Investing for the tech savvy

Podcast Duration: 08:10

Namaskar dosto, and welcome to another insightful podcast by Angel One.

This is a shoutout to all you aspiring rule based traders out there….. Aaj ka podcast aapke liye hi bana hai. Ji haan, if you are a tech savvy young investor hoping to make some earnings on the stock market, this podcast might just be for you. If you are tech savvy but always have trouble making stock market decisions - toh this podcast is definitely for you.

Aspiring stock brokers ke liye aur aspiring algorithm developers ke liye bhi, we have some suggestions on setting up your own platform and developing your own algorithms. Lekin pehle let's talk about rule-based trading.

Dosto, rule-based traders take a very scientific approach to trading. Kind of like my colleague’s mother, Kalpana. Kalpana is the only vegetarian in a 100% non-vegetarian household. She is also the only person who cooks in the house. Kalpana daily chicken banati hai, she cooks excellent mutton too, and her seafood dishes are often fought over. But being a vegetarian, Kalpana never tastes the food she cooks. How does she know what she is doing? Isn’t she rather blind if she cannot do any taste tests? Nahi dost - from accurate measurement and the aroma emanating from the food, Kalpana is able to navigate her way without the use of taste… She adopts a very scientific approach to cooking dishes that she cannot taste.

Rule-based traders will agree that they use a similarly scientific approach towards trading. Just like Kalpana uses science to cook without taste to help her along, rule-based traders use calculations to trade without emotions to cloud their judgement. If you intend to become an rule-based trader, you must be prepared to work without emotions and to be guided by the system.

Abhi toh, India mein filhal 50% of trading rule-based rehti hai. Lekin this number is set to grow because abhi trading ki popularity badh rahi hai. People who would like to trade and might not have much experience, could definitely make better trading decisions with rule-based trading. Yeh iss liye hai kyunki rule-based trading gives the buyer recommendations on when to enter and when to exit the market based on certain pre-set rules. Abhi toh young, tech-savvy logon mein hi trading ki popularity bad raha hai aur issi kaaran the fit is perfect because youngsters are typically tech savvy.

Rules-based trading mein computer algorithms use kiya jata hai. Algorithms are designed based on pre-decided, pre-programmed rules that navigate stock market variables such as price, timing and volume. Complex formulas aur mathematical models use kar ke yeh algorithms banaya jata hai, usually by IT whizz kids hired by stock market firms. Then it is up to the trader to oversee the prompts given and make the right decisions. Lekin un ka decision-making time kam ho jata hai because the system filters out all the noise and brings it to a yes or no decision. Trader ko stock price patterns turanth dikhta hai, by the summarised and strictly pertinent information received. Patterns give traders the ability to predict future price movements toh as you can imagine, quicker, high volume spotting of patterns can generate correspondingly higher volumes of earnings. Bade firms ke liye yeh bahut lucrative cheez bana. Individual traders ke liye, previously, rule-based trading kaafi mehenga aur out of reach tha. Lekin, not anymore. Angel broking has made rule-based trading accessible to all with Arq Prime.

ARQ Prime recommends stocks that investors could potentially invest in. The recommendations are based on a set of rules. The system works on algorithms and is therefore free from human intervention or human bias, called Smart Beta. Investor ko prompts mil jata hai about when to enter and when to exit the market. For experienced traders, kisi chart ko dekhne par hi patterns dikh jata hai jisse trader informed prediction bana deta hai on the stock’s future price movement. Today EveryoneCanInvest, but can everyone make informed predictions? With the help of Arq Prime, this might actually become a reality.

Arq Prime ke kai saare benefits hai, jaise ki:

Maximized Potential for returns due to the rule-based strategy.

Psychological advantage of less stress because apko information ready made mil jata hai

Risk minimization by cutting losses early

Live updates

Potential earnings from the very start of subscription

And!!! Free trial with no auto renewal

Arq Prime pe vishvaas rakna asaan hai because of:

Firstly its track record. ARQ has performed consistently through recent crises such as the midcap fall, NBFC crisis and even during the current COVID-19 pandemic situation. Angel One has tested ARQ Prime amidst kaafi challenging market conditions to ensure that it will deliver good results.

On the overall, Arq Prime inspires confidence kyunki yeh stock market investing ke time-tested aur proven rules istemal kar leta hai.

Arq Prime is also dependable because of aggressive testing. Arq Prime is an improved and still more accurate version of ARQ 1.0 (which has been live since 2016), and already has a proven performance track.

Additionally, the rules we spoke about earlier are also back-tested intensively to select the optimum model. ARQ har kisam ke stocks ko evaluate kar lete hai: Value stocks, Quality stocks, High Momentum stocks aur Growth stocks bhi.

Transparency mein bhi Arq ensures a 100% score. Subscribers ko apne screen pe dikh jata hai the amount of return earned from Arq Prime recommendations since the start date of their subscription.

Dost rule-based trading aap apne mobile se hi chala sakte ho by downloading the Angel broking app.

Agar aap bahut tech savvy ho aur aapke stock trading experience kaafi ho sakta hai you have been doing rule-based trading for some time and you want to become a stock broker. Or maybe you just want to develop your own algorithms?

Maine promise toh kiya tha start mein. That I will also share tips for aspiring stock brokers and those who want to have their own trading platforms. Yeh raha ek smart aur bilkul asaan tareeka, jisse aap apna khud ka trading platform launch kar sakte ho. Angel One ke taraf se launch kiya gaya Smart API se, aap apna trading platform without brokerage licence bana sakte ho. That's right you can have your cake and eat it too. Offer a trading platform without actually becoming a stock broker. Smart API mein already 8000 registered users aa chuke hai and ab tak 30,000 orders trade kar chuke hai.

Angel One ke Smart API se aapko yeh APIs free mein mil jata hai if you are making a platform for the mass retail market.

End to end broking services set up karne mein Smart API ka sahaytha mil sakte ho. Approvals milne mein bhi assistance mil sakte ho. After all, there is room for more brokers even as the market is seeing more and more investors. After all EveryoneCanInvest.

Sabse best, aap apne trading aur investing platform Angel One ko 1 million+ customers ko pitch kar sakte ho.

Of course, if you are here listening to this podcast for rule-based traders, we barely need to tell you to always consider your risk appetite before investing (no matter how certain your algorithm seems). Stock market ko 100% correctly predict karna toh impossible hai.

That said, EveryoneCanInvest, especially with trading platforms becoming more common and with affordable rule-based trading solutions that can help tech savvy traders make informed decisions. That’s it for this podcast, jaldi milenge vapis! Till then happy investing folks.