kya predictions kar sakte ho? These are some questions that should prompt you to take your international news seriously before the market reopens.

Number 3 - Understand key resistance levels of major indices

Every day, stock markets write a different story. Har din ke price action se aap kuch na kuch information abstract kar sakte ho - for example, desh ka banking, consumer durables ya automotive index is samay konse resistance aur support levels ke beech trade ho rahe hain? This knowledge will help you understand the situation of each sector through their prices - kyunki support aur resistance levels indices ke numbers ke context ki tarah act karte hain.

Number 4 - Watch out for major announcements

Ye announcements aapke portfolio, sectoral knowledge, aur stock exchanges ke around centered hona chahiye. For example, kya koi company ke performance reports aur earnings ke announcements aapke portfolio me koi inclusions ya divestments warrant karte hain? Stay tuned to the action to make timely entries and exits into and from your portfolio before the bells ring! Number 5 - Keep an eye on the delivery percentage of stocks

Agar kisi stocks par jyadatar trades delivery mangte hain, toh it means that investors are showing interest in these stocks. Kuch further fundamental aur technical analysis ke saath aap long term investment opportunities identify kar sakte ho!

Number 6 - Keep track of major scientific developments

Science ke breakthroughs industries mein kuch important changes trigger karte hain. For example, solar energy ka ek efficient aur cheap mechanism energy industry mein kuch long term changes trigger kar sakta hai. Such information is critical to understanding how the markets will move from here on.

Number 7 - Watch out for major movements within your portfolio

Agar aapke portfolio mein koi stocks major highs aur lows tak pahunchte hain, toh aapke portfolio ki risk composition change ho jaati hai - jiska matlab ye, ki aapke portfolio ko rebalancing ki zaroorat hai - do the math before the stock market opens, so that you can stay within the bounds of your risk appetite.

Number 8 - Understand currency market movements

Agar aapki national currency kisi foreign market ke relation me major gains ya losses exhibit karti hai, toh existing economic equilibrium isse affect hota hai - so don’t think that currency movements don’t affect you because you are a stock market player.

Number 9 - Same goes for commodity markets

Commodity markets ka stock market se ek interesting relation hota hai. Agar aapke portfolio mein koi companies commodities markets se strongly influence hote hain, toh movements in the commodity market will definitely impact their stock prices too. Also, precious metals like gold and silver can also tell you whether the stock market will take a hit or bounce back in response to the current events.

And last, but not the least - number 10 - understand how political events affect your investments

Politics aur markets might be on separate pages in the newspaper, but in practice, each can affect the other in fundamental ways. For example, agar governments conservative ya liberal trade laws aur market rules introduce karte hain, toh stock markets will see some major readjustments in response. So keep an eye out for any such major talks, and forecast how the markets will respond to them that day, before they reopen.

So now you know the drill. In sabhi steps ke zariye aap markets reopen hone ke pehle companies ke business ecosystems aur unke numbers ke peeche ke meaning ko ek informed perspective se analyze kar paoge. Every successful investor accounts for hundreds of variables before they make a new move in the stock market. In fact, it will be these steps that will help you understand the secrets behind strategies that might potentially help you beat the markets.

So are you ready for tomorrow’s stock market action? Then gear up, and start digging and doing the groundwork before hitting that buy or sell button after the bells ring. Angel One wishes you the best as you enter the stock markets after they open! Until then, goodbye from Angel One, and happy investing!

Investments and the securities markets are subject to market risks. Read all the related documents carefully before investing.