Small Cap FMCG Stocks India

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नमस्कार मित्रो। एंजेल वन के इस podcast में आपका स्वागत है ।

Ek previous podcast mein humne FMCG stocks ki charcha ki hai. FMCG, yaane ki Fast-Moving Consumer Goods, banane waali companies ek acha investment option ho sakti hai. Aisi companies ke financial reports aur historic returns check karne ke alawa aap inke products ya services khud try kar sakte hai. FMCG products har gully-nukkad ke grocery stores aur har supermarkets mein available hote hai.

FMCG products sell for low-prices in extremely large volumes. Therefore FMCG firms have large turn-over rates. In the previous podcast, we covered large-cap FMCG firms. Humne large-cap FMCG companies mein invest karne ke kya faayede hote hai, ye discuss kiya tha. Large-cap companies have a long history on the stock market, and they are usually reliable investments. Large-cap companies provide small but stable returns.

Small-cap companies, on the other hand, give volatile but high returns. Therefore, they are riskier bets - but they can provide windfall gains as well.

Ironically, large-cap companies small returns deti hai, jabki small-cap companies large returns de sakti hai hai.

Because large-cap companies are so well-known, they are almost never undervalued. They are either overvalued, or the market forces have found out their correct valuation. Ek company ka stock jitna zyada trade hota hai, utna zyada uss stock ka price refine hota hai. Saalo ki refinement ke baad stock apne sahi value par pahunch jaata hai. Ye ek general principle hai - saalo ke trading ke baad bhi kuch stocks undervalued hote hai. There are exceptions to every rule.

Because small-cap stocks have not been traded much, they are often under-valued. Agar aap sahi time par stocks khareed te hai, toh aap long position hold karke apne stocks ka value dugna ya tigna hota hua dekh sakte hai.

Let’s look at some small-cap FMCG stocks that have had impressive stock market runs in the past few years.

Venky’s, based out of Pune, is famous for providing its customers with pathogen-free eggs. Ek farm ka health condition kya hai - livestock ka vaccination hota hai ya nahi - ye sab information koii bhi customer ko nahi hoti. Aur infected livestock products kaane se insaano mein bhi bimariya spread hoti hai. Venky’s solves this problem by improving the hygiene standards at poultry feeds. This makes Venky’s products very popular among those who regularly consume eggs and other dairy products. Venky’s performance on the stock market reflects this - 2016 mein Venky’s stock was trading around ₹330. This has jumped to ₹1450 - an impressive bull run. But do keep in mind that Venky’s stock rose as much as ₹2410 at one point in the last 12 months. Therefore Venky’s stock is quite volatile. While looking to invest in a small-cap company, sensible traders always check the 52-Week High and 52-Week Low. These numbers are easy to grasp, and even amateur traders can look at them to understand a stock’s volatility.

Every upscale restaurant and even a lot of street food corners in India offers marine food like fish, shrimps, prawn, etc. Par marine life ko capture karna, process karna, aur aapki plate tak pahuchana ek complex kaam hai jisme bahut saare individuals aur companies ka haath hota hai. One such company is Avanti Feeds that was established in 1993. Avanti Feeds ka pichle ek saal mein stock price double hua hai. In 2019, the stock price was ₹319 - today, it is ₹660.

This is why investors must think beyond mainstream corporations and look for hidden gems on the stock market. Har industry mein aisi efficient aur profitable companies hai jo stock market par trade kar rahi hai, aur jinko ab tak traders ne theek se discover nahi kiya. Stock market mein ek kaafi important first-movers advantage hota hai - the sooner you discover an undervalued stock, the more profits you will make.

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