Investing is the brick that builds wealth. Here’s how.

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Hi doston, and welcome to this podcast by Angel One.

Doston, if you looked at some successful people and the amount of wealth they have aggregated in their life, you will come to realize two things - Pehla ye, ki no rich person became rich overnight.

Aur doosra, wealth banane ke liye kewal earn karna kaafi nahi hai.

Kya aap in baaton se agree karte ho? I bet you do. But whether you agree or not, is podcast mein hum wealth ke baare mein baat karne wale hain. Aur wealth ke saath ek word yaad aata hai - woh hai investment. Doston jaisa ki aapne is podcast ke title mein padha, investment is the brick that builds wealth. Chaliye is sentence ko unpack karte hain, by looking at how investment helps you build and protect your wealth.

Doston no matter what you might be doing in your life, apni financial plan par dhyaan dena is very important. We will see WHY over the course of this podcast, lekin there are some things, jo invest kiye bina life mein accomplish karna bahut difficult hai. Imagine buying a house, or sending your child for studying abroad - aur abroad kya, even in India.

Ya fir, retirement ke baad ek stable stream of income banaye rakhna - doston these are the milestones that define one’s financial plan.

Lekin in milestones tak pahunchne ke pehle ki jo journey hoti hai, that is where investment comes into question.

So basically, investment in bade milestones ko accomplish karne mein toh help karta hi hai, lekin simply wealth build karne ke liye bhi investment is crucial. Invest karne ke pehle aapko save karna hota hai. Aur save karne ke baad aapko aise vehicles dhoondhne hote hain, jo aapke paise ko speed mein grow kar sakte hain, and safely as well.

Kya aap SIPs ke baare mein jaante ho? SIPs mein aap apni savings ko regularly, chote chote amounts mein invest karte ho - while your savings look small at first, long run mein aapke paise speed mein increase ho sakte hain.

Doston investment ka concept is the same as that of a piggy bank - lekin instead of keeping money in a piggy bank, investment mein aapke paise economy mein move hote hain aur value create karte hain, aur iska portion aapko bhi milta hai.

Some people think ki woh sirf save karte karte rich ban sakte hain. But this is far from true. Do you know why? The reason is inflation.. Are you aware of what inflation is?

Inflation se basically aapke paise ki value consistently, ek very slow rate par decline hoti rehti hai. Isko aap intuitively bhi samajh sakte ho. 2010 mein 1000 rupay ki value 2020 se zyada thi. Inflation basically money ki value ko constantly reduce karta hai, aur aap same amount of money se 5 saal baad kam cheezen purchase kar paaoge. Isko concretely observe karne ke liye aap Consumer Price Index, ya fir CPI google kar sakte ho.

So agar aapne 1 lakh rupees save kar rakhe hain without investing them, toh iss 1 lakh ki value consistently reduce ho rahi hai - isko combat karne ke liye log invest karte hain.

Agar aap isko conversely dekhein, toh investment aapke paise ko inflation se protect karta hai. Cool, isn’t it?

Doston investment ka ek aur major benefit hai - and that is the power of compounding.

Suppose aapne apne paise fixed deposit mein daal diye. Is paise par aapko jo returns milte hain, woh compound hote rehte hain. Doston simply describe karne mein kya fayda - let’s see the power of compounding with real numbers.

Imagine ki aapne 5 lakhs ko ek fixed 8% interest par invest kiya hai - Agar aap in paise ko 20 years ke liye invested rakhte ho, toh they will grow to approximately 23 lakhs! That is about four times the original amount you had invested.

Toh doston, investment helps you build wealth in more than one way - lekin how can you do this in your real life?

These numbers are not simply stories - aap bhi invest karke ek big corpus of wealth create kar sakte ho.

Invest karne ke kai tareeke hain. Kuch log stock market mein invest karte hain, toh kuch banks mein fixed deposits karte hain, aur kuch property aur gold mein. There are a lot of places where you can put your money to grow. Stock market aaj bhi invest karne ka ek lucrative platform hai.

Let’s see how, with a really cool fact - Agar aap 1980s mein BSE mein 1 lakhs invest karte, toh today those 1 lakhs would have become more than 4 crores - stock market mein quick money toh nahi milta, lekin long term mein equity par solid returns mil sakte hain, depending on where you have invested your money.

Jo log stock market ki technicalities ko study kiye bina apne paise safely invest karna chahte hain, woh mutual funds jaise vehicles mein bhi invest karte hain.

As we said earlier, no one becomes rich overnight. Lekin agar aap monthly basis par ek small amount ko bhi save karke appropriately invest karte ho, toh you can become wealthy over the course of your life. There are many mutual fund plans that can help you accomplish your savings and investment plans simultaneously.

Insightful, isn’t it?

Toh doston, aaj ke podcast mein itna hi. But I have a question for you before we leave - do you want to become wealthy too?

Toh aaj hi apni investment journey start karen - visit to begin right now!

Milte hain in the next podcast - until then, goodbye from angel broking, and happy investing.