Small Cap Stocks

Podcast Duration: 03:45
नमस्कार मित्रो। एंजेल वन के इस podcast में आपका स्वागत है ।

Ek purani kahawat hai: the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Similarly, many stock market fortunes start with a single, smart small-cap investment.

Small cap companies wo hoti hai jinka market capitalization 5000 crore se kam hota hai. That is, the total value of all their shares in the stock market is less than 5000 crores. Small cap companies ke kuch unique features hote hai jinki wajah se unke stocks attractive bhi hote hai, aur volatile bhi.

Angel One ke youtube channel par humne small stock companies ko chote bachcho, ya phir developing countries ke saath compare kiya hai. These are metaphors to help you think more clearly about your financial investments. Chote bache birth se baara mahine tak 25 centimeter ka height gain karte hai. 3 saal ke baad unka annual growth rate 5 centimeter jitna hi rehta hai. tak gir jaata hai. Developing countries ka growth rate bhi developed countries ke growth rate se kaafi zyada hota hai - the smaller an entity, the faster it can grow. Strange baat toh ye hai ki ye rule sirf bachcho aur countries par hi nahi, poore universe par bhi apply karta hai.

Big Bang ke kuch second baat universe ki jitni speed se growth huii, utni growth uske baad kabhi nahi hui. Even today, the universe is expanding - but at a much slower rate.

Think of a small cap company as the universe at the beginning of Big Bang - near-future mein unka explosive growth possible hai. But a small-cap company can also implode - big bang ke jagah par big bust bhi ho sakta hai.

Isleye small-cap stocks mein invest karne ke liye aapko high risk, high rewards ka game khelna hoga. Stock market mein invest karne se pehle apne financial goals specify karna issi wajah se bahut important hai. Some people are looking to get small but steady returns. Others are looking to get high returns - and they don’t mind the extra risk. What sort of person are you? What are your financial goals? You must answer these questions.

Small-cap companies mein invest karne ke liye aap sahi small-cap equity funds dund sakte hai. Small-cap equity funds invest your money in multiple different small-cap companies across many sectors - therefore, funds diversification ke medium se aapka financial risk lower karte hai. SEBI also regulates the annual fee that these funds can charge you - the current upper limit is 2.5% of the total assets under management.

Stock market ek price determine karne ka mechanism hai. Small-cap companies are often undervalued because their prices have not been correctly determined. Large-cap companies ke stock prices high-trading volume se refine hokar sahi valuation tak pahunch jaate hai. This is a general truth, and there will always be specific exceptions. Large-cap companies ke comparison mein small-stock companies ka trading volume low hota hai, aur isleye unka market valuation inaccurate ho sakta hai. This is where a savvy investor can make a killing - agar koii small-cap company ka stock undervalued hai, then you can take a long-position and reap a lot of profits over time as the market corrects its valuation and the company’s stock rises in value.

Jinn traders aur investors ka high-risk appetite hai, unke liye small-cap stocks ideal hai. Small-cap stocks mein invest karna ek high-stakes game hai, isleye background research karna aur company ke financial fundamentals check karna na bhule.

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