Margin Calculator

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Trading, ya trading research karte samay aap logo ne kai bar Margin Calculator ke bare me suna hi hoga. Stock market ka yeh ek key concept hain.

Aaj main aapko isse judi kuch khas information dene ja raha hu.

One- what is Margin Calculator?
Two - what is Margin trading aur margin calculator ka is mein kya use hain.
Three - how to use margin calculator.
Four- how to calculate margin manually.

Of course thoda bahut related points bhi zaroor bata dunga taki aap iss topic pe bilkul clear rahe.

Chalo let's start.

Bahut se stock-broker online margin calculators aapke help ke liye offer karte hai. Zyaada se zyaada aap online margin calculator ko free-of-cost use kar sakte ho.

Stock market definition dekha jaye to: A Margin Calculator helps you estimate how much your exposure/ leverage is, alternatively what margin you will need to pay in order to trade stock of a certain value.

Asal mein Margin Calculator ko do angle se dekh sakte hai.

Kahi log hai that see margin as a deposit. Trading karte samey agar aapko losses hoti hai toh margins protect the broker in case you do not pay up. Jab ghar bhaade par lete ho, to deposit jama karna padta hai right? Goa mein bike rent karte ho, tabhi rental waale ke pass koi document security ke liye chod dete ho, hain nah? Yeh sab bhi security ke liye hi hote hain right dost? If you set the house on fire for example, the deposit is retained by your landlord and used for repairs. Margins work in the same way.

Toh kahi log look at margins as a deposit - doosre log bhi hai who look at margins as a facility that allows you to purchase more stock than you can actually afford.

For example: Yadi margin 10% hai or Rs 10 lakh F&O segment me aap invest karna chahte ho, you will need to deposit ₹1 lakh with your stockbroker.

Similarly agar margins mentioned are 10x, that means that you can trade for a total value of Rs 10 lakh lekin aapko apne broker ke pass margin of Rs 1 lakh deposit karna padega.

Online margin calculator pe, you can calculate the exposure the margin that you will need to deposit across various types of trading jaise delivery, intraday, F&O, Commodities and Currency Trading.

Margin trading ke baare mein aapko in seven important facts yaad rakna chahiye:

Margin trading karne se aap tabhi trade kar sakte ho jab aapke paas paise nahi hai.

Margin trading karne se aap woh securities bhi trade kar sakte ho jo derivatives segment mein included nahi hai.

Jo securities margin-trading mein allowed hain, ye list SEBI bhi publish kar leta hain aur stock market bhi specify kar leta hai.

Aapka margin cash bhi ho sakta hai ya shares nahi toh securities in your demat account bhi ho sakta hai

Sirf selected traders margin trading account dene ke liye authorized rehte hai. Angel One ka jo demat account hai woh margin trading account jaise bhi use kar sakte ho.

SEBI margin trading ko monitor kartha hain - iska yeh asar hain ki margin trading zyaada secure hain.

Profits milte samey aapke deposited margin mein koi kami nahi hoti aur dividends ya price difference profits tumhaare poore amount pe milegi - sirf margin amount pe nahi.

Toh online ja ke kya type karna hai? Yahi soch rahe the nah?

Click Here To Use Angel One Margin Calculator Online.

Apne broker ka naam + margin calculator type kar ke search karo. For example Angel One margin calculator ko type kar ke search kar lo.

Margin calculator khul jayega.

Ab Broker ka naam enter karo.

Phir stock ya security etc ka naam enter kar lo. Kabhi kabhi ongoing share price bhi aapko enter karni padegi - kahi calculators mein yeh cheej automatically aa jati hain.

Submit ya calculate ya continue click kar ke aapko apne margin amount pata chalega.

Aap manually bhi aapka margin amount calculate kar sakte ho. You just need to find out the denominations in which your broker offers you leverage.

For example, Angel One pe leverage chart aesha hai:

Delivery waale stock trading ke liye 3x maane 3 times the value of 100 shares ka margin rakhni padegi.
Intraday ke liye 10x margin hai.
Equity F&O done ke liye margin hai 10x.
Currency futures ke liye 5x aur options ke liye 7x Commodities ke liye 10x

Iska ye matlab hai ki agar intraday mein, if you want to trade in 1000 stocks worth Rs 102 each, margin would be Rs 10,200

Dost look at it this way. 1000 stocks worth Rs 102 each would cost you Rs 102,000. Us ke badle you are just paying 10,200 upfront. However you can still reap profits on the whole amount of Rs 102,000. Margin trading is what people call a sweet deal boss.

Similarly agar aapko losses hoga apke broker sirf loss amount laege - aisha nahi ki poora amount kho jayega.

Margin trading does not reduce or increase the amount of risk in trading. Aapko yeh karne se koi zyaada safety ya kam risk nahi hoga - har trade pe vahi process follow karna hai. That is, follow the stocks for some time. Share price pe dhyaan dena hain. Indicators aur technical charts bhi hamesha check karna hain. Stop loss set karna bilkul compulsory hain.

Margin trading ko hum sweet deal isiliye bol rahe hain because you can trade a large amount (that you may not have in hand) for a far smaller amount invested.