Three Outside Up

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Hi friends. Angel broking ke is podcast mein aapka swagat hai.

Aaj hum baat karne jaa rahe hain ek basic bullish trend reversal pattern ki, jo market mein bahut popular hai. Is pattern ko bolte hain three outside up, aur iska doosra type hota hai three outside down, jo bearish trend reversal indicate karta hai.

Toh are you excited doston?

Before we start, let’s give you some food for thought - jab candlestick charts par aap trend reversals spot karte ho - yani peaks aur troughs - toh do you see any patterns? In fact, when you observe closely, toh aap aise kai saare patterns recur hote hue dekh paoge, jinke baare mein aap daily basis par padhte ho, aur podcasts sunte ho. Quarantine mein agar aap bore ho rahe ho, toh aap ye fun excercise kar sakte ho - historical charts uthao, aur unpar patterns spot kar.

Ye puzzle toh cool hai, lekin iska by-effect ye hoga, ki aap patterns spot karne mein dheere dheere experts ban jaaoge. Historical charts give you the benefit of hindsight - toh aap basically ye dekh sakte ho, ki kahan par pattern complete hua, aur kahan weak signal produce hua, aur uske baad markets kaise move hue. Cool, haina? Toh aaj three outside up pattern ke baare mein jaanne ke baad isko charts par spot karna na bhoolen doston.

Chaliye shuru karte hain is pattern ke appearance se.

Is pattern mein basically 3 candles hoti hain.

Because ye bullish trend reversal signal karta hai, is pattern ko aap downtrends ke end ya fir bottom par dekhoge. Is pattern ko pehli candle downtrend ka part hoti hai. Matlab ye, ki first candle hogi bearish.

Agli candle, yani second candle is pattern ka sabse important aspect hai doston. So don’t let the name deceive you. Basically, second candle first candle ke closing se bhi neeche open hoti hai. Lekin, ye second candle pehli bearish candle ke opening point se bhi upar close hoti hai. In picture, aap left par ek choti line draw karoge. Uske right par, draw another line which starts below the first line, and ends above the second line - this is exactly what the first two candles of the pattern look like.

Iske baad, teesri candle bullish candle hogi, as expected. Nahi to bullish reversal kaise hoga, hai ki nahi doston? Is third candle ko outside day bhi bolte hain. Ye candle second candle ke closing point se upar jaakar close hoti hai.

Simple, right?

Is candle ko recognise karna bahut easy hai. Lekin, iske recognise karne ka kya faayda, agar aap isse trading mein decisions na le pao, right friends? Toh let’s see how this pattern is used to enhance your trading.

Lekin usse pehle ek cheez clarify kar lete hain. Ye patterns se milne wale signals basically primary signals hote hain. Ye aapko ek idea de sakte hain, ki what to watch for in the market. Lekin, jab aap trades actually place karte ho, toh in patterns se milne waale primary signals ko aur tarah ke technical analysis indicators ke saath use karna ideal hota hai. Toh basically, ye secondary indicators aapke pattern se milne waale signals to confirm karte hain. Three outside up ke saath bhi aap kuch indicators ka use kar sakte ho, to make concrete decisions. Usse pehle ek baar context examine kar lete hain.

Is short term indicator se aap apni short term strategy ko enhance kar sakte ho. Ismen, the thing to pay attention to, as mentioned before, is the second candle.

Second candle ki size se is pattern ke signal ki strength determine hoti hai. Toh agar second candle is very long aur ye first candle ke opening point ke kaafi upar jaakar close hoti hai, toh the pattern is signalling a strong trend reversal, kyunki the bulls have take control of the market. Teesri bullish candle is signal koconfirm karti hai.

Basically, is indicator se aap a[ne buying point ko consolidate kar sakte ho. Iske liye aap RSI, MACD aur doosre Volume aur Stochastic indicators ka istemaal kar sakte ho. In signals ko use karke aap markets ke trend changes ko quickly pick up kar sakte ho, aur consequently, research backed trades place kar sakte ho.

Cool, hai na?

Now, ye baat zaroor dhyaan me rakhna hai doston - 3 outside up pattern ke short term signal se aap market ke general trend ko understand nahi kar sakte. As mentioned before, ye indicator short term trading mein use toh kiya jaa sakta hai, lekin iske use se aap long term trends determine nahi kar sakte.

And thats it. Are you curious ki short term mein bearish trend reversal kaise pick kiye jaa sakte hain? Toh you should check out our podcast on three outside down pattern. And as always, market research aur sectoral experience ko nazarandaaz na karen doston, because technical indicators and charts ke alawa industry specific knowledge hone ke pehle invest karna risky ho sakta hai. Toh doston, aaj ke podcast mein itna hi.

Is pattern ko master karna hai, toh isko historical charts par spot karna na bhoolen doston. Angel broking se apko alvida, and as always, happy investing.

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