Stock Of The Month Analysis

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नमस्कार मित्रो। एंजेल वन के इस podcast में आपका स्वागत है ।

Ye baat toh sab maante hai ki stock market mein invest karna mushkil hai. But exactly which part is difficult? Angel broking ke users ko toh pata hi hai ki shares khareedna kitni aasan baat hai. Bas kuch button dabane se shares aapke demat account mein aa jaate hai. Toh phir Stock khareedna mushkil baat nahi hai - mushkil baat hai stock khareedne se pehle usse analyse karna.

Aur aaj hum issi mushkil kaam ko aasaan karne ki koshish karenge. Hum ek stock lenge jisne recent past mein acha perform kiya hai. Iss stock ke peeche ki company ka hum deep analysis karenge. Hum unn metrics aur factors ko samjhenge jinhe dekh kar iss company ki fundamental strength ubhar kar aati hai.

Ye company hai UltraTech Cement. UltraTech Cement Aditya Birla ki ek subsidiary company hai. Ye company white cement, gray cement, and concrete banati hai. UltraTech Cement ka market capitalization ek lac crore se zyada hai. Let’s see why UltraTech Cement has done so well of late - and why it is Angel One’s Stock Of The Month.

Low consumer demand aur weak construction sector ke bawajood UltraTech Cement ka revenue 2019 mein sirf 1% gira. This is impressive since the Indian Economy is currently in a slowdown. UltraTech Cement’s Profit After Tax also increased by 81% on an year-on-year basis.

2019 mein UltraTech Cement ke liye raw materials ka cost bada - per tonne, raw materials were 2% more expensive than 2018. However, apne improved manufacturing processes ki wajah se UltraTech Cement ka logistical expenses 5% kam hue. The energy used to make one tonne of cement also decreased by 15% - more than making up for any increases in the price of raw materials. UltraTech Cement ne zyada energy efficiency sustainable energy use karne se achieve ki. UltraTech Cement wo company hai jo apna naam lightly nahi leti - UltraTech truly uses all the latest tech to make the highest quality cement at the lowest price possible.

2019 mein UltraTech Cement ne apna debt bhi kam kiya hai. Ye ek impressive baat hai ki jiss saal mein UltraTech Cement ne apne profits increase kiye, ussi saal mein apni liabilities bhi kam ki. With smaller liabilities, UltraTech Cement will also be able to grow faster in the coming years. This is why it could be a good idea to invest in the company right now.

Regardless of whether UltraTech Cement fits your personal portfolio or not, you should take into account a company’s future growth plans before investing in it. In the case of UltraTech Cement, they have commissioned new plants in 2020 itself - they are confident that their business will expand in the coming future.

To make India a 5 trillion dollar economy by 2020, the Indian government plans to invest more than 1 trillion dollars in the infrastructural sector. This will create great opportunities for the people directly and indirectly related to the sector. UltraTech Cement is one of the biggest players in this sector, and will play an important role in India’s future growth.

Warren Buffet ka kehna hai ki jab aap stock khareed te hai, toh aap actually mein ek business ke saath partnership kar rahe hai. Uss perspective se dekha jaaye toh UltraTech Cement jaisi company ke saath partnership karna ek investor ke liye acha decision ho sakta hai. Par ye baat matter nahi karti ki aap UltraTech Cement mein invest karte hai ya nahi. The important thing is that before investing, you should analyse the stock inside out. Underlying company ke business fundamentals kitne strong hai - ye jaan na bahut zaroori hai.

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