Stocks To Look For Investing In 2020

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नमस्कार मित्रो। एंजेल वन के इस podcast में आपका स्वागत है ।

In the form of the Angel One App, people have access to an intuitive, smooth portal where they can invest in the equity markets without any hassle. Par konsi equity mein invest kare - ye har investor ke saamne ek bada sawal hota hai. Toh chaliye - kuch stocks ko dekhte hai jinke historic performances aur future growth plans impressive returns ki taraf ishara kar rahe hai.

Ye stocks hamare analysis mein acha perform kar rahe hai. Par apna analysis karna na bhuliyega. The beauty of being a stock market investor is that you are your own boss. Toh invest karte waqt aap ek boss ki tarah apne decisions lijiye - har direction se information absorb kijiye, par ultimately apne long-term vision ko nazar mein rakh ke sahi option chuniye.

The first stock we want to mention is Reliance Industries. Reliance Industries is one of the best conglomerates of India - and is led by one of the richest men in the world, Mukesh Ambani. Reliance Industries ne historically investors ko solid returns diye hai. In the past, Reliance Industries ke stock prices 31% se zyada bade hai. This is why the stock market is one of the best ways to grow your wealth.

Past returns, however, do not guarantee future returns - therefore future growth ka bhi factor in karna chahiye. Reliance is a very dynamic conglomerate with big ambitions for the future. It is likely that it will continue to grow at its current pace. So if you’re looking for a stable, large-cap stock to invest in, Reliance can be a good option.

Aap next time jab Domino’s Pizza ua Dunkin Donuts se fast food order kare, toh bill ko fekne se pehle ek baar theek se padna. Aapko inn dono fast food giants ke bill par same franchisee ka naam milega: Jubilant Foodworks.

Jubilant Foodwork is an Indian company that owns the franchisees to these massive international food chains. As tier 2 and tier 3 cities in India catch up to tier 1 cities, the number of fast food outlets will double and triple. Isleye Jubilant Foodwork ka future growth potential bahut high hai. Aap jab bhi koii successful company ko dekhte hai, toh aapko ek sawal poochna chhaiye: iss ek successful company ke peeche aur kitni companies hai? For example, Amazon depends on its logistics partners to deliver your orders.

Domino’s Pizza jaisi companies India mein expansion ke liye Jubilant Foodwork jaise domestic franchisees par dependant hai. Through this manner of thinking, you will be able to discover relatively underpriced gems.

As the disposable income of the average Indian rises, their leisure and entertainment expenditure goes up. Going out to watch the latest bollywood, as well as Hollywood, movies is one of the important ways in which Indians like to spend time with their friends and family on the weekends.

PVR Cinemas ek aisi company hai jisne iss trend ko theek se capitalize kiya hai. Agar aap 2010 mein PVR Cinema ka stock khareed te, toh 2020 mein apna long position cash out karte, toh aapko apne invest pe 10 guna return milta. That is, agar aap 1 lakh invest karte, toh aaj aapke stocks ka value 10 lakh hota.

While looking to invest in a stock, consider two important figures: target price and stop loss. Stock market analysts ek company ke business fundamentals, uska competitive landscape, aur future growth projections dekh kar uss company ka ek target price decide karte hai. According to the analysts, this is the correct valuation for the stock. Therefore, agar current market price target price se kam hai, then that means that the stock is trading at a “discount.” It is wise to buy stocks when they are trading at a discount from their current market price. However, ye baat dhyaan mein rakhne jaisi hai ki har analyst ka target price alag hota hai.

It depends on which factors you consider important when trying to arrive at a stock’s current valuation. So an investor should also attempt to arrive at a company’s target price through his own analysis - and consider buying the stock if its trading below the target price.

The second important concept to keep in mind is the stop loss. The stop loss is important as it will cash your position out at the right time to secure your profit and avoid any unnecessary losses. Har investor ke liye ek exit strategy hona bahut important hai. Angel One’s smooth mobile app lets you set the stop loss, which ensures that you get out of a trade when it's still profitable for you.

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